Crab Stick Salad Roll


I’m in good shape with salad rolls and crab sticks. Weight loss food, tightly wrapped vegetables, add protein, increase satiety Eat with dipping sauce as you like. This meal is full and delicious.

Ingredients for salad rolls and crab sticks

  • Vietnamese Spring Rolls
  • Various salad greens as you like
  • Carrots (cut into long strips)
  • Cucumber (cut into long strips)
  • Crab sticks
  • Salad Roll Sauce

How to Cook Crab Stick Salad Roll

  1. Cut half of Vietnamese Spring Rolls and dip them in water until soft. Place the dough in a large plate or a flat cutting board.
  2. Place the sautéed salad, followed by carrots, sliced ​​cucumbers and crab sticks.
    Roll until the end of the dough, cut in half, put on a plate and serve with dipping sauce.

For girls who want to lose weight, try making crab stick salad rolls. If you don’t want to use the wrapping paper, you can switch to the seaweed wrap instead. Eat with dipping sauce, salad, roll, add a nice touch.

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