5 Thai home herbs That is not home as you think


The changing times have made people today move away from the things around them and turn to more comfortable ones. When sick, I often think of a medical facility and the medicine that will be given. Which, when taking the drug continuously for too long, can have side effects on health If we think a little, we will find that the herbs in the house on the fence or in the backyard of the kitchen, even if they do not see immediate results But had an effect to reduce or alleviate symptoms to gradually improve, respectively Try to get to know herbs near you that are not home as you think.

1. Garlic “reduces the risk of disease”

Garlic that is eaten today, although it has a strong smell. But hidden benefits that help reduce fat Reduce the risk of heart disease. Relieve cold symptoms Reduce the risk of colon cancer. Reduce symptoms of colic congestion. In addition, external treatment can also be used to reduce toxins. Reduce the itching from insect bites and treat ringworm caused by fungi. Garlic is a nearby herb that is ideal as an alternative to common household items.

2. Lemon “Prevent” disease.
The very sour lemon flavor in great dishes or even drinks to cool off. There are benefits that we all know, such as drinking to relieve cold symptoms, cough, sore throat to heal faster. And it can also help prevent the formation of kidney stones as well.

3. Celery helps reduce menstruation.

Celery, a strong scent vegetable that many people throw away the dish, especially the young ladies, please know that celery is. If eaten regularly in the right amount, it can help reduce menstrual pain as well. And when extracted and applied to help prevent mosquitoes as well

4. Bitter gourd lowers blood sugar.

Bitter gourd vegetable vegetable garden that is bitter They are often gathered together in a plate of vegetables that are eaten together with chili paste. Has the effect of fever, heat cure and also help reduce blood sugar of diabetics as well.

5. Coriander for hemorrhoids treatment

A small withered coriander, many people complain about stench and dislike it. But it has the effect of helping to prevent and treat disease and reduce blood sugar levels. Stimulates the muscles, expel the wind, improves appetite. Cure indigestion Prevent cancer and help cure hemorrhoids.

The above herbs are only a part of our ability to prevent, mitigate and treat any illnesses that will arise. To have good health in addition to exercise. What we eat helps us to have better health. Would it be better to eat something that is both food and medicine at the same time, such as 5 Thai herbs at home that are not as home as you think?

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