10 herbs to cure ringworm No need to rely on drugs


Ringworm has a variety of treatments, including keeping your body, clothing and home clean. Or going to the doctor to take medicine But do you know that various herbs in our home can cure ringworm as well.

Usually people understand that ringworm and ringworm are the same, but they are actually caused by different fungi. In addition, their appearance is also different, with ringworm caused by a fungus dermatophite. (Dermatophyte) is characterized by a red rash. Circle or ring shape with clear edges and may have thin scaly patches on the edges as opposed to Malassezia furfur ringworm. It is flaky and scaly too.
However, ringworm is a slightly obnoxious disease. Because they can see clearly Therefore should heal quickly Therefore, today we have to offer another treatment option. Which is a natural remedy for ringworm using various herbs

1. Thong Panchang

Thong Phanchang is an herb that can be used to treat a variety of ailments, including the leaves, roots and stems ever. In the part of the treatment of ringworm We will be able to use both the root and the leaves. There are four ways to bring Thong Phanchang to maintain, whether it is bringing fresh leaves to lower thoroughly and mix a little alcohol. Or take fresh leaves that are finely mixed with crude oil and apply on the wound. This method should be applied only once a day. It will take about 3 days and then disappear. The third method is to bring fresh roots and half a box of matchsticks to low thoroughly. Then mix Vaseline. And then can be used And finally, method 4, the roots are ground and mixed with lemon juice and tamarind juice. Finished, then apply it to the wound

2. Garlic

Herbs close to us, such as garlic, can also cure ringworm. The method is as simple as crushing a peeled and clean garlic clove, crushing it lightly, and then rubbing the ringworm area. 30 minutes and then wash it off, should do it 3-4 times a day, and even if ringworm symptoms will get better. It should continue for about 1 week for better efficiency in getting rid of the fungus.

3. Galangal

Galangal is a very good house herb as it can treat indigestion, food poisoning, hives, skin diseases and ringworm. In the treatment of ringworm by galangal Will use the old galangal rhizome The size is about the size of the thumb. Put it down thoroughly and mix with white wine, stir until dissolved, then apply to the wound, can be applied frequently until the wound is completely healed.

Herbs for ringworm treatment
Picture from the Royal Plant Genetic Conservation Project Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn


Small shrubs like fire fistula can be used to treat ringworm. By bringing the leaves and trees to lower them thoroughly And apply it to the wounded part at all Which fires do not help cure ringworm only But also solve chronic headaches Fix the bone joints And also helps suck pus as well

5. Little Crow

Crao Noi is a single perennial shrub with both flowers and fruits. But the part that is taken for treatment is fresh leaves or roots. By bringing it down thoroughly until it is water Then bring the water that was applied to the ringworm area And besides ringworm, ringworm will be cured You can also bring the roots to boil and drink to cure gastritis as well.

6. Kum Bok

I must say that Kumbok is a very useful herb as it can be used in every part of the plant, including the leaves, bark, sap, and roots. For treating ringworm, it is used in the leaves. By bringing the leaves to pound thoroughly and apply it to the affected area

7. Basil

Basil that we eat today It’s not just delicious. But can also cure ringworm as well By taking 20 fresh basil leaves, wash them thoroughly and then cook them thoroughly until the water comes out. Then applied to the wound It is recommended to rub vigorously, leave it for a while, then wash it off, and then apply a new mask, it should be masked frequently at least 3 times a day to make the wound heal faster.

8. Morning glory flower

Field morning glory or red morning glory that we can find common in the field, it can be used to treat ringworm as well. By bringing about 10 flower buds to pound gently and then paint the area that is ringworm and leave it for a while. Do it in the morning and evening. Then ringworm will go away.

9. Leaf Chives

May not be very familiar with this herb But it has a lot of properties Both treat constipation Treatment of stomach inflammation, pathologies, diuretics, and of course can cure ringworm. By taking 4-5 almond leaves, put 4-5 cloves of garlic thoroughly and add a little red lime. Then apply the affected area 3-4 times a day until it heals, but even if it is gone, continue to apply for another week in order to completely heal the fungus.

10. Betel leaves

Betel leaf is considered a popular herb used by Thai people since the olden days that it was eaten together with betel nuts. And nowadays that it is used as an offering or extracted for essential oil But betel leaves are also useful in addition to that, such as having an effect that can kill fungi and inhibit bacteria. Therefore making it possible to treat ringworm as well By bringing it down thoroughly Pickled with white wine for 15 days, then fill it with water and paint in the area of ​​ringworm.

Treatment for ringworm with all 10 herbs seems to be not difficult, right? That is because some types of ringworm treatment herbs are already available at our home. In addition, the method of treatment is also easy to do, making it convenient, economical, and able to see results just like using medicine.

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