Do Dates Eat Fat Better to choose to eat fresh or dry.


If anyone tried to eat dates, they would know that this fruit was very sweet. And it might make you wonder how much sugar is in a palm. Can a diabetic eat dates? Or is the date a fruit that is eaten and is fat? With all the questions about the date, let’s clear up the answers right here!

* How much sugar is in date fruit?

Seen as a fruit with a very sweet taste Many people are secretly worried that the date palm is a high sugar fruit. Let’s say we try to check the nutritional value of the date. So that the sugar content will be checked as well

Nutritional value of 100 g of dates

– Energy 282 kcal

– 75.03 g of carbohydrates

– 63.35 grams of sugar

– 2.45 g protein

– 0.39 g of fat

– Potassium 696 mg

In contrast, data from the Nutrition Department, Department of Health shows that 1 date weighing approximately 7.5 grams contains 4.14 grams of sugar, classified as 2.21 grams of fructose, 1.93 grams of glucose, or compared with 1.04 teaspoons of sugar, which will See that Dates are a fruit that is quite high in sugar.

* Can a diabetic date eat it?

Although dates are high in sugar, Prof. Wuttikhun Dr. Pornthep Siriwanarangsan explains that the sugar in dates is mostly fructose. Which fructose is a sugar found from fruits The body can absorb fructose without insulin, that is, the body can draw fructose for energy immediately. No need to wait for insulin to bring the sugar from the palm into the cells, thus reducing the chance of the palm sugar residue in the bloodstream. From the poor working insulin Seldom shedding with

In addition, Dr. Juma M Alkaabi, an expert from the United Arab Emirates. Conducted research with diabetics By giving diabetic patients to eat date fruit and it was found that eating date fruit did not increase the patient’s blood sugar level in any way.

However, the date has a low glycemic index that people with diabetes eat. But it is a fruit that is high in sugar. Therefore, the amount must be limited to no more than 4 fruits per day. In addition, you must be careful with sugar from other foods that you eat too

* Do the dates eat and get fat?

Dates are fruits that are eaten and your body will immediately feel refreshed. Because there is fructose that the body can use for energy, if you eat dates when you feel like eating desserts, eat only 1-4 fruits each day and control your diet. It may not cause fat.

Dates also contain vitamin B3 to aid metabolism, fiber to aid digestion and excretion. Plus, it’s a cholesterol-free, low-fat fruit, but if you accidentally eat too much dates The kind that can eat a kilo at once, like this, may gain weight instead of losing weight.

* Dates with pregnant women

I heard that the date was able to stimulate the milk of the newly born mother. Which the truth is Dates are useful from the moment of fertilization. Because dates contain phenolic substances It improves sexual performance and nourishes the ejaculation of men. Women will also benefit from the date for strengthening the uterus muscles. Helps the uterus to compress well Conducive to labor Helps reduce postpartum hemorrhage. And can also help relieve depression after childbirth as well

Wok back to the key point That the date stimulates the milk This information is true. The date is a fruit that has a relatively high nutritional value. Provides good energy Helps to nourish the mother’s body after giving birth It helps to increase the vital nutrients in milk. It can also enhance the baby’s immune system as well.

But in order not to gain weight Postpartum mothers or pregnant women should not eat large quantities of dates and eat no more than 4 fruits a day.

* Fresh dates vs dried dates, which is better to eat?

The popularity of eating fresh dates has increased. Because in Thailand there are barhi dates That is eaten fresh and tastes sweet and crispy, delicious until many people are fascinated This is different from ripe dates that are dried, giving it a sweeter flavor. Many people mistakenly think that it is used to connect But this dried date, crispness, might not be compared to fresh dates.

However, in terms of the properties and benefits of fresh or dried dates, they are not much different. But fresh dates are less sweet. The dried or dehydrated ones will keep longer. Because the baking or drying of fresh fruit is one of the food preservation.

* Dates are good to eat fresh or dry, they can do many menus.

If there are many dates Would you like to try and make some delicious dishes from the date palm? We have a date menu for you.

– 11 date menu Sweet and valuable dessert and drink recipes

* Precautions for eating dates

– Do not eat more than 4 dates per day as it may get more sugar and energy than your body needs.

– Patients with heart disease, kidney disease or people with impaired potassium elimination Dates should not be eaten. Because it is a high potassium fruit

Dates are fruits that are not difficult to find in our home. And it is classified as a type of healthy fruit that has its own unique sweet taste. Good things are useful like this. Anyone who has not tried yet, have to go and arrange it a bit

– Date, the miraculous properties of fruit from the Arab region

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