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Thai herbs that look like a sharp tail of a crocodile until it has a name that indicates its characteristics well. Wanhao Crocodile Is another popular Thai tree planted next to the house In addition to being used to decorate for beauty, the properties of Aloe Vera are also worthwhile. As for how great it will be We go to get to know more about Aloe Vera ..

Aloe Vera (Aloe Vera) is a plant that is classified as a green biennial plant, characterized by a single segmented stem, long leaves, and large, pointed base, with spines spaced at the edges. Layered Inside the leaf is a clear, light green jelly. Sticky mucus Can bloom red and yellow at the end of the shoot. Native to the Mediterranean coast and southern Africa. Can be easily planted in sandy soil. Or in a pot It is a hydrophilic plant. But must have a good drainage path Prevents excessive water intake until the roots rot.

Properties of aloe vera

That aloe It is a plant that has many properties and can be used to alleviate diseases both outside and inside the body. It can also be used to nourish the skin as well as follows

* Outside benefits

1. Treat burns and scalds. By peeling the outside Bring fresh jelly inside the leaves to wash off the rubber thoroughly. Then apply it to the wound for the first 2 days to help relieve the burning pain. Heals wounds faster And does not leave any scars as well

2. Prevent and relieve burns from the sun. Bring fresh leaves of aloe vera mixed with lotion and apply on the skin before going out in the sun. Will help prevent sunlight But if a burn occurs on the skin after exposing to the sun Use clean-washed jelly to reduce inflammation. If so, try mixing it with vegetable oil. Or olive oil To reduce the symptoms of dry and tight skin

3. Relieve the burns from radiation of patients. Using a clean washed aloe vera gel to compress the burns from chemo Will help relieve the burning pain And make recovery faster

4. Heals wounds from sharp objects and abrasions. If injured by sharp objects Apply aloe vera gel that still has mucus on the wound to increase the efficiency of wound healing faster.

5. Treat abscesses and hemorrhoids. Clean the affected area and dry the agar on the wound. If it is the anus, peel the jelly into a stick and wash it thoroughly. Refrigerate to freeze. To insert the suppository in the rectum 1-2 times a day, hemorrhoids will improve.

6. Maintain bunion and Kong feet. Take the washed and cleaned jelly meat. To paste into the affected area Always change the jelly meat often, if the fish eyes, the dry part will create a dimple. Use the aloe vera compress until the dimples heal and shrink. For Hong Kong feet, apply aloe vera compresses until the wound dries out and symptoms improve.

7. Relieve headaches, cut fresh leaves from the aloe vera. Then apply red lime to the agar area Hold the fresh leaves and apply agar and red lime to the temple or occipital area to help alleviate the headache.

8. Relieve toothache. Cut the aloe vera pulp into small sticks, about 2-3 centimeters, and place them in between the painful teeth. Or put a compress on it After about 30 minutes, the pain will gradually subside.

* Internal benefit

1.Relieve joint pain Put the cleaned aloe vera gel in the refrigerator. And eaten to relieve pain in various joints, which can be used with both beef jelly and agar juice if you want it to be easier Can be blended into aloe vera juice Can help relieve symptoms as well

2. Use it as a laxative By choosing to cut a specific variety of aloe vera with large leaves and large amounts of yellow latex, aged about 9 months or more, support the latex that flows from the leaves. Then bring it to simmer to thicken Pour into small molds to solidify into cubes. Can eat as medicine. The tablets are red, brown to black, called black pills, divided into approximately 0.25 grams (250 milligrams) each time, it is a suitable size to be used as a shot. If you want to eat fresh, it can be done. By cutting the washed agar into 3-4 cm size, divided 3 times a day after meals.

3. Cure gastroenteritis and enteritis. Peeled aloe vera Wash the jelly that has been thoroughly washed. Then taken orally 2 tablespoons twice a day will help relieve inflammation of the digestive tract.

4. Prevent diabetes Cut the aloe vera pulp about 3-4 cm long. Take it daily. Or be blended into aloe vera juice To eat In which diabetes symptoms will be alleviated for those who are in the early stages For those who want to eat to prevent Can be eaten in smaller quantities.

5. Cure and prevent motion sickness – seasickness Those who have travel problems The symptoms of motion sickness – seasickness on a regular basis. Try eating jelly from aloe vera. Or aloe juice Before traveling, it will help relieve the symptoms of the symptoms less. But if motion sickness has occurred Try a refreshing aloe vera juice and sit back for a while. Will feel better

* Beauty benefits

1. Nourishes hair to shine and helps get rid of dandruff. Cut fresh leaves to apply on the hair. Or if it is not convenient, use aloe vera jelly to blend thoroughly to make it easier to use. Then apply it to hair all over to make it shiny. Massaging the roots of the hair will help to cool down the roots. Helps to nourish the scalp. Heal the wound on the head And can get rid of dandruff as well

2. Treat acne and blemishes This benefit, people who want a clear face, read carefully. Because aloe vera has an anti-infection effect and has a mild acidic effect to reduce oiliness on the face. Apply the cleaned jelly meat and apply on the face twice a day, take 1-2 months to begin to see the results that the marks look faded.

3. Nourish the skin just by bringing fresh aloe vera. Come peel and wash thoroughly. Then cut into pieces and put them in a small gauze bag. And put it in the bathtub Or if there is no gauze bag You can also put the jelly in the bathtub as well. During the bath, use jelly to rub on different parts of the body, focusing on dry patches such as elbows, knees, heels, etc. And firmed up

4. Add water to the skin. The moisture in your face and body usually decreases with your age and lifestyle. Which most often live in the air-conditioned room until the skin loses moisture. If the aloe vera gel is applied to the face, it is another way to help add water to your skin. By washing the agar thoroughly and then thinly slicing it over the face Close your eyes, wait 15 minutes, then go wash your face clean. Your skin will feel hydrated and firmer.If you use it on your body, try applying it to a rough blender and apply it to your body. It’s easy to use as well.

* Facial mask formula with aloe vera

In addition to various medicinal properties, aloe vera can also be applied for beauty purposes as well. Aloe vera mask formula Therefore indispensable for lovers of beauty and beauty Prepare a pen and write down the formula.

1. 1 tablespoon ground aloe vera jelly, 2 tablespoons chalk, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, 1 teaspoon honey, mix well and apply facial mask to reduce oiliness. And even black spots

2. 1 tablespoon ground aloe vera jelly, 1 1/2 tablespoons chalk, 2 tablespoons egg white, mix well to help reduce oiliness on the face. Cause acne to decrease

3. 1 tablespoon ground aloe vera jelly, 1 1/2 tablespoons chalk, 1-2 tablespoons fresh cucumber juice, mix well and apply to mask. It reduces the oil on the face. And enhances moisture Freshen the skin.

4. 1 tablespoon ground aloe vera jelly, 1 tablespoon chalk, 1 1/2 tablespoon fresh milk, mix well and apply to the face. Will help clear up the face And reduce oiliness on the face as well

5. 1 Tbsp Aloe Vera Jelly, 2 Tsp Turmeric Powder, 1 1/2 Tbsp Fresh Milk, Mix well. Then mask to reduce it And add radiance You can slice the cucumber into glasses and place it around your eyes.

* Products from Aloe Vera

When there are many properties of aloe vera around this size. Various products made from aloe vera must be gradually released to facilitate more consumers. At present, there are a variety of products that have been processed from aloe vera as follows.

1. Aloe vera gel properties are applied topically to reduce swelling. It is a cream applied under the eyes, nourishes the skin, adds moisture. Can be mixed with various ingredients, mask instead of aloe vera jelly. It can also be applied to blisters, fresh wounds, to relieve burning pain. Suitable for those who have recently undergone laser shooting. And there was a red burn on the face Will cause the atmosphere to reduce symptoms and recover faster

2. Aloe Vera Cream It has the same properties as aloe vera gel. Different in the product texture With a mixture of Moyse riser than May not be suitable for those who have it. Because the cream feels heavier than the gel texture But quite suitable for people with dry face Because it gives more moisture

In addition to general aloe vera gel and aloe vera cream. Also capped out as an aloe vera gel cleanser Aloe vera gel and cream with sunscreen It also has aloe vera juice for drinking as well. The properties are not much different from fresh aloe vera.

Know the properties and recipes of aloe vera well. Must be prepared to find that this variety of usefulness has been planted in a couple of houses. I can assure you that it is really worthwhile.

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