25 things that happen to your body in your 40s


When the age reaches number 4, the body begins to experience some changes. It made me realize that age is no longer just a number …

In their 40s, the life of many people has begun to settle. Good work, stable and more basic life. And one of the things that will not be the same is our body. Because at the age of 40+, the body begins to change. But what will happen to our bodies when we are 40 years old? Check your health by yourself.

1. I’m getting gray!

In the past, I had almost nothing to do with me, but by the time I was 40, my hair started to be white and gray. Until having to rely on hair dye, a lot, however, the hair color will turn much white – less Or slow – how fast It depends on our genetics as well. Some people may have white hair since their 20s or have just started gray at 40+.

2. dizziness

This condition can occur at any age. This is especially true for people who are easily stressed and easily frustrated. However, by the age of 40, swaying hormones will become a key factor in making us dizzy more easily and often.

3. Visual performance is reduced.

At the age of 40, our visual performance becomes poor, the paddles begin to look blurry in dim light, or read distant text less clearly. Farsightedness requires eyeglasses. Including starting to ache my eyes Headaches when staring at the phone for a long time, etc.

4. The skin begins to crack and lacks elasticity.

This is because the sex hormones of both women and men produce less. The body of the young and the young in their 40s will change significantly. Especially the skin that is dry and cracked Not as hydrated as a younger age, so to slow down the deterioration of skin cells. Should always apply body lotion. And eat a lot of vegetables and fruits

5. Blemishes, freckles, and dark spots start a lot.

Hormones are important variables that cause the skin of young women to change in a bad way, such as easily increasing freckles, freckles and dark spots. But was difficult to erase And wrinkles more easily Causing need to take care of the skin more than usual

6. The ears are getting bad.

The auditory nerve of the body begins to deteriorate when we are 40 years old and the ability to hear is not as good as in the past. But not even deaf I just can’t hear anything clearly. If the sound isn’t really loud, oh! And research has revealed People who like to listen to loud music or live in a relatively noisy environment. Hearing performance deteriorates faster than it should be.

7. Tooth decay

As you get older, your bone mass decreases, as opposed to age numbers Which bone mass here includes our teeth Teeth will start to thin, corrode and easily break, especially in people who do not care for their dental health. The likelihood of decaying teeth and spreading to the weakened tooth roots is even greater.

8.The nerves and teeth shrink.

In the age of 40-50, our teeth and nerves begin to shrink. But in bad things, there is still some light. Because the nerves around the teeth shrink, it makes us feel less about the teeth. All teeth sensitivity when eating cold food Or a toothache when biting hard food is unlikely to happen.

9. Shorter

The height of the older people will also change. Which will be shorter due to the contraction of the bones Or starting to have a curved shape Especially the spine Causing some people to have a state of hunchback as well

10.The senses of smell and taste begin to deteriorate.

Some people may clearly notice that they start to eat more salty. Eat more sweet. Because the palate does not work as efficiently as before That’s because When I get older Different senses will begin to work less. And may have deteriorated at some point

11. Less colds

One of the good things about middle age is that we have gone through the heat and the cold. So the flu virus Or a very mild virus that causes reckless illness Tell me, these viruses can hardly do anything to us as before.

12.Weakness of the joints

Of course, as we age, the strength of joints, bones and even muscles decreases. Is a sign that tells us that our age is not small And our body is impermanent Therefore, if there will be more pain in the knee, ankle and joint joints, it is considered normal for middle age.

13.Easy drunk hangs hard

Since before drinking alcohol for hours and still rarely drunk But now I drink 3-4 glasses, I will not be able to. Plus, when you wake up, it hangs much harder, which is a sign that your liver is becoming weak. The efficiency of driving alcohol began to decline. Therefore, we should preserve the liver a little by reducing the amount of alcohol you drink. At least once a week is enough.

14. It is more difficult to recover.

Not only is a hangover that is difficult to recover, but pain and aches in the torso, if it occurs, it is difficult to heal easily, this is because our muscles are not as flexible as any generation. Diminish The active activity of the body is also lessened. And this will be the period when the physical performance deteriorates significantly If you want to keep the firmware the same, you should eat a lot of protein foods and exercise properly.

– 40+ how to exercise to look 10 years younger (for women)

15. Get up in the middle of the night often.

Insomnia restless And often wake up in the middle of the night often is a symptom that occurs in the elderly. Starting at the age of 40 years and up, it began to have such symptoms with you anyway.

16. Fat Easy

Maintaining a perfect figure looks noticeably tougher than when you were young, with stress hormones and a poor metabolic system. It makes the body weight of the person 40 years more easy, difficult, so try to diet well. And exercising regularly is best


As we get older, we notice that we begin to develop forgetfulness and confusion, and this is known as brain fog, which refers to dysfunctional processes of thought, perception and concentration. go

18.Less rational

Human, aunt, human, uncle, this word is getting closer to us. Research published in the British Medical Journal reveals that human reasoning skills drop 3.6% between the ages of 40 and 50 because brain activity slows down, chemicals and hormones in the body. Has changed

19. I started getting thin but getting a lot of hair growing up.

Even though my hair has fallen until my head is frightening something But in other parts, hair grows up, looking deadly. This is normal for people aged 40 years, both men and women. In men Hair is usually on the back, nose and ears in women. Most people will grow up on their face. Due to decreased estrogen But the increased testosterone or male hormone.

20. Less sweating

Shrinking sweat glands are the reason people in their 40s sweat less. Which is more evident in males than females This is because women before menopause may experience flare-ups. And sweating more than usual

21. It’s hot, it’s cold.

Abnormal hormones, resulting in abnormal blood circulation as well. Especially in premenopausal women, hot and cold symptoms will happen to you often. Bullying feels uncomfortable and frustrates with strange symptoms of his body too.

22.Less sex drive

Due to decreased sex hormones Causing the sexual arousal to diminish as well In women, the vagina is dry. Lubrication is rarely there. The desire for sexual activity is dry, not flammable, as in the young age. Testosterone is also reduced. On average, testosterone is reduced by 1% every year from the age of 30. Muscle density in males will decrease gradually.

23. It becomes difficult to hold urine.

The sphincter is another part that starts to deteriorate when we are 40 years old, so the ability to hold urine in the 40s is something that requires a lot more effort. In particular, women have more urinary incontinence than males.

– Urinary incontinence can occur with any age. Check suspicious symptoms Be aware of it, keep it in time

24. Diarrhea from drinking milk

A study from the National Institute of Health revealed that a 40-year-old’s ability to digest lactose proteins was reduced, according to 65% of subjects tested for lactose-digestibility. The subjects had a decreased tolerance to lactose protein digestion. The research team explained that The enzyme used to digest lactose protein in the body of people over 40 years of age has decreased, thus decreasing their ability to digest this protein.

25. There is an increased risk of breast cancer.

The risk of breast cancer is increased in women aged 35 and over, and by the age of 40, the risk of breast cancer is 3-5 times higher than that of women in their 30s, depending on genetics and Behavior brings the risk of breast cancer as well.

Did you check exactly what you saw at the age of 40? But if someone is close to 40, then try to find a way to cope with the changes of your own body as well.

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