Wormwood, herb, bitter taste, properties as an elixir


Sweet as a breeze, bitter as wormwood Thai herbs with excellent properties, cure fever, cure heat, help appetite A good thing that people who love health can not miss.

The ancient word that is sweet as the wind, is the truth that is difficult to argue. Look like wormwood This kind of bitter herb. There are many good things inside. Let’s try to get to know the properties of wormwood better. Seen that it helps to reduce fever, cure the heat in the appetite. And can help alleviate many of the sick

Wormwood with an interesting coolness

Wormwood has the English name Tinospora cordifolia, its scientific name is Tinospora crispa (L.) Miers ex Hook.f & Thomson. Classified as a vine in the family Menispermaceae And besides the name of wormwood In our home, we also call wormwood in many names, such as Wormwood, Thao Hua Duan, Thang Rat Jing Kru Khao Hojet, thorns or Chung Ching, the mother

Wormwood, a prominent botanical feature

Wormwood is a hard, hairless vine up to 15 meters long. The trunk is 1-2 cm in diameter. The bark is 1.5-2.5 mm thick. The surface of the wormwood is brown. The meat is yellowish gray. The vines are round. The skin of the vine is rough, a button spread all over. And when it gets old, these knots are very dense and clear.

Wormwood vine bark is bitter and can be peeled off. The leaves are single, alternate. Wormwood leaves are heart-shaped, smooth edges, smooth leaves, petioles 8-10 cm long, and wormwood flowers are axillary. Separate sex flowers in different bouquet. Characteristics of wormwood flowers are yellowish green, small flowers, quite round shape. Has a yellow or red color

Wormwood, excellent properties

The properties of wormwood are primarily classified as an herbal remedy for fever. Reduce body heat By the benefits of wormwood can be classified as follows.

1. Cure a fever

The wormwood vine has a very bitter taste. Properties help to cure all kinds of fever. By using fresh vine old or fresh plant 2 and a half (30-40 grams) low with a little water. Then squeezed only water to drink Or boil with water using 3 parts water, simmer to 1 part drink as a bitter pill 2 times a day before breakfast-dinner Or when having symptoms

2. Helps with appetite Solve anorexia

Use 2 and a half (30-40 grams) of fresh old vines or fresh plants to pound and squeeze only the water to drink. Or boil with water using 3 parts water, simmer to 1 part drink as a bitter pill 2 times a day before breakfast-dinner. Or when having symptoms or grinding into a powder to make a bolus 2 times a day before breakfast, dinner

3. Nourish

Wormwood can be boiled into a bitter, nourishing drink, nourishing element by using the wormwood plant to clean, about 2 and a half strands to crush and then squeeze only the water to drink. Or can boil the same recipe as the fever reducer as well

4. Treatment of skin diseases Rash on the body

Wormwood leaves contain substances that help treat skin diseases. Especially symptoms of a rash By taking the wormwood leaves, washing it thoroughly, and then apply it to the area where there is a rash Or areas of the skin that have been inflamed Because the substance in the wormwood has anti-inflammatory effects.

5. Solve the abscess and bruises.

Use the wormwood leaves thoroughly and then mask the abscess. Or cure bruises in various parts of the body

6. It’s an elixir

The five parts of wormwood are roots, leaves, flowers and fruit that can be used to make elixirs. This will help relieve aches and pains, fever, headache, dental treatment, hemorrhoids. Helps to improve appetite, cure uterine abscess, cure heat in, reduce heat, correct disability, fix phlegm, nourish blood, wind and cure malaria etc.

7. Reduce blood sugar

Study results from the Faculty of Medicine Mahidol University found that wormwood was able to significantly lower blood sugar levels of metabolic obesity patients who took 250 mg wormwood powder capsules twice a day or placebo for 2 months compared to the blood sugar levels of the group. Experiment before eating wormwood. However, the hypoglycemic wormwood trials need to be studied more deeply for the clarity and accuracy of the data.

Can wormwood lose weight?

Earlier there was information that wormwood can help you lose weight. Saichalee Thaploka, MD, who specializes in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture and anti-aging and homeopathic medicine, explains that at present there is no clear evidence that wormwood can help reduce obesity. Therefore, bringing wormwood to help reduce obesity may have to be considered individually. Because in some people the effect of wormwood will reduce body heat. And may have an effect on appetite

Wormwood, there are penalties and cautions.

Although the properties of wormwood are enough But if you do not eat carefully, it may be harmful to your body as follows.

1. If eating wormwood for a long period of time (8 weeks consecutively) may have negative effects on the liver.

2. May affect people with impaired liver enzyme conditions. Or have liver disease, kidney disease

So how is it bitter? … If the properties are good, this number is worth trying. But if anyone is interested in eating wormwood capsules Was a little cautioned not to eat for a long time May affect the liver and kidneys.

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