10 herbs that help keep hair black, shiny, not easy to fall.


For healthy hair that is strong, shiny, important to not easily fall off. A lot of people are trying to find different ways to nourish their hair, right? Which in addition to avoiding chemicals and behaviors that hurt the hair Choosing to use herbs to help you grow darker hair is considered a good choice. Because it is not difficult to find, inexpensive, and also safe. After that, let’s see what kinds of herbs are there.

1. Aloe

It is a must-have item in your house. Because in addition to helping to heal burns, scalds also add moisture, reduce dandruff, balance our scalp. It contributes to more hair growth. Which the new hair will be shiny, stronger, and less likely to fall Just bring the aloe vera gel to marinate the hair before shampooing for about 10 minutes regularly, it will see the change and it’s super good

2. Asiatic

Centella asiatica is not the only plant used for bruising and cooling. But can also be used to make hair cream as well By bringing the Asiatic leaves to be blended with clean water thoroughly And after that filter only the water Then simmered with coconut water And apply to the head and leave it for at least 2-3 minutes and then rinse. Centella asiatica helps stimulate blood circulation around the scalp. Strengthens the roots of the hair; Therefore less hair loss Hair that grows new, it will grow black and shiny naturally. Plus, the scalp is cool as well. You see, you don’t have to wait for your heartbroken

3. Anchan

I have heard since childhood that if you want dark eyebrows, apply butterfly pea juice to apply. I would like to say that it is not just belief, ladies, because Anchan has many properties. Both help nourish the hair to be black, shiny and help treat hair loss by a simple method, just take water extracted from butterfly pea flower to ferment the hair about 15 minutes before shampooing or mix it with shampoo on a regular basis. This will only strengthen the hair roots. Plus prevent premature gray hair too

4. Bergamot

When it comes to hair nourishing herbs, there is no such thing as bergamot. Because bergamot has properties to nourish the scalp Helps stimulate hair to regenerate quickly. Prevent hair loss Plus get rid of dandruff excellently Anyone with a dry scalp, split ends, kaffir lime, it is just friends to use a shampoo and conditioner that contains bergamot. Or you can use the oil from the peel to marinate your hair as well. I certify that I will be smooth and beautiful.

5. Moringa

For hair and scalp Moringa has many properties. Both help relieve itching of the fungus head Improves immunity Reduce excess fat that makes our scalp so sloppy and annoying. More importantly, it also helps the blood circulate to the scalp as well. Solve the problem of hair loss Therefore, if you see the moringa mud or the Moringa formula, you can hurry up.

6. Makhamdikwai

The herb name may sound harsh. But it is useful to focus on because the extract of Makhamdikwai has properties to help reduce dandruff. And help kill germs on the scalp Both fungi and bacteria are the culprits in hair loss as well. Just use a herbal shampoo containing a mixture of Makhamdikwai. Our hair will return to black, shiny and flowing again anyway.

7. Ginseng

The best herbs known for beauty and body care. But did you know that the hair side Ginseng can help quite a bit, the main thing is to detox the toxins that are left on the scalp and hair roots. Makes blood flow to nourish the hair better. I then sucked the black, strong, shiny from root to tip. Anyone who has blistering problems Acne on the scalp Ginseng can help reduce these symptoms as well. The properties are very universal, say it.

8.Bamboo leaves

Who would believe that bamboo leaves have properties that help keep hair black, soft, beautiful, in fact, bamboo leaves water helps to strengthen hair. Helping the circulatory system better It also disinfects our scalp, making the scalp immune to sunlight and various chemicals as well, so we often see hair care products containing bamboo leaf extract.

9. Onion

Normally see only using onions for cooking. But besides being delicious If you try to juice Then marinated me Onions can help treat gray hair, hair loss and thinning hair as well. Because the juice of the onion has the effect of nourishing the hair to be stronger Knowing this, I have to hurry and search the refrigerator.

10.Green tea

Not only is it a healthy drink. But the antioxidants in green tea also help prevent hair loss. Including accelerating the hair growth better as well By boiling 2 bags of green tea water per 1 cup of water, then leave it warm to moderate. Then apply it all over the scalp and leave it for about an hour before washing off. Our hair condition will gradually darken, no longer have to worry about thinning hair.

Say that traditional herbs are actually more valuable than you think, just try to nourish your hair You don’t have to spend money on hair transplants or expensive treatments, but if it doesn’t get better Recommend to consult a specialist doctor to be sure as possible.

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