7 herbs for women Menstruation is not normal, have to hurry to find and eat urgently


Believe that many women will face the problem of irregular menstruation. Mainly due to imbalance of hormones in the body When there is a menstrual cycle, it causes abdominal pain and pain every time. Which menstrual cramps may affect everyday life Plus, it also makes us vulnerable to uterine cancer as well. But herbs can alleviate these symptoms, especially six of them. Here are the top female drugs that women must not miss.

1. Pueraria

Is a ivy that is in the same group with legumes. Underground The area inside is detailed. Which Pueraria Mirifica is an herb that stimulates the female hormone estrogen. If you eat the ground chain regularly, it will help to keep menstruation consistent. And helps make the skin look firm and more hydrated Until now, most drug manufacturers are producing Pueraria Mirifica in the form of capsules that will make it easy to eat as well.

2. Ginseng Tang Kui

Is an annual plant The root area is plump, thick and fragrant, with Ginseng, Tang Kui, a herb that contains a substance called Ligustilide, an important drug that helps reduce menstrual pain Contribute to the formation of blood cells that will stimulate blood circulation for better. In addition, Ginseng Dong Kui is an ingredient in the treatment for patients with anemia.

3. Thirty roots

It is a creeper plant with spikes. There is a root underground The trunk is similar to the Krachai tree. The Thirty Root contains important substances in the Steroidal Saponins group that will help treat various abnormalities during the menstrual cycle. And it also helps make the vaginal discharge better after we eat the ten root regularly.

4. Peppermint

It is a herbal plant that has a cool scent. It has medicinal properties, so it is suitable to make a mixture of traditional medicines to relieve body aches. In addition, mint leaves are also used to treat menstrual pain. The mint leaves have an effect that helps to relax the body. And also stimulates the circulatory system to work better

5. Cumin

Classified as a plant in the family of basil Most people prefer to use fennel leaves as a culinary ingredient. According to traditional medicine recipes, fennel leaves have properties that help reduce abdominal pain during menstruation. It also helps to adjust the balance of female hormones to a normal level as well.

6. That the uterus.

Is a plant in the same family as ginger. Has a rhizome underground The trunk can grow up to about 1 meter, which according to the Thai traditional medicine says that in the uterus, there is a substance called Phytoestrogens Which is a substance of nature Therefore has properties that help stimulate menstruation on schedule And it also helps to relieve abdominal pain during menstruation better.

If the medicinal properties are known All the plants around us are all herbs. And some types that are easy to find can help alleviate menstrual cramps better. However, if we take herbal medicine until the symptoms get better, it should not be eaten for a long time. Because it may cause the kidneys to work harder And result in kidney failure until the point of death itself.

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