Marigold flowers know their benefits.



Marigold is a beautiful yellow flower that can be used for both flowers, leaves, stems and roots, or it can be used to make health nourishing extracts. It is believed that the compound in calendula flowers may have antioxidant activity, help heal wounds and solve oral problems.

The scientific name of marigold is Calendula or Tagetes Erecta Linn, containing Phenolic Compounds, Flavonoid, Iron, Zinc, Manganese and Potassium. These substances may have benefits for the skin and various body systems, so there are supplements from marigold flowers that often claim such properties. There is some evidence and scientific evidence mentioning the various benefits of marigold flowers as follows.

1. Antioxidant

If free radicals accumulate in the body in large quantities May be at risk of damaging tissue cells and leading to various illnesses. Marigold flowers contain flavonoids believed to have antioxidant effects. With many laboratory researches, it found that Quercetagitin (Quercetagetin) 1 of the flavonoids extracted from marigold flowers are highly effective antioxidants.

In addition, research conducted on marigold extract on skin tissue cells found that various substances extracted from calendula flower, including quercetagitin, did not cause any harm to skin cells. Natural free radicals from marigolds may be beneficial for inhibiting free radicals and are also safe for the skin. Including may help fade the skin color. Or can make the skin whiter

The results of these studies suggest that marigold extracts may help fight free radicals and not cause skin damage. But the above research is only a study of extracts and tissue cells in the laboratory. Therefore, it can not be concluded whether marigold flowers are antioxidants or are actually safe for the body. Therefore, further research should be conducted by using marigold flowers in humans. To confirm the effectiveness of marigolds in this field more clearly

2. Prevent skin aging and wrinkles.

Marigold flowers contain ethanol which are believed to help prevent wrinkling and skin aging. Research has shown that methanol extracted from marigold flowers may inhibit the activity of certain proteins that can cause dryness, wrinkles and wrinkles such as hyaluronidase. S (Hyaluronidase) and Enzyme Elastase (Elastase).

In another study, a cream containing individual flowers, including calendula flowers, was applied to UV-aging skin for 8 weeks, and observed the appearance of the skin throughout the experiment through a visiometer. Or an instrument used to measure wrinkles and the roughness of the skin It was found that creams containing calendula can make wrinkles appear superficial without causing any skin irritation.

However, most of this research is only in laboratory studies. Therefore, further research in this area may be required. In order to apply the results of the experiments obtained in the future

3. Heal wounds and allergic rashes to touch

Marigold is a flower that has been used in traditional folk remedies for a long time. It was believed that if the marigold was applied to cover the wound Will help the wound heal faster One study examined the use of an extract from a calendula plant on 34 patients with chronic leg ulcers from venous thromboembolism found that the extract may speed up wound healing.

Another study tested creams containing seven extracts from the marigold and rosemary family on the skin of healthy volunteers. It was found that the cream may help prevent contact with allergic rashes. And there is another study that has tried to use an extract from the marigold plant in human cell samples, revealing that The marigold family may help treat bruising, redness, abscesses, and other dermatitis, but the extract is not recommended for children under the age of 6.

However, most studies are only small studies. Some work is researching in the laboratory. And some studies have used calendula extract along with other extracts, so these findings cannot confirm the hypothesis that marigold flowers can actually heal wounds and allergic rashes. Therefore should continue to search for other evidence to prove the facts Especially It should also be studied with a human sample.


Dietary supplements often claim that marigold extract has numerous health benefits. And may help fight bacteria Because marigolds contain various compounds that are beneficial to the body One study investigated the benefits of superficial calendula extracted with 5 mg / 1 ml of ethanol, found that the substance may have antibacterial activity against staphylococcal oria. (Staphylococcus Aureus) that can cause conjunctivitis or lymphadenitis. And another study that was studied in the laboratory as well, it was found that Water extracted from calendula flower leaves and ethanol extract derived from marigold flowers. May also be active against the bacteria staphylococcus aureus.

Despite the positive experimental results But the above research is only a laboratory study. Therefore, it can not be concluded that marigold flowers are actually antibacterial in humans. Further research is needed until the results are clear and useful in the field of medicine.

5. Solve problems in the oral cavity.

Oral health is a concern. Many people believe that using a mouthwash containing calendula may help reduce bad breath and prevent plaque formation. Some studies have shown that marigold extract may help treat some types of oral problems. One study provides patients with oral health problems. Have mild gingivitis And the problem of scurvy, 240 people aged 20-40 years, use an alcohol extract from the marigold plant, diluted with distilled water at the rate of 2: 6 ml, mouth rinse twice a day, morning and evening for 6 months, found that the problem. The patient’s oral health, such as plaque and scurvy, was significantly reduced. Compared with other groups who gargle with plain distilled water

However, there is a small amount of research done in this area. And it is only the research of the marigold plant family Therefore, it cannot be concluded that marigold flowers can treat oral problems as well, so further research should be conducted in this area. In particular, using marigold flowers in the experiment To prove the benefits of marigolds clearly in this field in the future

Safe use of marigolds

Even marigolds may have many benefits. But at present there is not enough information to confirm the efficacy and safety of marigold flowers for their intended use or therapeutic use. Therefore, it is best to consult a doctor or pharmacist before using any product from marigold flowers.

Consuming calendula flowers in food form may not cause any harm if eaten in moderation. But if you eat too much Or consuming marigolds while having various health problems can cause dangerous side effects. Especially people in the following groups Be especially careful when consuming or taking advantage of marigold flowers.

– People who are pregnant or breastfeeding Consuming calendula flowers in food form is safe for both pregnant and breastfeeding people. But should avoid consumption or use in large quantities for therapeutic effects. Because at the moment there is not enough clear safety information.

– People who are allergic to plants that contain pollen Or other plants close to marigolds Marigold may cause allergic reactions to people who are allergic to other Asteraceae plants such as chrysanthemums and daisies, so people who are allergic to such plants should always consult their doctor before consuming, touching, inhaling or using extracts. Marigold

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