Stevia can be added sweet, but still healthy, the new choice for health lovers.


Today, the current health care is very strong. Regardless of age, gender and gender, they began to take care of themselves as well. By eating foods that are beneficial Exercise more than 3 Times per week A calorie-free diet that tastes the same has become a staple choice for health-conscious individuals. Or those who control weight Sugar is the main culprit or the devil of the body that has it all.

Due to the process of absorbing sugar that is eaten into the body Can’t get absorbed right away. Sugar must be replaced It is glucose in the liver. The liver turns sugar into fat. If the liver does not change the sugar The remainder accumulates in the liver. We will be a fat mask on the liver. This results in elevated bad cholesterol or LDL, as well as LDL’s sidekick triglycerides. It increases in the blood stream as well.

This leads to chronic diseases that require lifelong medication such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease. Gathered in a package, 63% of the world’s population deaths come from these chronic, non-communicable diseases. You can see that the consumption of sugar seems to be a bad thing. It’s not a small thing anymore. Therefore, the health care group is looking for products or herbs that are sweet substitutes. In other words, sweetened with zero calories, “Stevia” or “Stevia” is a very attractive option for people who want to lose weight. People who need to control sugar Diabetics

Why is it called Stevia?

Stevia contains one extract, Stevioside, which can be sweeter than normal sugar to 200-300 times ever Stevia leaves have properties of sweetness 10-15 times more than sugar and the sweetness that occurs No energy at all Due to this wonderful property, stevia is a very popular herb at the moment. From people who love health We also use stevia in other industries. For example, to increase the value of the original product Using properties as an influence Such as instant coffee without sugar formula Use stevia in recipes, etc.

Stevia properties

The disadvantage of stevia is Does not provide energy to the body But turns out to be the advantage of applying in some diseases. The outstanding medicinal properties of stevia are Reduces sugar in the bloodstream This is especially suitable for those with sugar control and diabetics. Helps to nourish the pancreas, which is the production of insulin. Reduce fat in the blood. Reduce the chance of having high blood pressure. Or cardiovascular disease Help you lose weight Has an astringent effect. Reduce inflammation It increases the blood flow to the brain. It is a body tonic for people who are physically weak and not refreshed.

Stevia Herbs Conquer Diabetes

Diabetics It is very important to keep blood sugar levels from being too low or too high. Until sometimes unable to eat some of the food that he once liked Due to concerns about sugar going high Today there is a natural help. Stevia is 3 times sweeter than sugar but has zero energy. Allows people with diabetes to eat the food they like in a way that does not need to worry. Stevia, in addition to not causing blood sugar to rise. It can also help lower blood sugar levels as well.

The action of stevioside in stevia differs from the action of sugar. Stevioside is slightly sweeter than sugar. And the sweet taste is longer than sugar, this substance will not be digested to convert to energy for the body. Weakness that has become a strength of chronic non-communicable diseases, pressure, diabetes, heart, etc.

Stevia has been selected to register medicinal plants. That can take a substance stevioside Can be consumed instead of sugar Since it has few side effects, it is safe.

How to consume stevia?

Fresh or dried leaves of stevia have been applied to many different products. Such as dried stevia Then finely ground by grinding instead of sugar (stevia powder) substances in stevia have properties. Heat resistant So you don’t have to worry about brewing stevia leaves with hot water. In addition, this substance Will not be digested by fungi or inorganic substances Therefore, if stevia is used as an ingredient in food and beverages, it will not spoil

Stevia can be found at leading supermarkets. Which is very convenient and easy Dried stevia leaves for brewing with just 1 drink for less sweet ones is enough. But if you like it a little sweeter, it may increase to 2-3 pieces, you should try to add a little drink and taste it first. Because it will make it too sweet

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