Lotus rhizomes, treasures from underground


Lotus can be called a useful plant in almost every part, including rhizome, petiole, flower stalk, leaf, petal, pollen, good seed. But today we will take the lotus rhizome to introduce you to each other more because many people may not know. But what is interesting about the lotus rhizome? Let’s follow along together.

What is the benefit of the lotus rhizome for us?

1. Of course, sleep the best. Lotus rhizomes are good for our food.
2. Helps to cure diarrhea as well.
3. If you are looking for natural power tonic like lotus rhizome to nourish you better.
4. Anyone who is faced with the risk of diabetes, high blood sugar, lotus stalks need to help maintain and control blood sugar levels again.
5. The cooling of the lotus rhizome can help reduce the heat in you.
6. If you have a wound or inflammation in the body, we recommend that if the lotus rhizome can help you as well.
7. If you can cure diarrhea It can help relieve diarrhea as well.
8. This is useful for women, if you have irregular menstruation symptoms, lotus rhizome can help you.
9. Hemorrhoids are said to be both a bothering and very painful problem.
10. Lotus rhizome can help to stop bleeding for you as well.

In fact, lotus stalks are the roots of the lotus, a popular dish that people often make are more common in desserts and beverages, such as lotus root juice. But it can also be used to make a menu such as savory dishes. Braised pork ribs Stir Fried Lotus Root with Chili Paste, Lotus Root, etc.
As I said, when you eat it, it can help you in both your blood pressure and diabetes.

What does a lotus rhizome actually look like?

The lotus rhizome is underground. Will be a long piece with a light yellow segment Usually grows well in clay soils And is at a water depth of about 50 centimeters
Main nutritional value, about 100 grams of lotus rhizome contains approximately 66 kilocalories of energy, which includes carbohydrates, sugars, dietary fiber, protein, various B vitamins, choline, vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium. Sodium and zinc

Eating lotus rhizomes is actually not very harmful, but eating everything must be in moderation is best and most beneficial.

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