Cat grass, diuretic properties, medicinal grass


A herb called Ya Nua Cat which has distinctive features of flowers that resemble cat whiskers It is believed that most people will only know or have heard of names. As for the nature of the cat grass, it may be that few people have ever seen or know. But people in the past Known and used as an herb in the treatment of various diseases until now. And in the present time it has been processed into more convenient powders and capsules. The interesting characteristics of the cat’s cat are as follows.

Characteristics of catnip

A small plant It is an annual plant, 30-60 cm high, soft texture, easily broken. The leaf is a diamond. The tip of the blade is tapered. The edge of the blade is sawtooth, slightly pubescent. The leaf plate is dark green on both sides of the leaf with numerous speckled glands. Flower out at the top. Pale purple white flowers There are about 6 small flowers in the inflorescence and the seeds are approximately 1.5 mm long. The fruits are parallel to the edges and wrinkled skin. The catnip is classified as a wild plant in the tropics. Native to Asia

Important substances in cat grass

Flavonoids Can inhibit the increase in calcium oxalate crystals in urinary tract stones. And beard grass also contains important substances: energy, protein, fat, carbohydrate, sugar, dietary fiber, sodium these important substances are found in catnip. It is an essential substance for the human body. Therefore, it is considered that Ya Mua Cat is an herb that is quite beneficial to the human body. That should be planted in the area of ​​the house

Distinctive properties of cat grass

1. Diuretic essential oils containing saponins. And tannins in cat grass Has a diuretic effect Taking an extracts from cat anise can excrete sodium and potassium in the urine, research has been conducted to support that extracts from catarine leaves have diuretic effects.

2. Treatment of cat tentacles has the effect of moving stones around the bone around the suppository area. It can help reduce the intake of painkillers. Water drinkers from cat grass can lower blood pressure. The patient has more alkaline urine. Helps reduce uric acid stones formation

Benefits of catnip

1. Treatment of pain in the spine and lumbar.
2. Cure kidney disease, relieve urinary inflammation.
3. Cure nausea and vomiting.
4. Solve gonorrhea
5. Cure wasting disease
6. Relieve a cough.
7. Relieve aches and rheumatism.
8. It lowers blood pressure.
9. Treat cholecystitis.
10. Helps lower blood sugar

Different parts of the cat grass Used to treat various diseases

1. Use fresh and dried leaves to boil drinking water. Drink 1 cup of tea before meals to treat urinary tract infections, treat gallstones, break up gallstones, and reduce the size of the finger stones.

2. Use the branches and leaves, medium size, not too old or too young. Wash and air dry. Brought to brew with boiling water like making tea Used to drink instead of water throughout the day. Will help the urine flow The pain of gallstones is reduced in size and can cause gallstones to come off on their own.

3. Bring the leaves to make tea for drinking. Cure kidney disease and bladder disease

Precautions for using cat grass

Cat massage grass is high in potassium. When the kidneys in the body are not normal can not excrete potassium. May cause serious harm to the body Excessive urine output When taking potassium that is too high will cause an abnormally fast heartbeat. Resulting in heart disease that follows And side effects that are often found in normal people who eat cat grass for the first time The effect of the catnip may hit the heart. Causing breathing difficulties Dizzy Which is a very dangerous symptom Should stop eating immediately. When eating cat grass for the first time, it should be eaten gradually. If any abnormal symptoms occur, they should stop eating immediately. Pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding Should not eat cat grass. Because the substance contained in the cat grass It accumulates too much in the body, making it harmful to unborn babies and babies who are still breastfed.

Asiatic cat grass, in addition to the various benefits mentioned above Can also be planted as a home fence. Because the flowers of the cat grass can bloom all year round, giving beauty to the house. Eating cat grass requires knowledge and understanding before eating. Because eating too much or eating consecutively for a long time, it will definitely cause negative effects on the body.

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