Infectious feline fungi can cause a full itchy skin disease.


Cats are super cute and fluffy pets. Until some of them were willing to become slaves to the cat with all his heart Or those who can’t get enough to go to cat cafes a lot, but even if cats are cute and cute. I would like to warn the slaves to take good care of the cats because if the cat is moldy Cat fungus can also be contagious to humans. Causing itching It is a skin disease that you want to be very careful with.

What is cat fungus? What are the causes?

Feline fungus is a type of skin disease in cats. It is caused by Microsporum canis, a type of fungus that is found to be more likely to cause disease in cats than other types of infection. It can be noticed from the cat itching. Patchy hairs, dry, gray scaly patches or small bumps on the skin

The causes that cause fungal infections. May be caused by fungi in the general environment Especially in damp places To stick with cat hair Which if the cat has weak immunity Kittens Or is a cat that does not receive milk from the mother cat Including sick cats There is a risk of being exposed to this fungus that can cause skin diseases. But if the cat is healthy This type of fungus will simply infect the cat’s skin or hair without causing any disease.

How does cat fungus infect humans?

Feline fungi infect humans through direct contact with the fungus. Especially those who like to hold, kiss, kiss or put the cat to sleep on the bed. Which we can become infected with a cat fungus without any wounds anyway. In addition, feline fungus is also classified as a skin disease that can be transmitted from person to person. By touching the skin infection of a fungal infection Or wear clothes Share personal items

Cat fungus can infect humans And which groups are at risk?

Actually, cat slaves may not be infected with feline fungi at all. But it is very risky in this group of people

1. People with weak immunity Or sick with a disease that causes immune deficiency

2. Children

3. Elderly

What are the symptoms of cat fungus? Is the addicted person dangerous?

Symptoms of people with feline fungal infection can be observed as follows.

1.There is a red rash on the skin that looks like a scaly circle around it, and the redness spreads outward gradually, being a rash with clear boundaries.

2. Itchy all the time

3. Symptoms will escalate when scratching. Because the fungus may infect the fingers and nails When infected nails come into contact with other areas of the skin, they may become infected with the fungus.

4. If not treated The fungus may spread over the whole body. And a red rash may leave black marks It takes time to heal back to normal.

However, feline mycosis is not very dangerous. Because it is classified as a skin disease that can be cured It may only leave scars on our skin for about 2-3 months only. And can come back as well

When a person is infected with a cat fungus What should I treat?

How to treat cat fungus that is contagious to humans Can be treated as follows

– Use a fungicide

For people with mild symptoms, 1-2 spots of red rash, doctors will treat by applying fungicides for about 3 weeks until the rash disappears.

– Use topical drugs in conjunction with oral drugs.

In people with severe symptoms The rash spreads to multiple spots on the body. The doctor will give both a fungicide ointment. And oral medicine for antifungal Which may take 3 weeks or more to heal

However, if a cat’s fungal infection should be taken to a veterinarian as well. And during treatment The cat should be kept in another room and cleaned around the house to eliminate the infection completely.

How to prevent cat mold that requires cat slaves to strictly follow

If you do not want to be infected with a feline fungus until you are sick Cat slaves should protect themselves:

1. Keep your own hygiene to be clean at all times.

2. Take care of your health.

3. Wash your hands every time you touch the cat.

4. Regularly check your cat’s health regularly.

5. Not too much in contact with pets.

6. Bathe your cat regularly. Then blow dry So as not to be damp

7. Keep cleaning the house. And things in the house Especially cat toys Including the area where the cat is

Is there a vaccine to prevent cat fungus?

The feline fungal vaccine, branded as Biocan M, is a vaccine that only protects against the Microsporum canis strain that occurs in dogs and cats. This can be injected when dogs and cats are 2 months old and above and after the main vaccination has been completed. The stimulation should be repeated 3 times, after which the stimulation should be given every 1 year.

However, the feline fungal vaccine will only prevent fungal infections in pets. It does not prevent fungal infection in cats in humans. Which means We may still be infected with a feline fungus from my cat. Even if the cat does not show any signs of illness Therefore, I would like to emphasize that I should keep grooming the pet’s fur. Take a shower, blow dry. And if your pet has a flaky rash or hair loss, he should immediately take him to the veterinarian.

It’s not just cats that should be wary of Microsporum canis, as dogs, rabbits, hamsters, and other furry animals can actually become infected. Therefore, anyone who keeps these animals should be careful too.

And besides cat mold Cat slaves should also be wary of other pet diseases, especially if they are bitten or scratched by cats.

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