Gooseberry 9 properties, body treatment, gooseberry root fruit, can be used


The gooseberry is a perennial plant that we can find in the countryside. The sweet and astringent taste is pleasing to many people who enjoy it regularly. Did you know that the gooseberry is separated into female and male. Female will have less flowers. Personally, who will have full flowers, but do not bear children. Clinically, it is most commonly used for male gooseberries. Which has many benefits including

1. Anti free radicals, slow down aging, reduce cell degeneration.
2. Adjust the balance in the body to cool off.
3. The root has many benefits, such as helping to cure fever, lymphatic drainage. Treatment of skin diseases Rashes on the skin
4. The bark of the trunk is boiled with drinking water. Solve Thyme fever
5. Against colds, bites, phlegm as a laxative.
6. Relieve back pain, rheumatism, muscle pain.
7. Gooseberry leaves can help cure diabetes, nourish the nerves, relieve headache, fever, measles, cure the manifestation of fever, fever, chickenpox, itch poisoning.
8. Male gooseberry root Treatment of alcohol dependence
9. Can be used for many food such as papaya salad or various processing or eating fresh with chili paste.

Herbal medicine recipes from gooseberry

1. Herbal medicine formulation from gooseberry. Bring the old fruit to pickle 3 days syrup, eat 1 tablespoon a day, keep the body healthy, always perfect. And nourish the blood Ancient people used it as an elixir.

2. Using about 1 kg of roots, boil it with 10 liters of water and boil it for about 5 – 10 minutes only by taking water to soak in the bath. Will help treat various skin diseases Especially in the area where the rash is itchy will heal very quickly.

3. Use about a handful of old leaves and stems to boil by adding water to cover the leaves and stalks. Then add a little sugar. Will not be ill-advised Then boil for another 5 minutes, drink it to relieve blood pressure. But while we have to check the pressure as well Because when the pressure is back to normal as before We must stop eating as well. Which taking this drug formula It can be used in conjunction with taking modern medicine. Do not need medical medication.

According to the beliefs of the Thai people It is said that if the gooseberry plant is planted in the west Will protect the bad things from entering the house And people who live by the gooseberry tree is considered one of the auspicious trees that many people are popular to grow inside the house. This will help the homeowners to attract others in the mercy of great popularity as well.

*** Caution The bark of the gooseberry root contains latex. Which has the effect of causing abdominal pain Or some people may have drowsiness and headaches.

Knowing that the gooseberry has so many advantages Those who rarely have the opportunity to eat Hurry to find and eat immediately

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