9 Thai herbs for the treatment of kidney disease That you never know











Who has kidney disease Urinating at night, insomnia, loss of appetite, weakness, that can be an early symptom of kidney disease. A terrible disease that can spread if we don’t prevent it. Control and mitigate The conclusion could end in kidney failure.

Therefore, for all of you who care about your health, today we offer. Folk herbs that will help you cure kidney disease with you. Meet 9 good-hearted Thai herbs for treating kidney disease that you never knew about.

The occurrence of nephrotic syndrome, in addition to the eating habits of salty foods that may be faced with this disease In addition, the patient is born from birth, such as having one kidney. Or the kidneys are not the same size Or may have cyst kidney disease These diseases can be inherited as well.

Which indicates that kidney disease may be visited There will be many conditions that occur Both urinating abnormal Full body swelling, fatigue, fatigue, feeling tired easily, exhaustion If it is very close to chronic renal failure, it will increase pale, itching, loss of appetite, back pain, lower back pain, including high blood pressure

1. Cardamom

Herbs for Kidney Disease Top herbs that help the distribution of blood. Expel toxins from the bloodstream It has been used in traditional Thai medicine since ancient times. Cardamom is considered another herb that is good for treating kidney disease. All parts of the cardamom are popularly boiled together. Then brought to drink like general tea Help to reduce the amount of waste in the blood made. Helps the kidneys to rest from hard work

2. Roselle

Red flowers are commonly used as a herbal remedy for hemodialysis. It is sold everywhere throughout the stomach. Bring the okra to dry and brew it with hot water to relieve thirst. And also has many properties such as Solve bladder stones Expel mucus in the intestine to fight the anus, expel mucus, dissolve the accumulation of fat in the blood vessels, nourish the blood, cure kidney stones, diuretic, help the kidneys function fully

3. Sesame

Sesame has been used as a Thai herb for a long time, using only a handful of sesame seeds, crushed until finely, then boiled with about 300 cc of water, used to drink. blood vessel Expel cold cough from the body Reduce the absorption of sugar The body has full use of all parts of the body. Especially those with the disease Being able to drink frequently is even better because it reduces the kidney function. The kidneys to rest, excrete blood waste and detoxify the kidneys work less. And slow down the deterioration of the kidneys

4. Asiatic

It is considered to be an herb that heals a broken heart as well 555 and also helps to treat kidney disease at all. Because it contains substances Triterpenoids that help with the blood directly, for example, help build collagen, strengthen the vascular wall. Vascular wall Lowering blood pressure And prevent broken capillaries Centella asiatica juice, besides delicious thirsty drink, can also directly help slow down the deterioration of the kidneys. And helps to relax and relieve stress Expands blood vessels to help increase the oxygen in the capillaries. Purify the blood It is easily considered to be dialysis by natural herbs.

5. Ganoderma lucidum

Herbs that have multiple properties Can be called a real elixir It has been used to make medicine for many eras. Especially in Chinese medicine, Lingzhi was reputed to be a god’s medicine from the “Zen Loong” scriptures and “Shen Neng Pen Chao”, which were recorded as Lingzhi as a medicine of the gods.

This wonderful herb can be used to help treat people with kidney disease is amazing. And has been certified by Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn, helps slow down the deterioration of the kidneys. And reduce the amount of egg white in the urine Reduce inflammation of the membranes because people with kidney disease. There will be substances that cause inflammation in the blood. Popularly brought to a boil in a medicine pot. Detoxification residues in the kidneys And excellently nourishes the kidneys

6. Ginger

My favorite food paired with sausage and sausage, can get rid of toxins in the body, nourish and brew it into ginger juice, delicious, hot, spicy, just right, help the distribution of blood, expel blood if you get ginger that is 3 months old. Will have more than doubled its properties Who drinks ginger water regularly? Will nourish the kidneys Reduce inflammation of the internal organs of the body Mild diuretic Dissolves gallstones and blockages And reduce fat in the blood In addition to treating kidney disease already Can also help take care of your body shape as well

7. Goji Snacks

Another herb from the dragon land, Goji has been used as medicine since ancient times. Commonly used to detoxify that we see in Chinese movies when being poisoned, not 555 detoxifies the blood when the body finds residue from what you eat, diuretic, is a body tonic, nourishes eyes, helps to see better. And who has kidney disease, Goji can help reduce the burden Kidney function Reduce the fat in the bloodstream Slow down the deterioration of the kidneys, nourish the heart

8. Mulberry

One of the berry baskets, also known as mulberries, is a great cold remedy for liver and kidney. Help the liver work better, reduce inflammation, blood circulation. Can transfer easily Reduce blood fat Lowering blood sugar levels Help drive heat in the body. Change in urine that is yellow And has a pungent smell You can eat it. Tasteful Considered good for the heart Or will be blended into water Or can be mixed with food I guarantee that it is really delicious.

9. Corn cobs

Kidney nourishment is another herb that has diuretic, reduces inflammation in the body, especially the kidneys. Use 50 grams of dried corn cobs boiled with water twice a day to help the kidneys work better.

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