10 benefits of amla to nourish the liver and fight against cancer


Benefits of amla, nourishing the liver, anti-cancer, the green round at first glance may be thought of as gooseberry. But in fact, it is “Makhampom”, a popular herb since ancient times. There are countless benefits of amla.

It can be said to nourish the body from head to toe. Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. It also contains many other minerals and vitamins such as calcium, phosphorus, copper, manganese, etc.

Thus making it possible to treat ailments to be ill as well What are the benefits of it? Let’s try it out.

1. Benefits Makhampom is used to nourish the hair.

Not only in Thailand In traditional Indian medicine, amla is also used to eliminate problems with the hair. Due to the high vitamin C in amla. Thereby reducing hair loss and repairing

It also can treat gray hair as well. Because when I enter a vitamin C deficiency It will lead to problems with hair loss and dry and damaged hair. So you can choose to eat amla or use amla oil and massage it into your scalp just a few times a week to help nourish your hair to be as healthy as you want.

2. Nourish eyesight

As amla has many benefits and is also rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, it has properties to help nourish the eyes, nourish the capillaries. And maintain the balance of the retinal cell function

Not only that, it can also reduce itchiness and dry eyes. You just need to drink 2 teaspoons of Makhampom juice mixed with half a cup of water. If you are afraid that the taste is too astringent, you can add a little honey. Drink it every morning, your eye health will definitely improve.

3. Used to treat diabetes.

The chromium minerals present in amla are able to help regulate carbohydrate metabolism from converting to sugar. And it also makes the body respond better to insulin. As a result, the blood sugar level decreases as amla is beneficial in the treatment of diabetes and lowering blood sugar for patients with diabetes who want to control sugar.

4. Relieve cough, sore throat, reduce phlegm

If someone is experiencing a cough, sore throat or phlegm, Amla can help you. Because the amla is full of vitamin C. And tannins can reduce the symptoms of cough, sore throat and sore throats. In addition, the sour taste can make you feel moist and dissolving phlegm.

The process of making it is simple by using the amla to squeeze or boil the whole fruit and drink it. But if you don’t want to be complicated, just add amla and salt to help relieve coughing and dissolve phlegm. Plus, anyone who wants to be a Singer, Makhampom also helps you make your voice clear, prevent dry sound separately.

5. Heal wounds, cure bruises

As mentioned, the amla is really useful, the bark of the trunk of the amla can also be ground into a powder and then sprinkled over the wounded area. To cure bruises and heal wounds

For anyone who has a slow healing wound Or when it is wound with a lot of lymph It is recommended that you eat at least 1 amla per day every day after meals. Because another property of Makhampom is able to cure the symptoms of bad lymphatic drainage as well.

6. Cure a rash.

In addition to heal wounds to heal faster Anyone with dermatitis or itchy skin problems. Try to bring the amla leaves to boil in the bath water. Or will bring the seeds to burn and pound them thoroughly After that, mix it with the oil and stir until a homogeneous consistency. And applied to the wound Guaranteed results that it can cure itching. Cure poisoning, burning pain from scalding water And helps to dilute the scars

7.Good laxatives

Even the benefits of Makhampom rubber can still be used because of its laxative properties. Makes the digestive system better Is equivalent to helping to treat constipation plus Therefore it is not surprising that someone used to extract To make laxatives come out But be warned beforehand not to eat too much, because instead of helping drain It turns out that it makes you have diarrhea instead. Therefore, each intake should be able to control the amount you eat each day, so it is better to prevent it.

8. Maintain Lakpurakpid

Did you know that the human body can absorb vitamin C obtained from amla better than normal vitamin C? That is because the amla contains substances that allow vitamins to enter the body fully. As a result, people with symptoms of scurvy, which often cause scurvy. Mainly due to the lack of vitamin C in the body. Eating amla which is high in vitamin C, therefore, can help to replenish the disease as well.

9. Quench your thirst

Not saying a lot, sore throat is probably a familiar word that teenagers these days. But whenever you really feel a thirsty sore throat, eating fresh amla fruit can help relieve thirst. Because when we bite the amla into the mouth The water in the amla will help reduce the symptoms of parched throat and thirst, even if you get another glass of water. I can say that I will feel better noticeably.

10.Anti-virus liver

In amla is 160 times higher in vitamin C compared to apples. Even if it is processed, dried or refrigerated for how long Does not undermine the value of vitamin C decreasing Because the amla contains Tannin. And polyphenols can prevent the oxidation of vitamin C. That is, it helps treat hepatitis B infection, prevents the risk of heavy metal poisoning on the liver. Plus can inhibit the occurrence of liver cancer Just take it and drink it, similar to drinking fruit.

How are you doing? With Makhampom, many benefits, right? !!! But not just this Because in Makhampom also has complete properties Can cure various ailments Plus the taste is very sour Therefore, we must hurry to find and store them in the refrigerator. Herbs for Diabetes If you have diabetes, you must know !!!

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