16 Properties and benefits of Chaplo


Chaplo is often confused with betel, even though they are different types. Which the leaves are not as strong as betel and are also smaller For the important properties of the Chaplo include Helps to nourish elements, expel the wind, relieve indigestion. And help in expectoration, etc. And the benefits of Chaphu in the field of health that is. It has an exceptionally high amount of vitamin A and elemental calcium. And it also contains iron, phosphorus, chlorophyll, fibers. Which are all beneficial to the body almost entirely

Chaplo leaves, if eaten in large quantities or for a long time Calcium contained in the leaves of Chaplo is converted to calcium oxalate (Oxalate), which is the cause of kidney stones. Therefore, you should drink plenty of water to dilute the oxalate. And is excreted in the urine Or choose to eat foods that are high in protein to prevent gallstones. In order for the body to get the most benefits, you should eat the right amount.

Benefits of the leaves.

1. Helps fight free radicals (leaves)
2. Cha Plu leaves have a spicy taste. Helps make food more appetite (leaves)
3. Chaplet leaves contain high amounts of beta-carotene, which helps maintain and maintain eyesight. Help to see Prevent blindness at night, cure sunburn, etc. (leaves)
4. Inhibit and slow the growth of cancer cells (leaves).
5. Helps cure diabetes With about 7 fresh chafu plants were washed with water and cleaned Add enough water and boil it for a while. And bring it to drink as tea (whole tree)
6. Helps nourish the elements, fix the disabled elements (roots).
7. Helps to maintain bones and teeth. And helps prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis (leaves)
8. Helps to keep phlegm periodic and dry (flowers, roots).
9. Helps to expel phlegm in the chest, neck (leaves, roots, trees).

10.It helps in expectoration through the stool (root).
11. Helps with bowel movements Due to the presence of a large amount of fiber (leaves)
12. Helps to relieve dysentery. Using about half a handful of roots, about 3 handfuls of fruit are brought to a boil with 2 cups of water, simmered until the remaining 1 cup is left and drink 1 part 4 cups per time (root).
13. Helps relieve indigestion, colic, abdominal distension. By using about 1 handful of roots, boiled in 2 cups of water, simmer until 3 in 4 cups of water is left, then 1 part 4 cups per time (root, whole plant).
14. Helps to expel air in the intestines. By using about 1 handful of roots, boiled with 2 cups of water, simmer until 3 in 4 cups of water is left, then eat 1 part 4 cups each time (flower, root).
15. Cha Plu root is one of the ingredients of the herbal formula, the drug Tri-San. Which helps to nourish the elements, nourish the blood, cure the sputum
16. Cha-Plu leaves are curry leaves with chicken with Cha-Plu leaves. Curry Roasted Snail with Betel Leaves Pork wrapped in betel leaves Cha Plu Root Eggplant Spicy Lemongrass Salad with Sweet Basil Leaves Miang Pla Grilled with Cha Plu Leaves Stir Fried Basil Leaves Curry Aom with Cha Plu Leaves Spicy Salad with Mackerel Leaves, etc.

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