21 benefits of paniculata, the best herbal remedy for the flu


Andrographis paniculata (Andrographis paniculata), the best Thai herb, properties against this type of disease. Its name literally means Fa gave this plant to destroy disease that is like a thief who stole our health. The remarkable properties of herbs such as paniculata that inhibit and alleviate various symptoms. Or a wide range of diseases This causes andrographis to be processed into powder or capsule as a body maintenance drug. Until it is widely popular not only in Thailand But the reputation of properties of the paniculata is far across the world What is good about this herb? Let’s discover the answer along the way …

I can say that this herb is “Top natural medicine” because both the leaves, flowers, roots of the paniculata can be used to heal the body. The ancient people, even not relying on antibiotics, were able to alleviate disease with this herb. Because paniculata contains important substances that act as drugs. With 3 important substances as follows

Andrographis paniculata natural medicine Properties against various diseases

1. Andrographolide (Addrapholides)

2.Neo-Andrographolide (Neo andrapholide substance)

3.14-deoxy-andrographolide (Deoxy and andrapholides)

Which all 3 types of substances have medicinal properties Especially in the part of the leaf (Both fresh and dry) flowers, branches and roots of the paniculata

Features and benefits of paniculata

“Phthalai” is an annual plant. Size is not very high With fresh green leaves With branches And has white flowers with dark purple inside It is a tree suitable for the rainy season. Like water, does not like sun, both the leaves, flowers and roots of the paniculata have medicinal properties By the World Health Organization classifying paniculata as a medicinal plant that has properties as a cold remedy. They can be made into a variety of drugs, either ground into powder, pressed tablets, boiled, drank or eaten fresh

Properties from Phthalai Bon Benefits for the treatment of disease

1. Phthalibol helps build the immune system for the body. It can help reduce the flu.

2. Properties of Andrographis helps treat typhoid fever.

3. The leaves of the paniculata to be inhaled to cure cough. Solve nasal congestion, reduce mucus, expectorate, help kill germs in the nasal cavity.

4. Phatalai Panai helps solve the heat in Helps to balance the body temperature.

5. Phatalai Gao properties can help inhibit cancer cells.

6. Andrographis can kill bacteria. And can kill the virus in the body

7. Andrographis leaves help cure dermatitis. Kill germs in fresh wounds

8. The leaves of the paniculata cure shingles, hemorrhoids and purulent abscesses.

9.Benefits of paniculata to solve intestinal problems By bringing the paniculata to boil and drink it will help relieve diarrhea, diarrhea and kill germs in the intestines.

10. paniculata helps relieve diabetes. Helps to maintain a stable blood sugar level.

11.The leaves of the phthalai gon contribute to the appetite.

12. Phatalai Gao has properties that help stimulate the production of white blood cells.

13. Andrantha root can help solve the problem of hair loss.

14. The benefits of Phthalai Jai can heal wounds By using Andrographis, ground into powder and dissolving in water, can be used in place of tincture

15. Phatalai Jon has properties to relieve nausea. By crushing the flowers and leaves of the paniculata into powder and inhaling, it will help cure dizziness and nausea.

16. Andrographis reduces the spasms of the digestive tract.

17. Andrographis reduces intestinal fluid loss. From the toxins of bacteria

18. Andrographis has benefits for the liver. By helping to prevent cirrhosis from alcohol poisoning

19. Andrographis leaves and roots can help heal diabetic wounds.

20. Phthalibol helps reduce rectal bleeding. And pain while emptying the stomach

21. Andrographis has antioxidant properties.

Things to be aware of when using “Andrographis paniculata”

Even though herbs like “Phthalai Jai” has medicinal properties, but there are also some contraindications to eating this herb. People who want to eat paniculata to heal disease Should study the following contraindications

1. Pregnant women should not eat paniculata.

2. You should not eat and consume for a long time.

3. A side effect of paniculata is abdominal pain. Pain in the waist or back and palpitations

4. Do not use andrographis in patients with strep throat, rheumatic disease or scarlet fever.

5. A side effect of Andrographis is causing bloating, indigestion.

6. If you eat and consume for a long time, it can cause limbs to lose strength.

From the properties and benefits of Pha thalai Bon, it is known that “Pha thalai Bandit” is a cold elemental herb that is suitable for treating the hot cold. Or when there is an illness due to the high temperature of the body Therefore, it is considered an herb that is very perverted with Thai people because our country is so hot.

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