17 beneficial properties of threatening body pain and joint pain help


For those of you who are not yet familiar with the name of the herb like “threatening”, they may be wondering how good this herb is. Even though the name is unfamiliar But if he was referring to the “threatening”, many people immediately cried out I would like to say that this type of herb benefits are not very common. Because it is rich in many healthy values Let’s get to know the properties and benefits of “threatening” a very useful herb.

Threatened ”(Pluchea indica) is a medicinal plant whose“ leaf ”is the main hero because it is packed with many medicinal benefits. According to the traditional Thai medicine in the past, the leaves of threatening were used to boil and drink to relieve pain. And fresh leaves are used to heal wounds The threatening leaves are also popularly made into tea. Because it has a mild sweet scent Its leaves are single leaves, jagged edges, slightly sweet and astringent. Ancient people dipped fresh leaves to dip chili paste to eat. Or use it to make roasted curry Especially the young shoots of the threatening leaves … In addition to the threatening leaves have a sweet and fragrant smell. It is also rich in the benefits of beta carotene. Equivalent to a pumpkin ever. It is also rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and calcium.

17 properties of “threatening” benefit in the treatment of disease

1. Threats as a diabetes cure herb It is popular to boil leaves and flowers to drink as a diabetes drug.

2. The leaves and roots of the threatened Help diuretic and help reduce fever.

3. The properties of threatening leaves help prevent high blood pressure.

4. The threatens sweat. And detoxifies the body

5. Threatening tea helps reduce body odor, sweaty, toxins and dirt from the skin.

6. The benefits of the threatened leaves to boil and drink to help relieve edema.

7. The threatened leaves are boiled as a drink. Will help replace the water loss And mineral salts in the body

8. The threatened leaves are ground and masked on the wound fresh. Will help heal wounds

9. Threatening leaves help relieve itching. And treat skin diseases Popularly used as a mixture of skin care creams

10. Threatening leaves and roots help relieve joint pain. Or arthritis Relieve pain and stiffness.

11. Threat leaves inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the colon and liver.

12. Flower of threatening can help cure gallstones and dysentery.

13. Properties of threatening has anti-inflammatory effects. Help reduce pain from within

14. Threaten antioxidants Helps the skin not wrinkled prematurely.

15. Leaves, flowers, and roots of thyme nourish and smooth skin.

16. The benefits of the threat help relieve varicose tendon, muscle pain.

17.The root of the threat nourishes the heart. Suitable for patients with heart disease. And heart valve disease

Medicinal benefits of “Threatening leaves” … popular to drink as tea

The leaves contain 20 mg of chlorogenic acid, 8.65 mg of caffeine, and 5.21 mg of curcitin. Can resist cancer cells Threat is a hydrophilic plant. Often grow in the vicinity Swamps or wetlands Therefore rich in minerals that can dissolve in water Using it as a medicine, it is popular to use the threatening leaves to make tea leaves, boil it and drink it in clean water for good results.

In addition, drinking “threatening tea” will help to sweat. Detoxifies the body And reduce body odor Because the threatened leaves have a light fragrance It is also called another name as “Fragrant Tea” and the threatening leaves also give a mild sweetness, honey-like flavor, not harmful to diabetics as well.

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