13 properties … Benefits of Thong Phanchang, a prominent herb to cure skin diseases


The old people learned and studied the properties and benefits of Thong Phanchang. Until knowing that it is an herb that is very valuable to the health of the human body. Especially properties in helping treat skin diseases, eczema, eczema, ringworm. Antifungal and antibacterial on the skin Including the scalp, which will help reduce hair loss and darken hair as well. It is the outstanding properties of Thong Phanchang that are widely popular until now.

“Tongpancha” (White crane flower) or Rhinacanthus nasutus – scientific name. Thong Phanchang has properties that are not allergic to other herbs, namely Research in Thailand has shown that Thong Phanchang extract can be used to treat many types of cancers such as uterine cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer, lung cancer, and blood cancers.

Thong Phanchang can be utilized in every part of the tree. Each of which has many medicinal properties. Whether it is a root that is used to help neutralize fever. The part of the tree has the ability to nourish the body. Or the leaves have properties to cure rashes Cure inflammation Help the digestive system in the stomach work better. Including Thong Phanchang also has properties to help treat the symptoms of tuberculosis. Reduce the symptoms of bruising from within Makes blood pressure at normal levels, etc.

13 properties Thong Phanchang … benefit in the treatment of disease

1. The outstanding properties of Thong Phanchang are Help treat skin diseases Eliminate ringworm and fungus on the body effectively. This includes helping to keep the scalp free from dandruff. And reduce the itchiness of the head a lot Until now Thongphanchang has been developed into a drug that can be used to treat various skin diseases more easily.

2. In Thong Phanchang there is an important substance called Naphthocquinone Esters (NaphthoquinoneEster) will help to inhibit the growth of many cancers. Both breast cancer, uterine cancer, throat cancer, oral cancer, lung cancer, etc.

3. Thong Phanchang has properties that help improve the symptoms of AIDS patients. Making it possible to eat more and more food The blister that grows on the skin is reduced and the damaged lymph is improved.

4. Thong Phanchang is beneficial to people with diabetes. Because it has properties that help treat symptoms of this disease as well

5. Thong Phanchang is an herb that helps relieve urinary disorders. May urinate too often Or the urine is seldom or cannot go out Help diuretic And can also cure gallstones

6. Thong Phanchang has properties to help the digestive system. By making the digestive system and stomach work more efficiently Solve colic And treat symptoms of hemorrhoids

7. Thongphanchang also has properties to help treat the symptoms of early pulmonary tuberculosis. Causing various symptoms Related to tuberculosis

8. The benefits of Thong Phanchang can cure cough and fever by boiling the leaves or roots of Thong Phanchang with drinking water to help neutralize fever. It also helps to relieve coughing up bloody coughs and helps heal bruises from the inside of the body.

9.Thong Phanchang helps relieve headaches, heat and relieve body aches. Sprains on the body

10.Thong Phanchang has properties to help cure kidney disease. Will make the work within the body in balance

11. Thong Panchang is beneficial for people with high blood pressure. Because it can help lower blood pressure. Therefore, people with low blood pressure should not eat Thong Phanchang.

12. Thong Phanchang has properties in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. And also help relieve inflammation Can reduce pain and swelling in the joints

13. The benefits of Thong Phanchang hair care. If using Thongphanchang to make a shampoo to wash your hair It will help the hair to not fall easily, the hair will be blackened by eliminating the fungus and bacteria at the hair roots And also helps to slow down the occurrence of gray hair as well

In the future, if there are symptoms of illness, especially there are problems of various skin diseases, then herbs such as “Thong Phanchang” have properties that help cure this condition as well It also covers the care and treatment of many other ailments. Thongphanchang is very useful and useful. No one would easily forget the name Thongphanchang. Of course … really?

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