Aloe Vera Properties the benefits of herbs of moisture. Helper for beautiful skin.


When talking about herbs that help heal wounds or heal wounds, Aloe Vera has to be one of the top herbs you can think of due to its powerful hydration in wound healing. And relieve burning symptoms such as burns, scalds, scalds Aloe vera can help. But apart from the wound healing properties, did you know that … Aloe Vera also has many other properties. What will be needed to know more about the properties and benefits of Aloe Vera.

“Aloe Vera” (Aloe Vera) is a herbaceous plant in the family. XANTHORRHOEACEAE It is native to the Mediterranean seashore and in southern Africa. It is characterized by a short segmented trunk. Thick, long and large leaves, light green, the characteristic of Aloe vera is a succulent leaf. Inside the leaf is packed with clear jelly. Many people suspect that the jelly is clear. What is in the leaves of the aloe vera? Actually, aloe vera is the “rubber” of its plump leaves. In addition to the outstanding properties That we are familiar with is Treat burns, scalds, reduce scars, the distinctive features of succulent leaves. Aloe vera also has medicinal properties, both roots and flowers. This herb is quite useful as a whole. Until it was dubbed “Miraculous Herbs of Nature”

Outside advantage And the internal benefits of aloe vera

External benefits: Aloe vera jelly helps to heal fresh wounds, burns, scalds to relieve the burning sensation from wounds. As well as help reduce various scars Which the way to use is Peel the aloe vera with a clean knife. Wash the jelly that has been washed and apply lightly to the wounded area. Which in the beginning Must be applied often Or may have to stick to the wound all the time

Aloe vera will help heal wounds. Make the wound heal faster And prevent the occurrence of scars as well It also helps to relieve sunburn from the sun, radiation or chronic wounds from radiation to make it less stinging. Reduces the itching from psoriasis and makes the wound look better and can also be applied to the skin to help prevent blemishes. Or applied to the skin to help prevent the risk of cancer. The skin will be moisturized. Full of water and good health

Internal benefits: Aloe vera jelly has properties in the prevention and relief of diabetes. Treat and reduce the incidence of ulcers in the stomach caused by food. Resolve because of inflammation Which can be eaten as a beef jelly or blended to eat The yellow latex of aloe vera has a laxative effect. Help treat constipation

15 properties and benefits “Aloe Vera”

1. Aloe vera is rich in antioxidants that help slow down aging.

2. The bark of aloe vera has mild laxative properties. It also helps prevent constipation.

3. The benefits of aloe vera help reduce the occurrence of ulcers in the intestines. And stomach Can be eaten both on an empty stomach. Before or after meals

4. The jelly meat of aloe vera cure gastritis. And inflammatory bowel disease

5. The jelly pulp of aloe vera can help cure diabetes. By bringing jelly meat to make a drink Or finely chop the jelly meat mixed with a little honey.

6. The meat of aloe vera helps relieve symptoms from hemorrhoids. And help reduce anal pain symptoms

7. The root of aloe vera has properties to cure gonorrhea.

8. Aloe vera has the effect of killing germs in wounds, heals wounds, heals fresh wounds and helps wounds dry faster.

9. The benefits of aloe vera leaves help heal abscesses. Because aloe vera has a cooling effect. Therefore it can be used to apply and mask to treat an abscess

10. Aloe vera helps relieve constipation. Blood transfusion

11. Aloe vera helps fade scars. Helps to moisturize dry, chapped skin. Thus preventing hyperpigmentation from scab wounds Or black marks of acne

12. The benefits of aloe vera help prevent the sun. Because the aloe vera gel will not only make the skin plump but also help protect the skin from the sun.

13. Aloe vera jelly pulp helps heal burns. And help reduce burns on the skin

14. Aloe is a cool plant. Helps to heal injuries both outside and inside the body.

15. Aloe vera has properties to treat blemishes. By applying agar from aloe vera leaves to apply a thin layer before going to bed

Aloe vera and beauty

1. Aloe vera jelly Apply to the face and body to help protect the skin from sunlight. Reduce the risk of skin cancer.

2. Take the jelly from aloe vera soak in water and take a bath. While taking a shower, it can be scrubbed on various areas. Of the body will make the skin smooth and soft

3. Apply aloe vera jelly to apply on the skin. To stop acne Reduce oiliness on the face. Reduce various hyperpigmentation and prevent blemishes.

4. Can apply aloe vera jelly to the stomach during pregnancy and after childbirth. It will help reduce stretch marks from pregnancy.

5. Apply jelly to nourish the hair and scalp. The roots will be strong and will not fall easily. Hair is soft and shiny and black. Reduce the occurrence of dandruff and heal wounds on the scalp.

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