23 properties and benefits of Yanang leaves, traditional medicine help neutralize fever


Many people know that “Pha Tha Laibon” is an herbal remedy for the flu. But did you know that there is another herb that can cure almost all kinds of fever poisoning, that is, “Yanang” has properties to help neutralize the fever. Solve all the wrong symptoms Solve boredom, cure drunk It also helps to stop malaria infection. It is another herb that is important to neutralize one type ever.

“Yanang” (Tiliacora triandra) is an ivy plant. It looks like a vine, growing up into a bush with soft hairs. Cover all over The leaves look like a single, old green leaf. The flowers are yellow, small. There is a small bunch of green grains, when it is old, it is red. Most people prefer to use “Bai Yanang” to make medicine because the part of the leaf is easier to process than other parts, but actually all parts of “Yanang” all have similar properties, that is, use “neutralize fever”.

1. Yanang helps prevent heart disease.

2. Yanang heals paralysis.

3. Yanang inhibits the growth of malaria.

4. Yanang helps relieve muscle pain.

5. Yanang helps treat allergies. From allergies And help neutralize allergy symptoms

6. Yanang reduces blood sugar levels. Suitable for diabetics

7. Yanang helps the body recover from fever poisoning. Refreshing the body

8. Yanang helps burn fat. Suitable for people who want to lose weight.

9. Yanang contains important substances that can help inhibit cancer cells.

10. Yanang leaves are the elixir.

11. Yanang leaves help the body cool, refresh, extinguish the heat, cure nosebleeds.

12. Yanang helps maintain eyesight Prevent conjunctivitis, dry eyes, relieve eye pain.

13. Yanang moisturizes the body. Prevents dry, chapped and flaky lips.

14. Yanang helps detoxify mucus and expel thick mucus.

15. Yanang leaves have properties to nourish the liver and kidneys.

16. Bai Yanang has a cooling effect. Useful can be used to balance the body.

17. Yanang can help treat cramps, spasms, seizures.

18. Benefits of Yanang leaves can help cure tumors.

19. Properties Yanang leaves can be antioxidant. If boiled into drinking water, Yanang can slow down aging. Anti aging

20. Yanang has properties to strengthen the body’s immune system.

21. Benefits of Yanang leaves can cure acid reflux.

22. Yanang leaves have properties to prevent hernia.

23. Yanang can help prevent gout.

Properties in the detoxification of Yanang.

In addition to the healing benefits of (leaves) “Yanang” mentioned above. Yanang also has properties to neutralize fever, which both leaves, roots and flowers of Yanang have all properties to neutralize fever. But there will be some differences in the properties as follows

Yanang leaves

Yanang leaves are tasteless, astringent, can be used for grinding or boiling drinking according to ancient drug formulas. Cure the symptoms of heat from poisoning Or use a throat swab to expel phlegm Yanang leaves applied to the skin allergy. Eliminate skin allergy, relieve itchy rashes, clear up the skin

Yanang vines and flowers

The vines and Yanang flowers are tasteless. It has properties to cure fever, heat, help to cure the recurring fever caused by bacteria.

Yanang roots

Yanang roots have a bitter taste. Use to boil water to eat, cure hangover, cure alcohol poisoning, cure typhoid fever, sickness fever, relieve constipation, indigestion, difficulty in diarrhea, help nourish the blood, nourish the heart, cure fever over the season

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