12 benefits of Kuicheai to help build blood cells, nourish milk


Kuicheai Talat Phlu It is a famous item that many people want to try. With soft flour Scented with chives Dip the dipping sauce, tasty, addictive, but in addition to being used to make a delicious Kui Chives Kuicheai can also be used to make a variety of dishes. And beneficial to the maintenance of the body in many ways But the pungent smell may make some people do not like chives. Today we try to get to know your properties and the benefits of Kuicheai more. Then you will know that this slender leafy plant is better than expected.

Kuicheai (Garlic chives) is a biennial herb such as vegetables. Each locality will have a different name. North of the region calls this vegetable “Hua Su”, the northeast is called “Hom Paeku Chai or Phak Phung”, etc. The trunk of Kuicheai has a height of 30-45 centimeters. The leaves are flattened with parallel edges. At the base of Guichai there is a thin brace. Stacked alternately Flowers are white bouquets Round peduncle With decorative leaves covering the inflorescence Fragrant flowers The fruit of Kuicheai is a round shape. The old time will break along the seams. The inner wall has a flat brown seed. Rough, 1-2 seeds per box

12 benefits from Kuicheai, very valuable, overflowing properties

1. Kuicheai contains many important nutrients such as vitamin A, helping to maintain healthy eye cells. Help to see And strengthen the body’s immune system

2. Kuicheai contains high iron. Thus helping to create red blood cells That is a component of hemoglobin in red blood cells.

3. The benefits of Kuicheai reduce the pressure. The pungent smell of Kuicheai is caused by “Allicin”, a sulfur compound. Has the effect of helping to reduce bad cholesterol in the blood. And lowers blood pressure

4. Properties of Kuicheai are very high in dietary fiber. Thereby increasing the amount of fiber in the digestive system Helps to excrete fluently, reducing the amount of waste accumulated in the intestines. And reduce the risk of colon cancer But for those whose digestive system is bad, they should not eat chives. Especially the old kui chai Because they contain a lot of fibers and sticky, they are difficult to digest, and the fibers in Kuicheai may stimulate the bowel movement and cause diarrhea.

5. Kuicheai benefits pregnant women. By adding Kuicheai in Kaeng Liang to be used as a milk nourishing food for the mother of the baby Or when women begin to get pregnant, they should eat fried chives with pork liver And when having nausea and vomiting and loss of appetite, you can take half a cup of chives mixed with half a cup of ginger juice. Bring to a boil, add sugar as you like, drink, cure symptoms. It can also be cooked as a food and can be used to warm the body for people with cold symptoms, frequent urination and exhaustion.

6. Kuicheai has properties that help relieve indigestion and expel air well. By using fresh, pounding leaves thoroughly and squeezing only drinking water

7. Chinese medicine texts believe that Kuicheai has a good anti-inflammatory effect. By pounding the Kuicheai leaves to be crushed Add a pinch of salt Apply to mask the bruised area. Or sprains It also kills germs in fresh wounds. Or chronic purulent wounds By using fresh leaves, rinse with water thoroughly and apply to the wound. Or to mix the chaff in the ratio of 3 parts of Kuicheai leaves, 2 parts puffed soil, crushed until thick Apply to the area twice a day.

8. The benefits of Kuicheai leaves can be used to treat hemorrhoids wounds Using fresh chives and hot boiled water Then sit over a container to heat the steam over the hemorrhoid until the water is warm. And use boiled water to wash the wound 2 times a day or bring chives to cut and roast to heat Then use a cloth to wrap it on the affected area Will help shrink the hemorrhoids

9. Chives are juiced from fresh leaves. Can be applied to the ear canal to treat otitis. Or if there is an insect or tick into the ear Do not use your fingers or solid objects to remove them. Squeeze the juice into the ears to cause insects or ticks to climb out on their own.

10. Properties of Kuicheai seeds Used to relieve lumbar pain, liver maintenance, kidney nourishment, excretion. Cure the symptoms of bed-wetting Or leaky urine And can also help drive gallstones By using dry, boiled seeds, drinking or can be made into edible tablets.

11. The seeds of Kuicheai are used as thread worms. Or whipworm That can cause diarrhea

12. Properties of Kuicheai rhizomes Used to relieve chest pain. Cure coughing blood Help drive menstrual leukemia Including the residue in the body.

See the properties and benefits of Kuicheai or still that it is much better than we know each other. Want to be healthy Let’s try chives to be one of the herbs in our meals. Then you will know that Kuicheai gives you the body that we never expected.

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