12 Lung Care Herbs Fights viruses and toxic dust


Nowadays, weather and the occurrence of various infectious diseases make us want to take care of our lung health more. Because the lungs are the organs that help in breathing If there is a problem with your lungs, it can affect your long-term health. So no one would want to go as far as that point, right? So we will bring you to know the herbs to nourish the lungs. At least preparing for a healthy lungs should give you some peace of mind

1. Garlic

If talking about herbs that have anti-inflammatory effects. Garlic must be on the top of it anyway and in Thai drug recipes. Garlic properties have information that helps treat lungs, lung disabilities, treatment of chest diseases, tuberculosis, colds, nasal congestion, fever, expectorant, and is also very high in antioxidants. In particular, substances Allicin (Allicin) that helps reduce the risk of almost all types of cancer.

2. Ginger

Ginger is an herb that has outstanding properties as an anti-inflammatory in the body. High in antioxidants And good for the respiratory system It can also help expectorate in people with frequent phlegm. Ginger juice is also easy to find and delicious.

3. Turmeric

Turmeric is an important antioxidant, curcumin, and has anti-inflammatory effects. It also has research data suggesting that Turmeric can help treat respiratory disorders, asthma, cough and reduce inflammation in the lungs. While in vitro research found that Turmeric helps to improve the immune system to prevent damage to the lungs in patients infected with influenza virus.

4. Chili

People with respiratory problems Either asthma, allergies, sinusitis, bronchitis, or wanting to expel mucus from the lungs You can try eating chili. Because the spicy chilli will help eliminate obstacles in the respiratory system. It is another herb that is good for the lungs at all.

5. Amla

The properties of Makhampom are good for the lungs, not less than other lung nourishing herbs. Because it helps to cure colds, coughs, dissolves phlegm, relieves asthma symptoms Bronchitis The amla is rich in vitamin C. And contains tannins That help fight free radicals And helps to strengthen the immune system

6. White flower grass

Ya Dok Khao is reputed as a lung cleansing herb. With research finding that Ya dok khao can reduce the residual carbon monoxide in the lungs of people who smoke. And reduce inflammation of the lungs from nicotine exposure in lab rats.

In addition, several other studies have also found that Ya Dok Khao has properties of the flavonoid group. And terpenoids Which has high antioxidant activity And reduce inflammation It also has an inhibitory effect on the spread of lung cancer cells. And in traditional herbal medicine recipes, Ya Dok Khao is also used to relieve coughs, asthma and bronchitis cures as well. Oh! And Ya Dok Khao is also an herb to help you quit smoking.

7. Hanuman

According to the Thai drug recipe Hanuman’s body synergy has properties that are helping to cure sore throat, throat inflammation, lungs and bronchitis. Relieve bruising in Vomiting blood Contributes to the distribution of blood clotting or congestion in the lungs Open the airway for the blood to flow more easily. And also found that extracts from Hanuman leaves coordinate the body Contains saponins, which also have a bronchodilating effect.

8. Rage

The distinctive point of Racheal is detoxification properties. Which in addition to helping to detoxify the body Or as an herb to help stop drug addiction or alcohol dependence In Thai drug recipes, it is also used as an herb to drive waste in the body. And has been used as an herbal medicine to treat asthma patients Because it is believed that The cause of asthma is due to the accumulation of waste products in the body.

9. Mulberry

Mulberry is an herb that is used to cure the flu and cough with properties to expel heat to the lungs and liver. It helps to drain the fluid in the lungs. Relieve asthma symptoms Reduce angina, swelling, or relieve nosebleeds. The leg is blood.

10. Pomeranian

Huesea leaves have a pungent aroma, spicy taste, and are commonly eaten as vegetables, dip chili paste, put in soups or make various drink menus. Cure a chronic cough Treatment of bronchitis, sore throat, and the study also found a bronchodilating effect in

11. Peep

Peep flower has a bronchodilating effect, cure asthma, cure nasal hemorrhoids, drive bile, nourish the blood, while Peep root is used to make medicine to treat tuberculosis, expectorant, nourish the lungs, relieve asthma symptoms. Studies have shown that Peeps contain hispidulin, a volatile substance. And this substance has a bronchodilating effect. Therefore, the dried flowers are rolled with lotus leaves or banana leaves, then used for pumping to cure gasp.

12. Licorice

Licorice is a well-known herb. Because it is a component of traditional cough syrup Which the properties of licorice did not disappoint It contributes to nourishing the lungs, expelling phlegm, having a sweet taste, moistening the throat, dry throat, cough, chewing saliva, fatigue relief, abdominal pain relief. And has a mild sedative effect

In fact, it is not difficult to find and buy herbal nourishing products today. Which is thanks to modern technology in this era That makes it easier for us to access different kinds of herbs, then let’s go find herbs to nourish the lungs.

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