Combine herbs for the elderly to alleviate disease and help the elderly live a long life.


Reputed to herbs already Everyone must think of the advantages of herbs that help maintain health. And this is a herb that is good for the health of the elderly, alleviating disease and helping the elderly to have a long life.

When people get older Physical health that used to be fit gradually wilted with age. Various health problems are starting to come in, such as symptoms caused by the deterioration of the body. Whether it is dementia, hazy eyesight, or bone and joint degeneration To diseases such as high blood pressure High blood fat High blood sugar, etc. Also, fatigue symptoms are not included. That occurs easily in the elderly as well. Which of these symptoms, although using modern medicine to treat it. But taking a lot of drugs does not seem to be good for the health of the elderly.

Another interesting alternative is therefore an herb. Especially Thai herbs that are rich in health properties As that Cheewajit magazine has selected that it is Thai herbs close to you That is suitable for the elderly It also has good properties that in addition to helping to cure disease in the elderly. Can also be used to nourish the body as well Plus, with a simple way to use, you can try and follow along.

1. Reduce high blood pressure.

1.1 Centella asiatica

Using fresh asiatic Has properties to help lower blood pressure In addition, it can also be used to nourish, nourish the heart, relieve fatigue and fatigue, use 30-40 grams of fresh plants mixed with 1 glass of water (about 250 cc), squeezed and filtered, only drinking water for 5-7 days.

1.2 Garlic

Take 1-2 cloves (5 grams) of fresh garlic, minced or crushed and measure up to about 1 teaspoon. Eat with meals 3 times a day with caution. Should not be eaten on an empty stomach. Because it can irritate the stomach

2. Reduce blood sugar levels.












2.1 Bitter gourd

Take 8-10 fresh fruits, cut and remove the seeds. Finely chop and add a little water. Filter the water to drink Eat every day, share to eat 3 times a day after meals. For at least 1 month until the blood sugar level drops. If found that the juice is too bitter To bring to scald and eat with hot chili paste instead

2.2 gourd

Take about 1 handful of fresh gourd shoots, blanched and cooked, use them as vegetables, dip chili paste, or use them to cook other food for 1-3 months or until the blood sugar level drops.

3. Reduce fat in the blood.

3.1 Roselle

The purple flower petals are dried and ground into a powder. Use 1 teaspoon each time, brewed with 1 cup of boiling water (about 250 cc), drink 3 times a day consecutively every day until symptoms improve. It also has properties to cure fatigue, nourish, nourish the blood elements. Can reduce body temperature

3.2 Passion fruit

Choose the fruit that is old, washed and cut in half, scoop the meat for fresh drinking water or season with salt. And a little sugar Drink as juice And has other properties such as brightening the skin Contains antioxidants And help strengthen the body’s immune system

4. Defeat diabetes

4.1 Pandanus

Take 10 old leaves and cut them to dry in the sun and brew them for tea or in a clay pot. Drink different water every day Should drink continuously for at least 1 month to see results. Besides helping alleviate diabetes It is also a heart tonic, diuretic and resolving wasting disease as well.

4.2 Holy Basil

Take 1⁄2 handful of fresh leaves or dried and grind it into powder, about 1 teaspoon per 1 glass of water (about 250 cc) to make tea and drink after meals. Research shows that basil leaves make pancreatic cells produce better insulin, suitable for people with primary diabetes.


5.1 Turmeric

The fresh, old rhizome about 2 inches long and scraped the bark. Rinse thoroughly with water, rinse thoroughly, add only 2 tablespoons of water, 3-4 times a day, or eat 1,000 mg capsules a day. Among Asian people who eat turmeric on a daily basis. There is a rate of Alzheimer’s is almost 5 times less than people in Europe who do not eat turmeric, it also has anti-cancer properties. Prevent cardiovascular disease

5.2 Pepper

Use cayenne powder to cook food that you eat regularly. Or eat 1,000 mg capsules a day with every meal Should not be eaten on an empty stomach. Because it may cause stomach irritation The researchers found that Piperine in pepper has properties against dementia. Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer can nourish elements.

5.3 Coconut

Drink water from soft fruit 1 per day, cut it and drink it immediately without adding sugar. In addition to helping to nourish the trace elements, it can also cure thirst, poisoning, vomiting blood, diarrhea, edema, diuretic and excreting small stones as well. Importantly, drink it to relieve diarrhea in case of lack of mineral water.

5.4 Bae

Bring the mature fruit to slice into glasses and then dry and roasted to make it fragrant yellow. Bring it to brew drinking water by using 2-3 pieces of bael per 1 cup of water in boiling water, sipping all day long.

Older people are the age that requires more care and health attention than any other age, both health and emotionally. Therefore, those children or close people should not be neglected or tired of having to take care of the elderly. So that you may be happy and have good health Long life

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