10 flowering plants, easy to grow, easy to grow, can be used instead of grass


The benefits of tree cover Not only slowing down the surface of the soil alone But also add organic matter to the soil when tilling Prevent weed growth Slow down the flow of water Make the water more permeate into the soil While also keeping the soil moist Importantly, the roots of the mulch also provide more air space for the soil. Make the soil clear and well drained Today, the jar dot com would like to bring you a list of mulch trees. Which is in parts of 10 small ground flower plants That will add color to the garden It is also easy to care, fast growing, resistant to sunlight, weather resistance, weather resistance, our home can be comfortable if you want to know what is worth planting Let’s go see it.

1. Japanese carpets

Japanese carpets, or velvet carpets (Carpet Plant, Episcia, Frame Violet) are scientifically named Episcia cupreata (Hook.) Hanst is a herbaceous herbaceous plant that can last for many years. The trunk is succulent and has soft hair all over the tree. The leaves are oval. There are both light green, dark green, brown, red, copper, gray or different colors alternately with a bouquet of colorful flowers such as pink, orange, red, yellow.

The Japanese rug is a tree that can be propagated by cuttings and seeds. It normally prefers perfect sandy loam, humid climate, mild sunlight and requires moderate water. Which Japanese carpets are suitable to be planted as ground cover plants Because it is small and beautiful But this plant is not very resistant to trampling. Therefore, it is suitable to cover the soil around the walkway or in the area where the trees are planted in particular

2. Liu, Taiwan

Taiwanese willows or Taipei Liu, English is Elfin Herb or False Heather, the scientific name Cuphea hyssopifolia Humb., Bonpl. & Kunth is a small, spreading shrub with a brown trunk. The leaves are dark green, spear-shaped, pointed at the end of the dairy cows and are oily, the flowers will be out all year round and grow around the branch. Which are bright purple, pink, white or yellow, propagated by cuttings It grows well in sandy loam. It is also a plant that is easy to grow, fast growing, loves full sun, and is beautiful and highly durable. So people prefer to plant it as a mulch instead of grass to add beauty to the garden.

3. Prae Shanghai

Sanghai pae, or other names as Pea flower, Heavenly red and Purple pea. The English name Moss-rose or Purslane and the scientific name Portulaca grandiflora is a small, long-lived ground cover with round, succulent stems. The leaves are green, round, long, pointed, the flowers are clustered, the stem is pink, red, orange and yellow. It is easily propagated by Beijing cuttings. Prae Shanghai can grow well in all types of soil Plus always beautiful flowers Therefore, if you do not know what to plant to cover, Sanghai Prae was a good choice.

4. Blue Hawaii

Blue Hawaii, English name Blue Hawaii, with the scientific name Otacanthus caeruleus Lindl. It is a flowering plant cover, canopy, canopy, about 4-5 years old with purple-red bark. The dark green leaves are oval pointed, the flowers are purple-blue and white in the center of the flower. It also has a pleasant smell. Stay with the tree for about 1 week and bloom throughout the year. Can propagate both cuttings and seeds. Easy to grow Especially in loamy soils Like water moderately The open area is sunny all day long. Take care of it by pruning the canopy often.

5. Goofy

Torania, or Torania, is the scientific name of Torenia fournieri, is a herbaceous plant that is about 1 year old. The trunk is square, erect, hairy, lanceolate, the tip of the leaf tip, concave, heart-shaped. Flowering in a bouquet of axillary leaves and branches. Flowering throughout the year. There are red, pink, purple flowers or many colors in the same flower. Propagated by planting seeds in sandy loam. Good drainage And should be planted in an area that is exposed to the sun all day

6.Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts or vine peanuts Native to Brazil In English, pinto peanut and scientifically known as Arachis pintoi, it is a low-growing pinto peanut plant that is just 5 inches tall. Most popular species are propagated by seeds. They are also easy to grow, grow well and quickly in almost all types of soil and in all weather conditions. Whether there is flooding or dry weather, it can be planted. Plus Brazil nuts are resistant to overruns well. Therefore, it is popular to grow as a cover crop instead of grass and in addition to being beautiful and easy to grow. Brazil nuts also help fix nitrogen. Make the soil more fertile Maintain moisture And prevent weeds from going inside as well

7. Wobbler

Shawl wiggles (Spanish Shawl) has a scientific name. Heterocentron elegans (Schltdl.) Is a small, multi-year-old ground cover ivy with reddish-purple stems, branches and stems. They are succulent and hairy. The leaves are dark green, oval shape, smooth edges with bright purple or purple-pink flowers at the apex. It can be propagated both by seed, cuttings and grafting. Prefers mild acidic loam. It can be grown in full sun or half day. And watering moderately


Clay lotus (Rain lily) or as some people call it Bua Sawan or Chinese lotus. The scientific name Zephyranthes spp. Is another small plant. But beautiful flowering and durable, suitable for gardening or planting as a cover crop. Where the soil lotus is an annual plant Underground The leaves that emerge above the soil are narrow, flat lines like aromatic leaves, which if they are young leaves will rise up. But if it is an old leaf, it will bend down The flower is a bouquet. They bloom in the morning and close at dusk. It has a cone-shaped appearance and comes in many colors such as white, yellow, pink.

In the part of planting the soil lotus It can be grown by dividing the tubers and planting seeds. (The tubers are easier) using well-drained potting soil. There is no problem of waterlogging. And should be planted in a sunny area Because the soil lotus is a plant that likes the sun In planting, be careful of root rot that can occur easily in the rainy season. Also beware of caterpillars that may come to eat the leaves and flowers of the earthen lotus as well.

9. Silver Buttons

Plains blackfoot, the scientific name Eriocaulon henryanum Ruhle, is a herbaceous plant native to the tropics. The stems look like clumps from underground rhizomes. The leaves are single, long, pointed leaves and a bouquet of white flowers at the top. It will be released from the end of the rainy season to winter. Can be propagated by seed or clump. As for the care Silver stud is a plant that prefers moist, open, airy areas and is highly hardy. Therefore do not need much care

10.Golden buttons

Creeping daisy (Creeping daisy), scientific name Wedelia trilobata (L.), is a plant in the sunflower family. In addition to being beautiful, suitable for planting mulch instead of grass Plum gold buttons can also be used as a medicinal herb and as a fabric dye or food mixture. By the golden buttons with a trunk that spreads flat on the ground It has bright green leaves with coarse hairs at the end of the dairy cows. The flowers are yellow bunches. Which is not difficult to plant and take care of the golden studs It is a drought tolerant plant, prefers moist soils, prefers open areas. Like the sun all day. It also grows well in all soil conditions.

There are many beautiful flowering mulch plants that smell good and are easy to grow for us to choose from. People who love the garden and love flowers should not miss it. Plant instead of grass.

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