15 trees by the fence That are grown in the home



I believe that many people are looking for. “Tree by the fence” to be planted along the fence in your house, right? Today, the jar dot com would like to bring a tree that is popular to plant to recommend it to your friends to know … Besides the trees along the fence will provide shade During the shade of our house, some types of trees along the fence also give beautiful flowers. Or some of them also give us results, but … What trees will be planted along the fence of our house?

First of all, let’s classify the trees along the fence, divided into 3 large categories: planting for shade, planting for fruit, planting for beauty. Each of which It will have different objectives. However, it depends on the preferences of your friends, anyway that you want the edge of our fence, there is anything.

Planting in shade

Trees along the fence that are planted to provide shade. The appearance will be a big tree. With thick leaves and bushes And is an evergreen plant Which will give our home a shade all year round Moreover, the branches are still strong and not easily broken. Can be planted in the fence along the fence or outside the fence, whatever the preferences, but should not be planted too close to the fence The direction that should be planted is the west because it will help shade the sun. If planted in the south, it will help block the wind very well. For trees along the fence that are planted for shade Here is an example.

1. Korean Sai

General characteristics: It is a very popular tree planted along the fence. Especially planted to make a fence line Or planted along the wall with other flowering plants It has a tall shrub. And the shape of the bush is quite tight The bush consists of bright green leaves that are stacked in layers, when fully grown, Korean ficus can reach 5-6 meters in height, while the leaves of the Korean ficus are dark green in color, somewhat slender in shape. Glossy and white rubber. Has a blade all year round The upper part of the trunk is not clearly visible due to the dense leaves. The lower trunk that is visible is a brownish gray color. Along the branches, roots will sag, which is similar to that of other banyan trees. Another advantage of the Korean banyan is that it has almost no defoliation. So you don’t have to worry about dealing with the problem of falling leaves

Care: Requires moderate water intake. Can grow in normal soil well And can be propagated by plugging in the top or seed

2. Vassana

General characteristics: It is a medium sized perennial plant with a circular straight trunk with a height of 4-10 meters without branches. The trunk bark is brown. A single leaf Break off the trunk from the top. Stacked together, circled around the trunk in a circular shape The leaves look like a long slender, pointed leaf, a bouquet of flowers at the top of the trunk.

In addition, the Vasana is a sacred tree according to the beliefs. If anyone has planted the Vasana in the house Will find only good things In addition to the meaning of the Vasana tree, the highlight of this tree is also very shaded as well. As for if anyone is thinking of planting a Vasana tree According to the textbook, he suggested planting in the northeast. And should be planted on Tuesday By allowing women to be the best growers Because the name Vasana Prayer is a name that is suitable for women

Care: need mild sunlight until full sun exposure. And should be watered at least 5-7 days per time should use manure or compost rate 0.5-1 kg / plant should be put 5-6 times a year. Another effect is on the leaves. That is, if the leaves are regularly exposed to sunlight Makes the color of the leaves more beautiful

3. Bamboo

General characteristics: There are various types of bamboo. Including golden yellow bamboo, bright bamboo, short bamboo and gourd bamboo, but ancient people believed that If growing Sisuk bamboo will help the members of the house be successful. Wealth And be happy all around As for the same distinctive feature of bamboo, that is, it is a non-deciduous wood, forming a clump of segmented stems, straight and strong.

Care: Bamboo plants are easy to care for. However, in the first period, weeds must be eliminated after 1 year there will be no weeds. Because the bamboo leaves block sunlight from reaching the ground. If you are going to plant bamboo Should be planted along the fence of the house Or a wide open area Let the bamboo sprout and grow And should be planted in the east In order for the bamboo to receive the morning sun, it should also be planted on Saturday so it will be auspicious.

4. Koson

General characteristics: woody plants, small shrubs. The trunk has a height of 3-5 meters, the trunk surface is smooth, gray-brown, the trunk is erect, branching into a bush, straight round. Leaves burst from the beginning and end of the branches. Leaf shape Colors and sizes differ depending on the type of species. A bunch of flowers hanging down below Which comes out from the end of a bunch, about 10-15 cm long, the flowers are white, the size of the flowers is very small, the flowers have 5 petals in full bloom, the stamens are fuzzy. The bloom of flowers is spherical.

Care: The Koson is a tree that needs light sunlight. Until the full sun or outdoors, need a moderate amount of water. Likes loamy soil As for fertilizing, should add manure or compost at the rate of 0.5-1 kg / plant, 5-6 times a year and for the prosperity of houses and residents. Koson should be planted in the east. Growers should plant on Tuesday. Because ancient beliefs that the planting of trees for general benefit by the leaves to be planted on Tuesday

5. Moonlight

General characteristics: Moonlight is a medium-sized woody plant. The trunk has a height of 5-10 meters, the trunk surface is white and gray. The trunk surface is smooth, the trunk and branches grow around the tree, the leaves are light yellow and green. The tip of the blade is smooth. The leaves are single leaves, split according to the branches of the fleshy leaves, the leaves are clearly visible, the leaves are thin, soft, the width of the leaves is about 10-15 cm, 20-30 cm long, the flowers are inflorescences composed of small flowers attached to it. About 10 to 15 flower stalks with 5 white petals, the inflorescences will be released by the end of the shoots.

As for the moonlight tree, the ancient Thai people believed that any house planted a moonlight tree in their home would create a graceful beauty because of the moonlight leaves It has a pale yellow-green color, when it hits the moonlight, it will produce a distinctive warm yellow glow, the work is bright like the moonlight outside.

Care: The moonlight tree needs a lot of sunlight. Until full sun or outdoor, needs a moderate amount of water, should be watered 5-7 days per time, prefer loamy soil. With moderate humidity And for the prosperity of the house and its inhabitants The moonlight should be planted to the southeast. Growers should plant on Tuesday. Because ancient times believed that growing trees took general benefits through the leaves To plant on Tuesday If going to give it a fortune for himself Growers should be ladies. Because moonlight is a suitable name for a lady. In addition, the beautiful appearance Is like a lady as well

6. Padauk

General characteristics: Angsana tree Or Pradu Ban is a medium to large perennial plant with a height of 10-25 meters with a bunch of leaves that split from the end of the branch The nature of the leaf is a rounded oval. The leaves are about 2-3 inches long, about 1-2 inches wide and small yellow flowers along the branches.

Care: The padauk tree needs full sun or outdoor needs a moderate amount of water. Likes loamy soil Propagated by seeds It is popular to grow along the road because the branches hang down and hang down beautifully.

Plant for beauty

Flowers can be considered as a tree that offers many benefits. In addition to some types will add beauty to the house. Also have different scents according to taste Plus some types can also provide shade as well. Many people prefer to plant these trees along the fence to add more beauty to their homes. For example, the following example.

1. Mok

General characteristics: Mok is a medium-sized woody plant. The trunk has a height of 5-12 meters with black brown bark. The trunk is round, smooth, with small white dots dotted all over the tree. The branches are out of order around the trunk. Leaves are a single leaf arranged in pairs along the petioles, the leaves are oval, the tip of the leaf, rounded, pointed, the base is pointed, the edge is smooth, the flesh is thin, green. The size is about 2 cm wide, 3-5 cm long, a short bouquet of flowers along the end of the branch. One bouquet has 4-8 flowers, the flowers look face down to the ground, 5 petals, white and fragrant. The full bloom is about 2 cm in size. The fruit is a cylindrical pod that will come out as a pair. Characteristics are bent together. Inside there is a lot of dung lined up. The length of the pod is about 10-15 centimeters.

For the Mok The ancients believed that If the mok plant is planted inside the house Will cause purity and cleanliness There is only physical happiness, happiness, security and escape from things that will bring distress. Come to the family The flowers of the Mok tree are white and clean with a fresh scent throughout the day. In addition to providing comfort to the eyes Also gives peace of mind as well

Care: Mok tree needs moderate sunlight. Until the sun or outdoors should provide water 5-7 days per time. In addition, Mok also likes loamy soil. With moderate humidity And should add manure or compost at the rate of 1-2 kg / plant, should be added 4-6 times a year.

2. Bougainvillea

General characteristics: Bougainvillea is a medium-sized perennial herbaceous vine. The trunk is about 1-10 meters long, with strong vines, gliding a distance. The trunk surface is gray or brown. The trunk has sharp spines, approximately 0.51 cm long, attached periodically. The canopy can be trimmed. And control the growth direction. Leaves are single leaves split along the vine, oval shape, pointed leaves, rounded leaf base, smooth leaf edges, smooth green leaves, leaf size 2 – 4 cm long, about 4-5 cm long, flower into a bouquet of flowers. Peak There are 3 petals or decorative leaves, the flowers are small white flowers. Petals are different in size and color depending on the species.

The ancient Thai people believed that Any home grown bougainvillea for the home. Can create a higher value of life Because bougainvillea is a plant That has been nicknamed It is the queen of ornamental plants, as bougainvillea can be used for its aesthetic purposes to decorate gardens, buildings, houses and other important places.

In addition, ancient Thais believed that bougainvillea was an auspicious tree to make an important aspect of the Chinese New Year. Because the bougainvillea can bloom during the Chinese New Year, so some people call the bougainvillea that the beginning of Chinese New Year. When bougainvillea flowers bloom, it shows joy, brightness, and prosperity. At the farthest step of life

For the location of planting and growers For the prosperity of the house and its inhabitants Bougainvillea should be planted. East Growers should be planted on Wednesday. Because ancient beliefs that the planting of wood to take advantage of the general aspects To plant on Wednesday. And if it will give a more auspiciousness Growers should be women. Because bougainvillea is the queen of ornamental plants Hence the name is very appropriate for the ladies.

Care: the bougainvillea It is known that it is a flower that is easy to raise and difficult to raise. In general, Fueng Fa likes medium water, should be watered 3-5 days / time and should be planted in loamy soil. That is always moist As for disease and insects, there are not many problems. But be careful not to give too much water. Because it may cause root rot

3. Kaew flower

General Characteristics: A small shrub or tree, up to 10 m in height, the canopy is a dense, dark green bush with a white-gray bark split longitudinally. The leaves are composed of alternating, odd ends feathers, with 5-9 sub leaves, alternating from small to large. Glossy dark green The sub leaves at the end of the petiole, elliptical, elliptical, or inverted, with a pointed or tapered base The edge is wavy or shallow, rounded at the base of the leaf slightly distorted. The leaves have oil glands. For that flower It is a short inflorescences along the forked leaves, fragrant white flowers, 5 calyx, small calyx, rounded tip, oblong, oblong, about 1.2 cm long, stacked overlapping. Ring-shaped peduncle, male stamens, 10 unequal length. About half the length of the petals. Stalk of stamens flat The ovary is attached above the lobe. The stalk of female stamens is about 0.7 cm thick, the stamens are plaque-shaped, easy to fall, full bloom 2-2.5 cm wide.

The ancient Thai people believed that Any house planted a glass in the house will make a person with a pure heart. There is joy because the glass is clear, clean, bright. In addition, the glass flowers are white, clean and fragrant. It can also be used in religious ceremonies to worship monks. Considered a great fortune And for the prosperity of the house and its inhabitants Should be planted from glass to the east. Growers should be planted on Wednesday. Because ancient beliefs that growing trees took the general advantage of flowers to be planted on Wednesday

Care: The glass plant needs full sun. And should be watered at least 3 – 5 days / time should add manure or compost rate 1 – 2 kg / plant, 4 – 6 times a year, or use a 15-15-15 science formula at the rate of 200- 300 g / tree to enter the year. 4 – 6 times each

4. Spike flowers

General characteristics: A flowering shrub with a bouquet at the end of the top or side branches. Flowers come in different colors, including red, orange, pink, yellow and white, etc. Flower needles are like a small tube at the end of the tube with four separate petals. If the flower is stacked, there may be 8 or more petals. The stamens are stuck on the top of the flower tube. And alternating with the petals The female stamens protrude beyond the flower tube with 2 lobes, the needle will bloom all year round. Nectar from flowers in a large quantity. We can easily suck nectar by mouth directly from each needle flower.

The ancient Thai people believed that Any home that has a home needle planted. Will make him intelligent Because the needle is something that is sharp, so Thai Boran people use the needle flower in the Wai Khru ceremony in order to become a wise wise man. In addition, the needle flower is a sacred offering. And religious ceremonies are very auspicious

The location of planting and growers For the prosperity of the house and its inhabitants Should plant the needle. East Growers should be planted on Wednesday, because ancient belief that growing trees to take advantage of the general flower. To plant on Wednesday.

Care: The needle plant prefers full sun or outdoor sunlight. The water needs only moderate water. And the needle can also tolerate drought Likes loamy soil Sandy loam With moisture And should add manure or compost at the rate of 0.5-1 kg / plant, should be added 5-6 times / year.

5. Plubplueng

General characteristics: is a multi-season biennial plant. With a round head underground trunk The part that emerged from the soil was a tightly packed body. The leaves are single. Stacked in a circle, 7-15 cm long, 1 meter long, pointed leaves, plump leaves, thick, with more and more shoots gathered together. The leaf plate is smooth, narrow, slender and long, arranged around the axis of the stem, a bouquet of flowers. There is a long peduncle. For that flower It has a large inflorescence. Horn-like appearance The result is quite round. Available in white or reddish purple color Into a cluster at the end of the branch There are many small flowers 10-30 parts of the persimmon flower. There is a plump and large peduncle. The petals at the base are connected to a tube, 7-10 cm long, with 6 narrow petals, 1 cm wide and 7 cm long, the flowers gradually bloom, fragrant, red flowers with inflorescences and flowers larger than the white flowers.

Care: Persimmon prefers moist soils, can tolerate wet, less drained soils or in parts that are partially dry. Popularly planted in the garden furrows in the central region. Is a hardy plant Does not require much maintenance.

6. Canna

General characteristics: Canna is an herbaceous plant. Succulent soft meat The stems are about 1-2 meters in height with underground stems called rhizomes, with growth by sprouting as a clump like a banana. The shoots that grow above the ground are round, flat, green, about 2-4 cm in size. The leaves are large, green, the base of the leaves and the tip of the leaves are oval, pointed, the edge of the leaf is smooth, the middle of the leaf is clearly convex. Petioles are long, the leaves are covered with stems overlapping. The size is about 10-15 cm wide, 25-35 cm long, a bouquet of flowers at the top of the trunk. Inflorescence 15-20 cm long, consisting of 8-10 flowers and thin soft petals. Flower size and color vary by species.

In addition, the ancients believed that Any house planted a canna tree for the house will help protect Prevent harm to homes and residents. Because Canna is a plant that the ancient people believed There is protection for God to keep you at peace. That is, a sacred wood. For the position of the grower For the prosperity of the house and its inhabitants Canna tree should be planted in the west. Growers should be planted on Wednesday. Because ancient beliefs that growing trees took the general advantage of flowers to be planted on Wednesday

Care: Canna flower prefers light or full sun exposure. And needs moderate water, should give water 3-5 days / time. It grows well in loam or sandy loam. Should add manure or compost at the rate of 0.5-1 kg / clump about 4-6 times a year.



Most fruit trees tend to have large stems. Because in addition to producing results for us to collect and eat Also provides the benefit of shade as well Of which some fruit trees Then bloom to eat all year round Some types of flowers. Plus planting and still being a fortune It is therefore popular to be planted in many types such as

1. Mango

Characteristics: is a very popular fruit plant. Because the mango Can be easily planted And can be grown in all areas throughout Thailand Therefore, it is not surprising that mango is one of the most popular fruit trees in Thailand. But choosing the right planting area must be taken into consideration

For mango is a perennial plant, medium to large, about 10–30 meters tall, single leaves, green leaves, smooth edges, rounded bases, pointed leaves, inflorescences, 5 petals, dull red stamens The flowers bloom during December to February. During the summer the fruit is approximately 5–20 cm long, 4–8 cm wide. When ripe, turn yellow Or yellow-orange with 1 seed inside

2. Ruby

Characteristics: Pomegranate is a shrub with branches. The base of the tree has a branch that turns into a single, hard spine, narrow leaves, and a parallel edge. Young shoots are red, leaves are pairs opposite each other or leaves alternate. Single flowers, thick red calyx. Will remain until the petals are red or light yellow. If the petals are red The result will be a red and pink skin. Mixed yellow brown If the petals are pale yellow The mature fruit is yellow and brown. The fruit grows depending on the species. The outer shell of the fruit is thick and tough. Yellow inner shell There are many seeds inside. Packed tightly, full of shells Each seed has a pink pulp. Or red, clear appearance with a sweet and sour taste

3. Guava

Characteristics: A small to medium sized tree. It is a perennial plant about 3-10 meters high, its trunk is smooth. The bark is smooth, a single leaf, a single flower or a bouquet of 2-3 leaves, which will bloom in the axillary leaves. Petals are white, fall easily with a lot of stamens. The fruit is green and edible, when ripe, the fruit will be yellow and soft.

For guava will have the effect of herbal medicine. Can be used to stop bad breath If the leaves are boiled and drink it, it will help prevent intestinal inflammation, diarrhea, throat inflammation, dry sound, and can also be applied to cure rashes. Or can blisters Guava is a tree that many houses are planted along the fence. Because there are many benefits.

I have known about the trees along the fence and roughly, if anyone is interested in planting trees around the fence around the house, consider trees that are suitable for the area. And can start planting right away I wish I could bloom quickly and be a beautiful shade for the house.

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