10 trees to plant in the condo Takes up little space But has a lot of benefits


Trees are planted in condos and trees are grown in homes with small spaces. Improves freshness Make the atmosphere look clear It is also used in a variety of uses. There are both sacred trees and edible vegetables.

With a relatively limited area As a result, many condo residents do not dare to bring trees to be planted in the condo room. Or maybe you are worried about growing methods and caring for that are too difficult. Today, Jaruk.com has volunteered to collect trees that are suitable for planting in the condo. Ensure that each breed is compact. It does not clutter the area. Plus there are many useful features. So that it is another option for tree lovers who live in the condo together.

1. Micro Green

Micro greens are tiny plants that grow from the seeds of different vegetables and are rich in healthy vitamins. Will be eaten with any dish that will go well together Moreover, it is also easy to grow and easy to cultivate by planting seeds into a perforated tray with loamy soil. Sprinkle enough water to soak Then close the truck lid for about 7 days, take care of it by spraying water 2 times a day and setting the box exposed to the sun.


Tomatoes are a plant with many benefits. Can help nourish the body The nature of the tomato tree that is suitable for growing in the condo is the bush prototype. Because it has an upright trunk and branches below Can be pruned Plant with a drop of favorite tomato seed in a 6-inch pot of loam.The loam used must be soil with a pH of 5.5-7.0, maintained by covering the top with straw. Take care of watering a lot during the first month and set the pot in the sun for 12 hours a day.

3. Lemon

The lemon tree is a plant with a compact trunk. Can be grown in the condo It also adds a relaxing scent as well. To plant, the seeds from the intact fruit are soaked in cold water for 1 night, then wrapped in tissue paper and stored in a covered box. Sprinkle enough water to soak When he noticed the roots growing out Can be transplanted into a pot of loamy soil Take care to water it properly, but not wet. And set the pots in the harsh sunlight

4. Carrots

Carrots are underground tubers. There are many species that can be planted as appropriate. It is also rich in useful vitamins and minerals. To transplant the seeds into a pot of well-drained sandy loam. Suggest to use a pot about 8 inches high, take care of watering both morning and evening to wet it. And set the pots in the sun

5. Salad

There are many different types of salad greens, such as lettuce, cos lettuce, red oak, green oak, and more. It also helps to save part of food expenses. To grow, take the seeds of your favorite salad vegetables and plant them in the nursery tray. When the seedlings grow strong within 5-10 days, they manage to transplant to a pot with loamy soil mixed with compost, dry leaf litter and various organic materials. Do not let the water stagnate. Nourish with nitrogen fertilizers mixed with water. And set the pots in the shade and do not expose them to direct sunlight.

6. Emerald River

The emerald wagon grows from the underground head. Leaves thick, dark green, shiny. It is also a sacred tree that helps bring wealth to flow continuously. Popularly planted in pots, can be used to decorate the interior of the building and the condo room, easily propagated by cutting leaves. It starts from cutting the leaves of the perfect plant and cut it into a pot with loam mixed with rice husk, ash, chopped coconut sheath that holds water well. Water only 3 times a month, not to have waterlogging. And the pot in the shade is enough because it is a plant that needs very little light.

7. Deli

Deli is classified as an elegant flower. The flowers look like anthurium flowers. Has a yellowish white color The leaves are slender, dark green. Helps absorb toxins and purify indoor air well. Therefore suitable to be planted and decorated in the condo room How to plant? Separate the clump from the complete plant and plant it in a loam mixed with compost and leaf litter. Enough to keep the soil moist, but not wet. And set the pots to be exposed to the slightest sunlight

8. Guanyin Bamboo

Bamboo Kuan Yin is a small perennial. The trunk is rounded. Leaves green, slender shape at the top. It is also an auspicious wood that helps to enhance feng shui and balance various elements within the house. How to plant: Bring the perfect variety to cut into a pot with loam mixed with compost, take care of watering 5 times a day and set the pot to be exposed to the harsh sunlight.

9. Bua Doi

Bua Doi is a biennial plant that is most commonly found in the evergreen forests. The trunk is a rhizome that is buried underground. It has green leaves, slender shape. White flowers according to the articulation It is a plant that is easy to raise and slow to grow, like low light, resistant to all weather conditions, so it is suitable for planting inside the condo

10. Spotted Betel

Spotted betel is a creeper with leaves like heart-shaped. It is popular to be planted in buildings and houses. Because it is a plant that is easy to grow, easy to grow, and to grow and to purify the air. Very suitable to be planted and decorated in the condo. How to grow it is not difficult, just take the branches that you want to cut into the pot, mixed with rice husk and coconut flak. Or can be planted in a vase with only clean water Plants grown in the soil should be watered 3 times a week, while plants grown in water to dissolve fertilizers and add water 2-3 times a month.

The trees are planted in the condos that we come together today. They are all compact trees. Will be used to decorate any part, it will not clutter the usable space in the condo Plus, it also has a variety of features that can be used for a lot of benefits. If anyone has no idea yet, try to take these plants into consideration.

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