Ornamental flowers That are grown in the home


The rainy season is the time that the plants in your garden are most affected. If your garden is not well maintained, it can lead to the death of trees or flowers. And spoil your beautiful garden Therefore, an alternative for those who want to plant trees in this period Therefore, plants should be chosen for decoration in the house instead of planting in the garden. In order to be easy to take care of And most importantly, it remains beautiful to the interior of the house as well. “Decorative flowers”
Therefore, it is often the most popular type of plant for planting in pots to decorate in buildings or houses. With the appearance of flowers that bloom beautifully It is colorful and easy to care for today. The home and garden website has selected 5 popular home ornamental plants as follows …

1. African Violet

Many years old flowering plants Single flowers or a bouquet There are both single flowers and double flowers. The flowers are 2 to 4 cm in diameter. Flowers come in 3 forms: violet, star and bell. The petals are white, pink, red, purple and blue-purple. Popularly planted as a potted plant Used to decorate the interior of homes and offices.

2. Oxalis

Flowering herbaceous plant is a bouquet of umbrella teeth. Small flowers with 5 petals, white, pink or purple pink, popular as a potted plant, hanging plant or planted down the soil mulch.

3. streptocarpus

Multi-year flower plant, elliptical, elliptical, pointed leaf base, rounded edge, serrated, toothed, plump, thick, short hair, covered with inflorescences. Flower diameter 2 – 3 cm. Long flower stalk. The base of the petals is connected to a tube at the end of a separate 5 petals, purple flowers in the middle of the white flowers, planted as a flower pot.

4. Jasmine

A semi-creeping shrub at the end of the branch. The sepals are characterized by a green line. The base of the petals are connected to a tube at the end of 5 separate white petals, the flowers gradually bloom starting from the flowers in the middle of the bouquet. The flowers began to bloom and gave off a strong fragrance at night. Then sprinkled in the afternoon the next day, flowering all year round, but fruitful in summer and rainy season. It has medicinal properties that are beneficial, such as low fresh leaves mixed with vegetable oil. Apply to treat blisters. Flowers are used to flavor tea leaves. Tobacco and food Is a mixture of perfumed medicine Has properties to nourish the heart

5. Geranium

Many years old flowering plants The leaves are rounded or kidney-shaped, rounded edges, green or brown leaves alternate with light green or white spotted green, a bouquet of flowers and a tight shade. Inflorescence diameter 10 – 20 cm, flower stalk 15 – 30 cm.
Single and double flowers Flower diameter 2 – 3 cm wide, oval petals, white, pink, red, purple and two colors in the same flower, the tip of the pod is a sharp beak similar to the beak of a crane, so it is also known as “Crane’s mouth”

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