13 herbs to reduce high blood pressure


Hypertension Is a disease that we cannot ignore Because nowadays there are people who are sick with this disease and need to be treated quite a bit Which in addition to drug treatment Eating And the use of certain herbs can help lower the blood pressure that used to be. Which herbs to reduce high blood pressure are not rare herbs at all. It can also be eaten easily. Do not have to go through many processes I want to know each other, right? What are the herbs that treat high blood pressure? And how can they be eaten together? Let’s go and see.

1. Garlic

The herb has a pungent and unique smell. Which we popularly bring as an ingredient in different types of food, has properties in reducing high blood pressure as well anyway. It is also easy to find. This was confirmed by researchers from Australia. Such as Teacher Karin Reed, lecturer of the Faculty of General Medicine University of Adelaide, Australia, found that garlic extract can lower blood pressure. But it should be an old garlic head. Because if it is still young garlic or garlic that has been cooked and then Will have properties not equivalent to the old garlic head

2. Holy Basil Leaves

Basil leaves that we like to stir fry with meat. In addition to helping to reduce the fishy smell of food, it also helps reduce the pressure, scabies, too anyway. Which faculty of pharmacy Mahidol University Has recommended that people with high blood pressure eat basil leaves on a regular basis

By eating basil, there are a variety of ways. Since the leaves are chewed and eaten fresh, then squeezed and mixed with warm water. It is dried as tea leaves and blended with tea and chamomile flowers. Or can it be stir-fried with live meat and eaten as a side dish?

3. Roselle

The deep red flowers that we often boil to bring water to drink this. It has been studied and researched to help lower blood pressure. Because the red pigment contains anthocyanin. (anthocyanins), which, when entering the body, will help strengthen the blood vessels.

How to eat krabi, it is not difficult. Just bring the calyx of Okra flowers to dry and then mash and drink it 3 times a day on a daily basis, it will make your blood pressure lower.

4. Gotu Kola

You’ve probably heard it, right? That bok bok water can help cure the symptoms of bruising, but actually gotu Kola isn’t just that. But there are still many benefits Especially properties in reducing pressure By the Department of Development of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine It was suggested that drinking Centella asiatica on a daily basis can lower blood pressure. Plus, Centella also helps to strengthen veins and capillaries. And can help relieve stress Which stress is another cause of high blood pressure

How to eat it is not difficult. Just take the whole Centella to squeeze only drinking water. It may add a little sugar or mix it with pandan juice to reduce the green smell

5. Lemongrass

Lemongrass is a herb that is often used as a seasoning for tom yum. This is because lemongrass has a pleasant smell. Which in addition to having properties of diuretic and carminative Can also help lower blood pressure In addition, the scent of essential oils can also help relieve headaches caused by stress. And more importantly, lemongrass is a herb that is easy to find and can be grown as a vegetable garden plant.

How to eat lemongrass It can be done since it was used to make a salad of lemongrass. Add it as a Tom Yum seasoning. Or even brought to boil drinking water 3 times a day, 1 cup each time before meals. May add a little sugar or honey to make it more mellow taste.


Celery is an herb that Asians have used as a blood pressure lowering drug for over 2,000 years, with Chinese and Vietnamese believing that eating four celery plants a day will normalize blood pressure. Plus, in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, celery seeds are also used as a diuretic for patients with edema.

In addition, there are studies and research of celery with pharmacological activity found that celery has the effect of lowering blood pressure, contraceptive, and cancer inhibition. It can also reduce cholesterol and triglycerides.

7. Phthalaibol

Herbs that have a bitter taste that anyone must avoid as far away as this panalai. It is a herb that has so much properties that people who have never liked it will have to change their mind. Especially properties in lowering blood pressure Which Chulabhorn Research Institute Researched on paniculata and found that Andrographis extract has the effect of lowering blood pressure. Helps in the expansion of blood vessels And reduce the rate of heartbeat not too fast

In addition, Phthalai Ban has a cooling effect. It can help relieve the heat in it as well. But do not have to eat fresh to feel embarrassed Nowadays, paniculata has been made into capsules and tablets, making it easier to choose from.

Grated and ground ginger in two wooden spoons, ginger root, green leaves on the wooden board

8. Ginger

Ginger is an ancient herb that has been used in the treatment of ailments for more than 5,000 years. It also stimulates blood circulation and can help lower blood pressure as well. But it should be used with caution because ginger is a hot plant. If eating too much may cause heat in And stomach ulcers In addition, people with gallstones and taking blood clot-dissolving drugs should consult a doctor and be careful when using them.

9. Bergamot

Bergamot is an herb that has many medicinal properties. In addition, the popular part of the leaves and the juice of the kaffir lime fruit is used in cooking as well. In addition, Churairat Kerddon Vaek pharmacist, 8 NCCP, Public Health Service Center Also recommended in the book Herbs for reducing high blood pressure that bergamot has pharmacological effects to reduce blood pressure, scabies. And can help resist believing bacteria as well By bringing 7-10 kaffir lime leaves to boil water and drink it in the morning and evening on a daily basis, it will help keep blood pressure normal.

10. Cinnamon

Cinnamon, this sweet-smelling herb. Research in Japan has found that it has properties in reducing blood pressure. By bringing instant cinnamon powder or ground cinnamon to a powder brewed with water, morning, evening and before bedtime. In addition, cinnamon lowers blood sugar levels for people with diabetes. Anyone who is suffering from diabetes and has complications with high blood pressure. This herb should not be overlooked anyway. Because it gives 2 levels of benefits

11. Bai Yanang

Another Thai herb that has the effect of reducing high blood pressure. In addition, Yanang leaves have properties as a cold medicine. And contain high amounts of antioxidants It was arranged in the herbal textbook as an elixir as well.

12. Moringa

Folk Doctors Foundation states that one of the outstanding properties of Moringa is that it helps to reduce high blood pressure well. By those with high blood pressure You can eat Moringa in the following recipes.

Pharmacopoeia example
– Recipe 1: Bring the roots to boil and eat as a soup.
– Recipe 2: Bring the tops to boil and eat.
– Recipe 3: Bring the amount of Oops to the beef to eat. Which must be beef only
– Recipe number 4: Boiled Moringa Root with Yanang Root.
– Recipe number 5 Use fresh horseradish tops. Which can be a young top or an old top Pounded and squeezed water (If there is no water, add enough water to make a thick liquid), mix sweet enough honey, eat 2 times a day, half a glass.

** Do not eat Moringa powder capsules (both Moringa leaves and Moringa seeds) to reduce blood pressure. Because it is harmful to the liver **

13. Mulberry or mulberry

In mulberry or mulberry leaves Contains resveratrol (Resveratrol) is not least, it is said that if consuming foods that contain this substance will help control blood pressure from being too high. And reduce the risk of disease related to blood vessels as well We can bring mulberry leaves to boil. Or brew tea to reduce the pressure And also helps relieve cough, sore throat, is a mild laxative too

Herbs to reduce pressure Although it is good for lowering blood pressure levels in the body and helping to maintain a healthy blood vessel. But should eat carefully Because some herbs can affect the body if used incorrectly. So good way Should consult a doctor before starting to take these herbs to help in lowering blood pressure.

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