10 heart nourishing herbs Should have it next to the house.


Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in Thai people because it is a common disease among Thai people. But unaware and not being treated, heart disease can arise from our lifestyle, such as dietary habits, stress and lack of exercise. However, heart disease It can be prevented. In which we have to make ourselves stronger Eat well Exercise regularly Or use natural herbs to nourish it, which today we have all the herbs that can help nourish our heart to be stronger together.

1. Garlic

Herbs that everyone must have at home, such as garlic, is an herb that has many properties. Especially good benefits for heart health Because garlic contains allicin that helps reduce bad fat in the blood and lower triglyceride levels. Which is the worst enemy of the heart Garlic reduces the chance of clogging the arteries. Which can cause heart disease There are also studies that have found that Garlic has the effect of inhibiting blood clotting. Lowers blood pressure As well as an anti-coagulation agent by making the platelets thinner. Thus preventing ischemic heart disease Or brain ischemia too

But I have to tell you that the garlic mentioned here is not the crispy fried garlic that we like to eat. But must be fresh garlic Which research has found If you eat 2-3 cloves of fresh garlic a day, it can help strengthen your heart. But who is still afraid of the smell of garlic? Or fear that you will be nauseated It is recommended to grind the garlic thoroughly and eat it with meals to make it easier to eat. After eating, if you are afraid of the smell of garlic on your mouth. Try to get rid of it with this method.

2. Fragrant

Despite the pungent smell Not satisfied with many people But onions, red onions, and scallions also have advantages in helping to nourish the blood and heart. Because Hom contains flavonoids that help prevent platelet aggregation to coagulate and then clog the blood vessels. Allows us to reduce the risk of heart disease down to it. In addition, various aromas can help reduce inflammation, cure colds, nasal congestion, and contain curcetin that helps fight free radicals, thus protecting us from cancer.

3. Chili

People who like to eat spicy food should smile. Because the spicy capsaicin in chili peppers will help dilate blood vessels. Help dissolve blood clots Reduce the contraction of blood vessels. Reduce the binding of platelets Reduce the production of fat in the body. And to inhibit the absorption of fat in the blood vessels All of which results in the heart pumping blood easily and without clogging the arteries. This can only protect our hearts.

4. Asiatic

Gotu kola contains high iron. Which iron is a substance that can help nourish the heart In addition, Asiatic has properties that help nourish the blood. Prevent anemia. Strengthens the walls of blood vessels And also helps with pain in and out of heat By the way to use the Asiatic leaves, it is easy to wash the stem and leaves thoroughly. Then crushed and squeezed the water to a boil. May add a little sugar or salt. Finished and brought to drink

5. Bua Luang

Bua Luang can be used to nourish the heart, both dee lotus flower (seed in shower) and seed filling. The flowers of Bua Luang will nourish the heart. Used as a tonic The good part will help to expand blood vessels. Increase blood flow to the heart better. Help reduce blood pressure not too high. And can also stimulate the heart Helps not to have an irregular heartbeat. In addition, the gut of lotus seeds can also help nourish the coronary arteries not to constrict as well.

6. Roselle

Bring okra to boil with water. Then add a little sugar to reduce acidity, drinking often will help reduce fat in the blood. Lowering blood pressure Improves blood circulation And can nourish our body Or to bring okra to boil with Chinese jujube, it can help get rid of bad fats in the body.

7. Safflower

Safflower is brought to a boil drinking water to help prevent heart disease and heal blood vessels Because safflower oil has the effect of reducing the coagulation of platelets. Reduce fat in the blood. Reduce high blood pressure, nourish the blood, make the blood go to the heart more Help prevent heart attack Heart arrhythmia And coronary artery stenosis

8. Passion Fruit

Take several old passion fruit, wash and squeeze it into fruit juice. Add a little salt and sugar, drink it more often, help reduce fat in blood vessels. Making it not possible to suffer from heart disease Because our blood vessels are too high in fat will stimulate the risk of heart disease. At the same time, passion fruit is also rich in 384 milligrams of potassium per 100 grams of passion fruit, which is important for our cells and body fluids. It also helps regulate the work of the heart and blood pressure to be normal as well.

9. Fragrant pandan leaves

If you feel thirsty when tired you need to refresh your body with a glass of pandan juice. By bringing fresh leaves to drink 2-4 tablespoons curry (4-8 tablespoons) at a time or boil pandan leaves with water and drink. Will help keep the body fresh and rejuvenated Because pandan leaves have a tonic effect and the nervous system Along with helping to nourish the heart as well Or if someone has high blood pressure, you can boil pandan juice for morning-evening drinks to help adjust the blood pressure level to normal as well.

10.Green tea

Did you know that green tea that we like to drink contains substances that can prevent the coagulation of platelets? Plus, it contains antioxidants that help reduce bad cholesterol, LDL and increase good fat like HDL, which helps prevent atherosclerosis and makes it harder for blood to clot. Causing heart disease to not come close But not only that, because green tea can also help lower sugar levels and blood pressure to normal. While helping to digest food, detoxify and help the white blood cells to build up Make the body have increased immunity as well It can be seen that in China, green tea has been used to treat various diseases for a long time.

However, green tea contains quite a bit of caffeine. As you know, caffeine stimulates the release of adrenaline. Makes the heart beat faster This will cause some people who drink too much green tea may experience palpitations as well. Therefore, if you are drinking green tea, you should drink the right amount, not more than 3 cups a day and it is important. Should drink green tea brewed. Not a ready-made, convenience store that mixes a lot of sugar And contains the amount of green tea that is diluted After eating, you are at a higher risk of obesity than it will help take care of your heart.

In addition to what has already been mentioned There are also many other easy-to-find herbs that are popularly used to make a fragrant medicine for drinking and nourishing the heart, such as Pikul, Ylang-Nga, Jasmine and Rose, Mon or Yisun flower. Which if anyone is interested in finding fragrant medicine to eat and want to nourish the heart as well It is wise to choose a fragrant medicine containing a mixture of flowers of various herbs here.

Did you see that our Thai herbs here have many benefits? It is also easy to find and convenient to use. However, you cannot rely on only herbs to help nourish your heart. Because we still need to eat good food that is useful Regularly exercise to strengthen the body, refrain from smoking, abstain from drinking alcohol, and rest, and try not to stress. So as not to weaken our hearts

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