7 properties of aloe vera Treat illnesses amazingly!


Aloe vera .. Thai medicinal plant that has many health benefits. Take care of both the skin and good for beauty. For anyone who still does not know how aloe vera has properties. Today we will introduce you to the following information.

Properties of aloe vera

1. Reduce burns from radiation.

Patients undergoing radiation will definitely have burns on their skin. But can apply aloe vera jelly to compress the burned skin after chemo It also helps to alleviate the burning pain and help the patient recover faster.

2. Heal wounds caused by sharp objects

If there is a wound caused by a cut or even a scratch You can apply aloe vera jelly with mucus and paste it on the wound. Because the effect of aloe vera mucus will accelerate the wound to heal even faster.

3.Relieve headaches

To cut fresh leaves from the tree, then paint with red lime around the jelly. To compress the area of ​​the knee or the occiput Including the point where the pain occurs, it will help alleviate the headache.

4. Restores skin after sun exposure

Wash the aloe vera jelly thoroughly and then apply the skin that has burned, burning problems from the sun. For anyone with very dry skin May be mixed with coconut oil to help improve skin elasticity. Makes the skin softer and more moisturized as well.

5. Treat abscesses and hemorrhoids.

To clean the skin in the affected area until dry, then use aloe vera gel paste on the wound. If it is anus, then peel the jelly into a stick. Rinse with water thoroughly and put it in the refrigerator until it freezes. It is then used to insert a suppository into the rectum, do it 1-2 times a day to help alleviate the symptoms of hemorrhoids better.

6. Helps heal burns and scalds.

Bring fresh aloe vera jelly that has been washed out and applied to the skin on the problem area. It will help reduce the burning sensation. Helps to heal wounds and prevent scars as well.

7. Helps relieve toothache.

Cut out the aloe vera pulp into small sticks, about 2 to 3 centimeters long, and put it in between the teeth in the area of ​​pain, or maybe leave it with a compress. It takes about 30 minutes, the pain will gradually subside.
It is unbelievable, right? Aloe vera has many properties. When knowing the benefits of aloe vera well I hope that if there is a chance you will bring it to treatment or to treat some illnesses.

It is believed that treatment or therapy with traditional Thai herbs such as aloe vera will definitely relieve the illness. Plus, it can also help save money on modern medicine, which is unbelievable.

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