6 perennials planted in the backyard for extra income


In addition to providing shade, creating green areas, making the back of the house shady, suitable for relaxing. Some trees also produce fruit that is sweet and delicious. They can be eaten as a snack, or they can be sold to generate additional income, which is another option for those who have a backyard. The trees that should be planted should be sour and sweet in order to be in demand in the market and it is best if the trees are not widely grown in the neighborhood, especially the following 6 species.

1. Carambola tree

It is a medium-sized tree that bears fruit all year round. It is a star-shaped fruit. Sweet and sour taste, high in vitamin C. At present, it is difficult to find in the market and it is quite expensive. Easy to maintain Do not need to give a lot of water to fertilize. However, a good breed should be selected. Because some gooseberries have a very sour taste Give unattractive children It is not marketable.

2. Mango tree

There are many varieties to choose from, both sour mango and oily mango. Sprawls in the middle of the leaves Provides shade all year round, even if it bears fruit only once a year. But also yields a large quantity of products The delicious taste of mango depends on the maintenance and the species being grown. On the maintenance side, just water the manure. And injecting it when there is a monk or pest is enough

3. Maprang

Trees that provide dense shade Blade leaves throughout the year The structure is strong, not easily broken. The fruit of Maprang has a sweet and sour taste. The fruit is only once a year, but 1 tree gives a fairly large yield, easy to grow, does not require much maintenance. But Maprang needs a humid soil to make it grow beautiful. There are many varieties of Maprang.If you are going to plant it, you should select the sweetened one to plant. Because some trees have a very astringent and sour taste, which is not very popular

4. Santol

Medium-sized perennials provide shade with large, thick, but deciduous leaves in the dry season. The santol tree is popularly grown in the area of ​​the house. Because it is believed that it will reflect or santol something that is not auspicious out of the house Therefore cultivated since ancient times In addition, santol also produces a delicious sweet and sour taste that can be done on many menus. Pickled to keep for eating, making spicy salad with santol or eating with chili paste, it is unique and delicious. Because it is a fruit that is popular to eat on auspicious occasion with santol, it is a fruit that can be stored for sale.

5. Guava

Guava, although it is a small tree, does not give much shade. But also gives a shady atmosphere to the backyard area as well With the shape of the leaves and stems that are quite beautiful. Can be planted as an ornamental plant in the garden. Provides year-round yield and is a fruit that is high in vitamin C. Contains large residue that helps in the digestive system. The leaves of the guava tree are herbal remedies for boredom drunk as well.

6. Bael

Very rare trees and fruits today, the leaves of the quince are sour, they are used as a vegetable, eaten with larb. Even the leaves are not large. Gives a fair amount of shade. Prefers moist but not wet soil areas Bael is a plant that does not require much care. Able to grow and produce flowers naturally. The fruit of the bael, when not yet ripe, is commonly sliced ​​in the sun to dry. And keep it to boil to make bael juice Is an herb to cure the heat in quenching thirst Make you sleep soundly Ripe fruit is very fragrant. It has a sweet and mellow taste that is preferred by the herbal medicine market. Bael is a tree that should be attached to the backyard.

In addition to selecting plants to plant in the backyard, planting perennials will also need to take into account the area that is sufficient for that tree. As well as the direction of the wind that will enter the house The lighting in the garden should not be overgrown and airtight, as it can be home to snakes and mosquitoes. Until the backyard became an unsafe place

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