Ratchaphruek, a versatile perennial plant that was never known before.


Ratchaphruek, the name of a perennial plant that is commonly known as “Ton Khoon”, but is often written and misspelled as “Ton Khun” and is also a unique plant in Thailand that has beautiful yellow flowers. Until it became the national flower Not only have beautiful flowers But the Ratchaphruek tree is also a valuable tree and the various parts of the tree also provide many benefits.

1. Results

Because the Ratchaphruek fruit has a cylindrical pod shape Therefore often referred to as “Ratchaphruek Pod”, some are called “Pods, Khoon” with the young pods are green. Has a sweet and sour taste Can be used to expectorate And the old pods are black-brown in color, have a sweet taste, and have outstanding properties in the excretion. Is a good laxative Making the bowel movements more convenient In addition, the pulp of Ratchaphruek also helps relieve angina. Relieve joint pain And can be used to make microbes instead of molasses

2. Sapwood

Sapwood is the part of the wood that covers the core Located in the middle between the inner shell and the core Keep food and water out Which the implicit meaning is not in essence But the dragonfly, which many people consider unstable, is more useful than expected. Because it has properties to help cure clematis disease And help relieve toothache as well

3. Leaves

Ratchaphruek leaves look like a bouquet of shiny green, the base of the leaf is quite rounded. And has thin and smooth leaves Has properties in killing germs Both germs on the skin caused by fungi And skin parasites It can be used to treat eczema, abscesses, rashes, rheumatic fever, and has anti-toxic effects in the liver. In addition, the leaves can be made into a tea that helps the circulatory system work well. Help nourish the brain Solve atherosclerosis in the brain. And treat paralysis, paralysis

4. Flower

It is well known that The flower from the perennial plant, Ratchaphruek, is the national flower. Because of the beautiful flowers, bright yellow flowers in a bouquet It is also a symbol of Buddhism. The main religion of Thailand Has properties to help heal chronic wounds Lubricate the intestines And cure stomach disease

5. Root

The roots of the Ratchaphruek tree can help with fever. Treatment of heart disease, gallbladder disease, yaws, relieve shortness of breath. When the roots are rained, they can be applied to treat ringworm symptoms.

Can be seen that perennial plants like Ratchapruek In addition to being an auspicious tree that has been alongside Thai people for a long time And is already a national identity of Thailand Ratchaphruek has also proved to be of great variety of benefits. Not just beautiful in shape only

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