4 perennial species Meaning good, not destroying the building structure


Perennials are not large that are used to decorate the house. For the purpose of providing shade to the residence Ready to create a natural atmosphere And refreshment for everyone in the house It is a large plant, sometimes the roots will damage the building structure. Before planting in order to provide shade in the area of ​​the house, you must select carefully. But if anyone wants to add a green area near the house, near the building, take a look at the following 4 plants, good shade, roots do not destroy the structure for sure.

At present, if you want to rank the most popular shade plants for home decoration. With a good meaning Must come to see the following 4 types of trees

1. Ratchapruek

Beautiful yellow flowers Small leaves in a long line when they fall, it is not difficult to clean. Ratchaphruek has been very popular. It is the Thai national tree with large and deep root system in the soil. Can be planted near the building as well as easy maintenance Can be grown in all types of soil Making Ratchapruek the number one Trees that provide umbrellas that are popular to decorate their homes.

2. Kanlapaphruek

Beautiful plants, beautiful flowers, the interest of Kallapapruek. In addition to providing shade with thin green leaves that break around the tree in the rainy season. But in the time of the house flower Kalipapruek is ready to change himself from a fresh green color. To become pink and white around the beginning Create beautiful And freshness to the house as well Easy to clean the leaves and flowers. Or can be composted as fertilizer for home use as well

3. Pink Pantip

Or what the early tree fancier called “Tabebuya”, the March flower is a big tree with beautiful pink flowers. Bloom in summer when other trees shed their leaves. Pink Pantip ready to bloom, showing the beauty for everyone to experience In addition to the beautiful flowers in the dry season, when the rainy season is ready to transform itself into The trees cover the thick shade. Fresh green leaves look comfortable on the eyes. Create beauty and freshness for both the dry season and the rainy season.

4. Saraphi

Ancient perennials with cool scented flowers. At present, it is hardly possible to find people to plant Sarapee. Because they turned to planting large trees from different countries The advantage of Saraphi is that it leaves a lot of shade. It also has soft, white flowers that will delight you as well. The trunk is straight and has no branches. Makes trimming easy.

4 great perennials for finding great home decor Which gives both shade and beauty from beautiful flowers Also, the root system is vertical. Does not spread horizontally Causing the awakening of these trees does not affect the building structure It is an interesting plant. And should be the top choice in planting to create shade within your home

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