With chronic phlegm Long ago not cured What diseases are at risk?


Sputum is secretion that the body makes from the glands that produce secretions. Which is in the airway lining When there is phlegm in the throat or in the respiratory system, it can be very annoying for people, many of whom try to get rid of it by coughing or coughing. As usual Usually, sputum only occurs two to three times a day, but if someone has sputum frequently many times in an hour. Or have a feeling that Having mucus in the throat all the time Including observing that the color of the sputum is quite unusual May need to see a doctor urgently Because they are at risk of having the following diseases or conditions

1. Allergic rhinitis.

The top diseases that a person always has phlegm in their throat is: Allergic rhinitis By the nature of people with this disease There will be a nasal mucosa that is quite sensitive to the environment, that is, when exposed to allergens or irritants. It will stimulate the glands to create mucus in the nose. Causing a runny nose down the throat The mucus that flows down the throat will become phlegm. Which is exactly the same as the symptoms of mucus in the throat all the time that many people are sure enough. Most of the time, the phlegm is clear or cloudy, except when you wake up in the morning. The phlegm may be cloudy yellow. Because mucus or mucus remains in the nose and throat for a long time.

And in addition to the symptoms of sputum all the time, other symptoms that are noticeable are Often there is an itchy nose, stuffy nose, sneezing several times, and there is a clear mucus, but there will be no fever. In some people there may be a headache. Especially in the forehead and bridge of the nose Or tinnitus with If you want to be completely cured We just need to avoid things that provoke allergic reactions. Which is generally caused by allergies to household dust Or the smell of smoke, etc., but if it is a long time and does not get better, you should see a doctor for the doctor to prescribe an antihistamine.

2. Non allergic rhinitis (Non-allergic rhinitis)

In addition to being allergic rhinitis already Chronic phlegm symptoms can also be caused by non-allergic rhinitis, although the two diseases actually share the same symptoms. But allergic rhinitis It is a disease caused by irritants from the environment. Causing a runny nose down the throat until it becomes dormant without allergy symptoms With this disease having a stuffy nose as a leading symptom But often do not experience itchy nose, sneezing, or eye symptoms that are symptoms of allergic rhinitis.

In other words, this disease is quite difficult to diagnose. Because the symptoms that occur cannot be cleared This can be caused by a change in mood. Weather changes, dust, smoke, smells, eating spicy food. An abnormality in the body that causes the nasal mucosa to respond abnormally to various irritants, etc., unlike allergic rhinitis that can clearly tell the cause of what substance is allergic. Therefore easier to maintain

Therefore, the treatment of allergic rhinitis is Doctors usually treat symptoms by giving a decongestant, runny nose, to prevent mucus from draining down the throat. Along with the recommendation to avoid the things that may cause irritation as much as possible. If you have a very stuffy nose, you should sleep with a higher pillow. But if symptoms still do not improve The doctor will treat it with surgery to make the nasal passages more clear.

3. Sinusitis (Rhinosinusitis)

Another disease that people with chronic phlegm are at risk is Sinusitis Because this disease is caused by the sinus cavity and nasal mucosa. Thus stimulating the mucus glands Causing secretions to flow from the sinus cavity Resulting in a large amount of mucus Until causing the snot to flow down the throat And can cause chronic phlegm And usually The sputum is usually green or yellow in color. Which is the color of the sputum that is said to be infected with bacteria There is also another important observation point that Sinusitis patients Often there is a throat irritation from phlegm and need to cough more during laying down. Or have symptoms when waking up quite often But during the day it is rarely a cough because of the phlegm in the throat.

However, although sinusitis is not a serious disease. But should be cured by taking medications prescribed by a doctor Because if left unchecked, the sinus infection can spread to other organs such as the eyes and brain, making the symptoms more severe and chronic. Until resulting in lung disease, chronic bronchitis, and chronic cough that can follow, but if anyone is wondering if our symptoms are sinus or cold


Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the bronchial lining. As a result, the bronchial lining of patients with this disease is more sensitive to stimuli than normal. When exposed to something that causes irritation or allergies It stimulates the glands to produce sputum in the bronchial mucosa to produce a large amount of sputum. Causing the mucus to remain in the throat all the time It’s best if you have phlegm all the time. With angina and breathing difficulties To hurry to see a doctor To make sure you have asthma or not, it is best. The treatment of asthma differs for each patient. It also depends on the severity of the disease, the age of the patient, and the associated asthma. And although this disease can not be cured. But taking good care of yourself can help reduce the severity and frequency of symptoms.

5. Chronic bronchitis

Persons with frequent coughing with phlegm should be the first to suspect chronic bronchitis as a result of this disease. Often have a very chronic cough with heavy phlegm Even some people may have a cough with blood. Moreover Bronchitis is a disease that requires correct treatment. With symptomatic treatment Along with adjusting the condition of the body to balance And avoid things that irritate the bronchi Get enough rest Do exercise vigorously so as not to catch a cold easily. Because it will make bronchitis easily Otherwise the infection may spread to the lungs. Until suffering from pneumonia or emphysema

6. Chronic infectious pharyngitis.

If there is sputum in the throat for an excessively long time We recommend that you urgently have your throat examined. Because you may have a chronic infection Both from fungi Bacteria, virus, syphilis or tuberculosis. By these infections when it enters our throat. Will cause inflammation When the throat is very inflamed, it will stimulate the glands to produce more mucus. Until resulting in us having chronic phlegm in the end As for the treatment of this disease, most of them are used to support the symptoms, such as drinking a lot of water, taking pain relievers, taking antifungal drugs Or taking antibiotics in case the patient is infected with bacteria

7. Chronic irritative and / or traumatic pharyngitis.

Another popular reason why many people get chronic phlegm symptoms. It comes from drinking alcohol, smoking, coughing heavily, vomiting frequently, having throat ulcers in a very cold place. Including exposure to chemicals and pollutants Which of all of these things Causing us to have chronic irritation or injury around the neck And will stimulate the glands to create phlegm in the neck Causing more sputum to be produced than normal Which if you want to know the exact cause, it must have an ENT doctor for diagnosis.

8. GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease: GERD)

GERD Patients often have acid from the esophagus to flow up the pharynx. This will stimulate the glands to create phlegm in the throat to work more. So that there is mucus in the throat all the time Moreover Reflux flowing up the throat Can also cause inflammation of the throat lining Until causing mechanisms for abnormal removal of phlegm mucosa Resulting in a aftertaste in the throat Causing irritation until coughing Especially after eating Or when about to lay down

In addition, in the event that the patient has reflux disease in the neck and larynx. (Laryngopharyngeal reflux) acid reflux that goes outside the esophagus. May reach the upper nasal mucosa And stimulate the glands to create mucus in the nasal cavity to work more Causing mucus or mucus to flow down the throat as well Therefore, the chronic phlegm symptoms that many people have are not going to disappear once. It may indicate this disease is not. Which if wanting to get rid of the phlegm caused by acid reflux Must cure GERD to get it By adjusting the behavior itself according to this

9. Food allergy

Did you know that food allergies can cause phlegm? Because when we eat food that has been lost May cause irritation of the throat mucosa. Stimulate the glands to produce more mucus. In particular, allergies to dairy products (yogurt), cheese, eggs, rice, soy milk, anchovies, avocados, mushrooms, as well as dried or grilled foods. Which may contain histamine Or substances that cause latent allergic reactions So who has phlegm in the throat all the time Without any other illnesses, you can explore yourself and see if you have a lot of mucus after eating. That might be assumed that we have that type of food allergy. But if the phlegm in the throat will not heal once In this case, it would be recommended to see a doctor for proper treatment in the future.

Other factors that cause you to have phlegm in your throat all the time!

In addition, behavior that uses the wrong way of sound, such as the behavior of opening your mouth and talking a lot, is also important in keeping us with mucus in the throat all the time. Because when we open our mouth and talk a lot, our body adjusts us to breathe through the nose and mouth As a result, the air is more likely to pass into the throat. And causes the throat to become dry and cold Until the body has to adjust to keep the neck moist With more sputum production As a result, we have phlegm in the throat.

The phlegm remedy eliminates annoying throat problems.

To get rid of the phlegm completely Need to heal the diseases mentioned above But aside from those nine diseases, phlegm can actually be triggered by the flu. Which comes with stuffy nose, sneezing, runny nose, or some people may have a cough, headache, and fever. But usually the phlegm symptoms that occur as a result of this will go away within a few days. And is not chronic Which we can get rid of phlegm from cold symptoms faster with the following methods.

Must repeat that once again Phlegm that can tell disease Or indicate that there is a risk of various diseases in the first place must be symptoms with chronic phlegm. Or have had sputum for more than 3 consecutive weeks Therefore, anyone who has recently had phlegm Don’t worry too much Because it may be just a common cold Going to see a doctor a bit, it can be cured easily and then before going to see a doctor You can first look at your own symptoms and see what color your sputum is. To diagnose himself initially And will let the doctor know For treatment on the spot

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