What color is sputum Can tell you about health problems, cough, phlegm, check it out.


When you cough with phlegm, itchy throat, you can check and see what color your sputum is. Like green phlegm Bloody sputum Or the sputum is cloudy white Because the color of the phlegm can indicate an underlying health problem, such as the sputum caused by an infection. Sputum is caused by dust, pollution, or sputum related to lung disease, for example, and then come check the color of the sputum to tell the disease a little better.

1. Sputum that is white or cloudy

If you have a stuffy nose, sneezing, cough with white or gray sputum. Phlegm color like this is a common color. Which may be caused by allergic rhinitis And allergic rhinitis Where mucous membranes are irritated by stimuli such as dust, smoke, air pollution Or other allergens and stimulate the occurrence of mucus in the nose Where the mucus may flow down the throat Becoming a phlegm or white or cloudy mucus in the throat When we expel the mucus, the mucus will be white or cloudy.

2. Yellow or green sputum

In case of prolonged mucus in the nose or throat May change from white to yellow The phlegm may be caused by air intolerance. Allergic rhinitis like the above Which can be observed from coughing and sneezing on contact with allergens When expelling phlegm during the day The sputum will be white. But after waking up, the mucus is yellow.

But yellow sputum can also tell other diseases. Like the flu that is about to heal May find thick and sticky sputum Can be yellow or green Or sinusitis From bacterial infection The sputum is yellow or green all the time. Every time the phlegm is yellow or green. With breath, there is a foul odor, weakness, headache, nose pain, tenderness in the cheekbone, around the eyes or forehead

3. Brown phlegm

Brown is more common in people who smoke. This is because large amounts of resin and tar from cigarettes enter the body. And was expelled together with his saliva Therefore found brown sputum in this group of people

But if the phlegm is brown, rust-like, accompanied by pain in the chest when breathing in or coughing strongly, or pain in the shoulder blades. Flank or stomach area And gasping for breath quickly May be at a high risk of pneumonia They may also find dark brown phlegm. Or black sputum in patients with vomiting blood as well.

4. Pink phlegm

Although pink, but not at all sweet at all. This is because pink sputum may indicate lung health problems. Such as pneumonia, pneumonia with bleeding in the respiratory system. You have a coughing up blood, foamy mucus.Pink sputum can also be related to heart disease.

5. Red sputum, bloody sputum.

Most of the red sputum is caused by blood in the mucus and saliva. Which may indicate bronchitis Respiratory bleeding Internal organs bleeding into the lungs, tuberculosis, cancer, blood clots in the lungs. Which should have to come and see a doctor

However, having an unusual sputum color Should be trusted from the beginning Then hurry to see a doctor to find out the real cause Also, it is not recommended to buy drugs to eat by yourself. Especially if there is green or dark yellow sputum. Because perhaps it was not caused by a bacterial infection. Therefore, antibiotics should not be bought to eat. Because in addition to not being cured Also increases the risk of dangerous drug-resistance infections as well

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