5 strange symptoms when exercising Who has been?


Vigorous physical activity or exercise Sometimes it can cause physical injury. Feeling a little tingling, which many people might wonder why Or whether we exercise in the wrong position or not Today, gearbox dot com brings information from Readers Digest website let’s look at the weird symptoms that can happen to the body when we exercise. So what caused it? Including how to prevent and treat it

1. Tachycardia

Some of you may have felt like someone had stabbed a knife in our ribs. Time to exercise for a while This condition occurs in the front of the ribs, near the abdomen, and experts are still unable to tell exactly what it is caused. But it has been widely speculated that This may be due to severe windshield twitching. Due to sudden irregular breathing And this symptom often occurs in people who start to exercise or exercise while eating new ones.

How to prevent and treat

Always eat light meals before exercise. And should exercise at least 30 minutes after eating But if the rib pain occurs during exercise To stop standing still, put your arms straight above your head. Or spread your arms wide and take a deep breath. In addition, you should warm up about 5 minutes before exercise.

2. Runny nose

When exercising in a cold area Or extremely dry air It may cause a sudden runny nose. Which doctors call this symptom Rhinitis due to exercise, which is mainly caused by the time we exercise. We will get tired and breathe harder. So I have a chance to breathe in more cool, dry air quickly. Causing the nose to produce mucus To treat the nasal mucosa that

How to prevent and treat

If you’ve ever had a runny nose while exercising. Ask your doctor to request a nasal spray to treat symptoms. And use a nasal spray 30 minutes before exercise. In addition, should carry a bag with tissues too.

3. Diarrhea

Runners, long distance walkers Or people who exercise hard tend to get diarrhea. Which the doctor explained When we exercise The system to pump blood in the body will flow better. Including the intestinal system will work better than usual. It may cause diarrhea to some people. Especially those who are dehydrated Or being excited before a workout

How to prevent and treat

For people who are faced with this condition on a regular basis. Exercise should be 2 hours after eating and should not eat foods rich in fiber, high fat, caffeine, and foods with sweeteners instead of sugar. Because these compounds are more likely to cause diarrhea. Also before exercise Should have a proper bowel movement And drink a lot of water before and after exercising as well

4. Fierce blush

Many people tend to have a red face that is considered a gourd. When exercising Or when your body uses a lot of energy, which is because the capillaries in your face are enlarged. To maintain a cool body temperature Especially with people with sensitive skin Will clearly notice that the face is red for a long time

How to prevent and treat

Should choose to exercise in an area that is not very hot. Or a good way to exercise indoors would be more suitable And wash your face with cold water To relieve redness But if the red-faced symptoms do not go away within 30 minutes after stopping exercise It also has a red rash. Or an abnormality on the surface as well It is recommended that you consult your doctor to determine the cause and further treat the symptoms.

5. Urticaria

Not uncommon If you exercise a lot and you will feel itchy. Or the hives suddenly come up because of the dust Sweat and heat of the air while exercising can easily cause hives.

How to prevent and treat

Do not exercise in dusty areas. And the weather is very hot Especially if you are already allergic Should consult a doctor to inquire about sports And proper exercise Including prevention methods such as applying allergy relief before exercise, etc.

However, this symptom may happen to some people. Not everyone But know the unusual symptoms that may occur during exercise, then this is good Next time, if something goes wrong with your body, you won’t have to panic. And seek to prevent and treat symptoms in a timely manner

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