9 Auspicious luck for money and gold Planted and rich and prospered.


When it comes to “Wan”, it is important to think about the good things that will follow after planting and many other properties that many people pay attention to. Conclude today, the box dot com will take everyone to get to know that auspicious at the forefront. That has been selected that is actually good and how to grow If anyone is looking for a beautiful tree to plant at home. It should start with these auspicious words to add fortune for yourself and your family.

1. How rich do not quit

The leaves of this aloe are slender, long, soft and have spots on the leaves. White stalks are released all year round, indicating financial stability. Planted by sprouting and cutting the leaves. It is a plant that loves water a lot, but it must be located in a sunny and well-ventilated area, otherwise it will rot easily.

2. Wan Kwak Pho Ngoen – Pho Thong

Both of these types are different in the pattern on the page. If it is Kwak Pho Ngoen, there will be white pattern and Kwak Pho Thong has a pinkish red color. The broad leaf looks like Pho leaves because it is in the same family as Bon. You can use the tubers or shoots to plant in sandy soil mixed with dry leaves and straw or jumjuree leaves. Watering tips: If you are going to water in the evening, wait for the pot to cool before you can water it. That is used to win money, win gold and enhance the charm of the growers. And also apply the alan head to mask the wound to help heal faster as well

3. Wan Sethi Ruen Nai

The highlight of this plant is its slender leaves with green edges and white veins in the center. Has properties that help absorb toxins in residential buildings Must be planted by taking young plants into sandy loam soil mixed with brick rubble. Does not like water, only needs to water once a week and is located in the sunny area. It is believed to help prevent harm and make a fortune.

4. That the rich man asked for property Or that the wealthy Kobsap

The merchants – the vendors use that this to bet on their profits each year. If lucky, the long tip of the leaf that resembles the leaves of Kuicheai will curl into beautiful curls. Before planting, the outdoor soil must be pounded and mixed with leaf litter. Dry the dew for one night, it is a plant that likes water and put it in the shade, it will grow well.

5. Wan Sethi Khanthong

A herbaceous plant with long, pointed leaves and a wavy edge on both sides. The middle line is light yellow brown. Flowering in a bouquet of white snow. The tubers should be planted in sandy loam mixed with burnt husk. Set it in a sunny place and water it as it likes moisture. Its properties are used as great mercy to call money for growers, so it is suitable for shops or business people.

6. Wan Phai Chanting

General characteristics are similar to the Plai, but differ in white edge. Stems set tall, pointed leaves and long slender. The head is yellow like a plai. Properties can solve various diseases according to traditional medicine recipes. The tubers were planted in the burnt clay and mixed with rubble and dried leaves. Dry the dew, leave it for 1 night, water soaked, but have a good drainage area as well.

7. Wan Sethi outside the house

It is a biennial plant that thrives like a rich in a house The leaves are long, slender, but the edges on both sides are white. If it blooms, it will be considered the owner of good fortune and will help prevent all harm. To be planted by separating shoots or bringing flow to plant into new sandy loam. Located in the sun is not very Water enough, but not soaking.

8. Wan Kwak Nang Phaya billionaire

Characteristics of both wide and large leaves The sharp tip and high petiole. Flowering is a white bouquet, divided into 8-9 flowers per bouquet, planted in sandy soil mixed with brick and claw leaves, moderate watering, set in a sunny high place. It will help to call fortune to come in uninterrupted and is based on the principles of Feng Shui that should be as well.

9. That Kumanthong

That is a biennial plant with a head like a child sitting on a platform. Therefore dubbed as “Wan Kumanthong” blooms into a round bush once a year. When the flower is released, the leaves will gradually pierce the tops out, having a long slender appearance, not very sharp at the end. Popularly planted to help with the invincibility. Empowerment and prestige Made for flexible trading Recommended to plant in front of the house or in the shrine grounds. The tubers are planted in well-drained sandy soil, can be placed outdoors or in full sun.

Although these 9 species are known for their good fortune, they should be studied carefully before planting. To be a beautiful plant And helps to enhance the good image of your home forever

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