Rich trees overflowing with sky, sacred plants, meaning good to plant for gardening


Get to know the rich trees overflowing with the sky, auspicious ornamental plants One of the most popular breeds of Agolnema. Tell me, easy to grow, easy to care for, and can decorate your home. Will be good fortune

Rich trees overflowing with the sky

In addition to fresh green leaves The red leaves are beautiful. They are equally attractive to decorate their homes. But if anyone is still confused I don’t know what tree to plant. Today, jar dot com would like to bring the information of the rich tree overflowing, also known as Agolnema, decorative plants, good meaning, beautiful leaves, bright, beautiful colors to leave by this work has complete history and meaning. Characteristics of planting, care methods And quite useful Certification must be pretty good. Like people who love landscaping, of course.

The rich and abundant tree, also known as Aglaonema, the rich blue, has the English name Chinese Evergreen and the scientific name Aglaonema sp. Ruaylonfa is classified in the Araceae family, origins in tropical countries in Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Burma, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia and southern China are propagated from Kaew Kanjana.

For in Thailand, it was originally called That ten thousand years of green Or that the Khan Mak, later King Rama 10 has given a new name And was recognized as the king of ornamental plants Which is currently being developed until there are many kinds of different colors and with the Thai people considered it a sacred plant Therefore, the name is based on the meaning that conveys fortune such as the throne of wealthy gold, Beck auspicious, Heng Heng Heng, Beck of money, Kuak gold, Phet Nam Nueng, Pha Wai, Pho Maha Mongkol, Throne Ruby, Rattanarunruang, Rich Daily , Sap Mongkol, Mongkol Manee, Mongkol Siam, red gems, white gems, and of course there must be rich and overwhelming sky as one of them.

Name and meaning

Rich in the sky, classified as an auspicious It is believed that if you decorate it at home, it will add to the prosperity and fortune for the growers. It is also developed from ten thousand years of green trees. Or Ton Kaew Kanchana Which is known as being invulnerable It is considered a beautiful tree and enhances the glory of the place to plant.

Characteristics of rich trees overflowing with the sky

The rich and overflowing tree is a small thick shrub, about 18 centimeters tall, and can last for many years. With beautiful leaves arranged around the trunk from the base to the end The leaves are single, oval, rather thick. The pointed tip is a protrusion. The dairy cow is like a heart, the edge of the leaf is smooth, the leaf surface is smooth and glossy. The convex lines have deep grooves. The leaf plate is dark green and light. The center line is red. Petioles are pale pink. The tongue is red. And the back of the leaf is pink with green dots With the middle line is clearly convex in the middle and softening around the tip of the leaf As for the flowers into a bouquet of the lower axillary leaves. Has a beautiful white color

How to grow rich trees over the sky

Rich and overflowing trees can be propagated by seeds, grafting and cuttings. The most popular method is Buds or rhizomes Because it will help to get a strong, fast and beautiful tree like the parent By the rich trees overflowing with the sky, they like the soil with high humidity but not too wet. It also prefers sandy loam with good drainage, deep soil, high organic matter. And a temperature of about 20-30 degrees Celsius is special as well As for the material used for planting soil, choose a light, light and well-drained type such as chopped coconut claw, rice husk, and crab claw leaves to prevent root rot.

How to care for a rich plant.

How to care for a rich plant. To be planted in an area where there is bad sunlight. There is no more than 50% of the light, but must be set so that the sun is evenly exposed throughout the plant. And be careful not to expose the sun too much Because it will make the leaves short, the leaves burn and the stem is unattractive

As for the water, it needs a lot of water, it likes moisture, but not wet or standing water, should water 1-2 times a day, but the dry season may increase watering. Observe from the moisture of the soil For the rainy season, water as appropriate. Or rarely need to water at all Also, observe the roots often if the roots are brown. Showing that the watering is too much, causing the risk of root rot For fertilizers, you can always add granular fertilizer to slow down the formula. To help nourish the tree to be beautiful Or anyone who wants to add chicken manure as well Finally, planting material should be replaced every 8 months or if the plant is not growing. You can try to change the planting material.


Common diseases and pests

Although easy to grow and easy to care for But the rich trees overflowing with the sky have some diseases and pests. The most common are

– rot: a disease caused by fungi. It is mostly found in seedlings or smaller plants. In the presence of disease, it is characterized by stunting, dwarfism, and withered, often severely plagued by waterlogging. Treatment and prevention To separate the sick tree and destroy it Or watering a chemical to kill germs mixed with water at the base of the tree During the rainy season, wait for the fungicide spraying periodically.

– Mealybug: Insects that feed on the water until the leaves wither and the plant does not grow. Often outbreaks during the dry season Treatment and prevention Damaged leaves should be cut off, incinerated, sprayed with chemicals, or eliminated by ants that carry disease.

– Snail: The enemy that eats young leaves, shoots and roots is often nocturnal. Outbreaks heavily in waterlogged trees. Sometimes it may not be able to find the slugs. But can be observed from the slime that is stuck in the trunk. Treatment and prevention To lure with bait mixed with pesticides in the evening, morning or after the damp rain.

The rich trees overflowing with the sky, benefits and properties

The rich trees overflowing with the sky, in addition to being an ornamental plant for planting in a garden Can also be grown and exported to foreign countries such as Indonesia, India and America separately.

It can be said that the rich trees overflowing with the sky are not just ordinary ornamental plants. But also a sacred tree whose name has meaning Plus also has a bright and beautiful color Can be planted in a garden Grow good wholesale. If you want to plant a tree at home You can try starting from the beginning, rich in the sky.

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