9 trees to decorate the office Stimulates the mind Let your ideas shine


The atmosphere is tense and monotonous. It makes the salaryman wear out easily. Let’s change the atmosphere by planting trees. Certain new ideas are guaranteed because these plants will help change the surroundings to be fresh, lively, stimulating the brain and thinking. To come up with new ideas, let’s see at the same time what kinds of trees should be planted in the office

1. Rich House

Millionaire in the house There is a universal name that Spider Plant is an auspicious ornamental plant. There are rhizomes underground. The trunk and the long leaves. Leaves bright green leaves with white streaks in the center. Suitable for planting in the office Because the green color and the sway of the leaves will help make the office atmosphere look lively. It also helps absorb toxins and produce oxygen in the air. Grow in small pots or hanging pots, it looks good in different ways. How to plant: Bring the rhizome from the complete plant and plant it in the Sui soil. Maintain moderate watering Set the pots out of the harsh sunlight.

2. Tongue

Lignagra, also known as Snake Plant, is a monocotyledon plant, commonly grown as an ornamental plant. The leaves are straight and slender. Its pointed tip resembles a spear. There are spots on the leaves and the edges of the leaves are yellow lines. In addition, the dragon fruit is considered a sacred tree that can absorb toxins in the air well. If used to decorate in the office, it will help eliminate volatile substances from various chemicals to make the air fresh. How to plant: cut off the complete dragon fruit and pinch it into a pot of loam mixed with sand and coconut flak. Take care of moderate watering only once a day, set to be exposed to the sun only during the day.

3. Spotted Betel

The spotted betel, internationally known as Pothos, is another type of ivy that is popular for decorating homes and offices. Because it has a heart-shaped leaf. Has a bright green color Plus help the air conditioner to be clean and pure No matter what angle it is brought to feed it, it looks good. It is also a tree that can be customized in a variety of ways. Either let it glide on the roof curtain or hang the chandelier, it looks beautiful. You don’t have to waste your time and apply it. Just take the stalks of betel stalks planted in a vase with clean water. Set in the harsh sunlight The tree will grow quickly.

4. Deli

Deli, also known as the English Peace Lily, is a type of ornamental flower. It looks like an anthurium flower. Qualified for being planted in buildings Especially in the office or office because it will absorb toxic benzene. Trichlorethylene And formaldehyde Along with helping to freshen up the air conditioner as well How to plant: Separate the clump from the complete plant to plant in a pot of loam mixed with sand and compost.

5.Air trees

Air Plants or Tillandsia (Tillandsia) are plants that use the leaves to bind things to life instead of roots. There are more than 650 species of plants and are easy to raise. No soil needed And easy to maintain Therefore, it is suitable for planting to decorate the office to be as beautiful and lively as other plants as well. It can be raised in a glass jar with stones or hung on the wall, all. How to take care of it is not complicated. Just spraying water once a day is enough. Because it can adapt to any weather conditions

6. Grail

Grail or the English name Water Lettuce is a small floating plant that is commonly grown in ponds. It looks like a cup-shaped, stacked, plump leaves and roots beneath the leaves. If planted in a water bath to decorate your office, the green leaves and the fluttering of the water will help make the atmosphere look brighter and fresher. Just bring the perfect plant to be planted floating in the water basin. Because in the axillary leaves there will flow out and grow into new ones

7. Teak banyan

Teak Banyan, or Fiddleleaf Fig, is an ornamental plant with a small trunk. Slow growth Leaves wide, dark green with serrated edges, looks swaying and is commonly used to decorate indoors, house or even office This will help to adjust the atmosphere to be clear, lively, fresh and stylish as well. If used to decorate the interior of the office, it should be set up to stand a lot of space. Take care of a little watering. More importantly, keep the leaves clean frequently, do not have dust on them.

8. Cactus

Cactus (Cactus) or succulent plants that are well known. There are a variety of different species. Able to survive in hot and dry climates Therefore, it is very suitable for parties in offices and desks. It is a plant that needs less water and loves sunlight. How to plant? Put your favorite cactus plant in a pot with loam mixed with coarse sand, peat moss, pumice, perlite and black husk. Once a week, set the pot in the sun.

9. Early Class Sula

The Classula, commonly referred to as the Jade Plant, is a ground cover plant with succulent, glossy leaves, some with beautiful red margins. It is considered an auspicious wood that helps promote financial flexibility. With all of the features mentioned above, this type of tree is suitable for planting and decorating in the office. Because in addition to helping to refresh the atmosphere It is also very easy to grow by picking leaves from the perfect plant and pinning them into a pot of loam. Maintain moderate watering Note that the soil is not dry enough. Set to be exposed to strong sunlight because it is a plant that does not like the sun.

How are you doing? When will there be plants to decorate in the office, what kind of office people like? Conclude if you want the atmosphere to look fresh animated In order to have new ideas for work, try to grow them together.

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