5 herbs to help you quit smoking



Know very well that cigarettes are not good for your health. And today I want to repent Change yourself to someone who doesn’t smoke with him. Okay! If you want to quit smoking without spending a lot of money We also have traditional herbs as options. And let me show you that this is it A good thing that can help you quit smoking completely. Plus you don’t have to pay a lot

1. Lemon

Asst. Prof. Krongchit Watee Sathokkit, Advisor to the Campaign for Non-Smoking Foundation Mentioning the research that was found The vitamin C in lemons will change the flavor of the cigarette so that it becomes harsh. Until shaken to the craving of smoky lions Therefore, lemon is one of the herbs that can help you quit smoking. Which way to eat lemon helps to quit smoking, have to cut the lemon peel into pieces, just right Whenever you want to smoke a cigarette, you pick up a lemon that you want to eat instead. The substances in lemons can reduce your nicotine cravings. And if he cannot resist, grab a cigarette and light it The vitamin C in lemons, which reacts with our taste buds, will then act to change the cigarette’s taste so bad that it becomes frustrating to smoke.

2. White flower grass

From research by female pharmacist Chaweewan Muang Noi, head of pharmaceutical department U Thong Hospital, Suphanburi Province, informed us that Ya Dok Khao can help people quit smoking. When compared with a placebo to quit smoking, it was found that Ya Dok Khao was able to reduce smoking more than any other smoking control drug. In addition, the white flower grass is also relatively high in antioxidants. Thus significantly reducing the carbon monoxide residue in the lungs.

In this regard, the chit that makes Ya Dok Khao has properties to help quit smoking is Potassium nitrate Which has the effect of making the tongue astringent until it does not want to smoke Moreover, Ya Dok Khao also contains a faint amount of nicotine, which can help reduce the side effects of quitting smoking. And for those who want to quit smoking with Ya Dok Khao You can buy white flower grass in the form of brewed tea. Because at present, Ya Dok Khao has already been included in the National Major Medicines of 2012.

By drinking tea, it is brewed to drink 2 grams per time mixed with 120-200 ml of hot water, soaked for 5-10 minutes and then drink after meals 3-4 times a day or anyone who has white flower grass in the house. Ya Dok Khao is dried and boiled 20 grams per time per 3 glasses of water (about 400 ml) and boil until the drug is boiling. Filter only the water to eat 1 glass at a time, 3 times after meals. Or when having symptoms of wanting to smoke Consecutive drinking like this for about 2 months will see better results.

3. Airy

Thai traditional herbs that have a sweet taste When eaten, it reacts with our taste buds. And when smoking after chewing the airy leaves The taste of cigarettes changes in a way that is considered terrible. Until some smokeless lions even vomited like that And in the end, it will make you lose your cigarette itself Which if you really intend to stop smoking You can remove 1-2 fresh leaves of the clear sky and then chew it every time you feel like smoking. This requires patience and encouragement from yourself and those around you. In order to drive the success of quitting smoking as well

4. Amla

Makhampom is easy to find and tastes very cool. The highlight of Makhampom is that it is high in vitamin C and the taste is sour, astringent flavor also helps change the taste of smoking to be unbearable Finally, I have to wave goodbye to cigarettes. But it depends on the strength of your heart as well. If choosing to pick up a cigarette instead of amla Must have to keep living in the smoke of tobacco

Cloves — Image by © Marnie Burkhart/Corbis

5. Cloves

Cloves are herbs that have their own essential oils. Which this essential oil will help calm the nerves Contains phenolic, which helps fight free radicals. Relieve cough And also helps to stop bad breath in the body Which when the dried clove flowers are added to help reduce the craving for cigarettes as well

Cigarette never gave you to anyone. Will only give punishment Therefore, all the smoky lions are better off turning to smoke-free people, right?

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