Herbs for Asthma Another option for losers


There are many types of asthma treatment herbs. Considered as another alternative to the treatment of Thai traditional medicine Try to study it, it’s not inevitable.

Asthma is a common respiratory disorder among children and the elderly. Today, risk factors for asthma are on the rise, such as higher rates of pollution and air pollution in major cities of the country, as well as overcrowded urban living conditions, leading to the widespread spread of asthma. Easily infectious diseases of the respiratory system And the increase in the popular smoking population

All these factors make Thailand more likely to have patients with this disease. Chao Phraya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital, Prachinburi, therefore, would like to introduce you to Thai herbs that can be used to treat asthma symptoms. Published in the villager doctor magazine

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the bronchi. Which causes the lining of the bronchial wall of the patient to have an allergic reaction And the environment than normal people Makes the patient cough, chest tightness, wheezing, or tired shellfish. Occurs immediately upon exposure to a pathogen or allergen such as dust, pollen. Or even cool weather Which the symptoms that occur may disappear on their own Or recovered by using bronchodilators

Some people with asthma may only have symptoms 1-2 times a year, but others may develop chronic conditions throughout the year. And it is necessary to use medication to relieve symptoms continuously. Medicines used in this disease also cause many side effects, such as incorrect use of steroid inhalers. It may cause the growth of the fungus in the oral cavity. Or taking steroids for a long time can affect kidney function. Including inhibiting the growth in pediatric patients

Frequent use of bronchodilators can cause the heart to beat faster and so on. And using herbal medicines that are around it may be another option for patients with this disease.

Asthma patients Should be avoided from the things that you are allergic to. What triggers allergies By patients or relatives may observe Or do a skin test to see what is allergic During symptoms, the correct medication should be used, especially the nebulizer. Avoid cold air, cold food, as well as cold water. Because the cold makes the phlegm easily coagulate. In which the phlegm can be a stimulant, causing a breathlessness

Plus, exercise regularly and eat healthy. It will help build strength for the body as well.

For herbs that have been recorded in ancient medicine texts that help treat asthma, such as

1. Peep

Or in the north, it is called Kasaha, which is the same plant family as Khae And edible as well as flowers in the drug, Peep flowers have been used to cure asthma. By using dried flowers with lotus leaves or banana leaves

Studies have shown that Peeps contain volatile hepidulin (Hispidulin), which has a greater bronchodilating effect than aminophylline (aminophylline), a modern medicine that helps treat asthma. And no toxicity whatsoever

In the North and Northeast, use boiled piping roots to relieve coughing. And still believe that the root of the lungs has properties. In addition Peep flower is also an important ingredient in hemorrhoid medicine as well.

2. Hanuman

Or Sangkrani has the main properties in solving air allergies, asthma, bronchitis, widening bronchospasm, colds, sore throat, chronic cough. Because it can be developed into a long-term respiratory treatment drug Which in addition to Thailand Japan is also used in tea form to relieve coughs. Cure bronchitis and asthma

Using Hanuman leaves to coordinate the body, use fresh leaves, rinse thoroughly, chew 2 leaves at a time, swallow the water until the medicine is fresh and then spit out. Or swallow it, chew it 2 times a day before breakfast and dinner. Using dried leaves, use 1-3 leaves to drink water instead of tea. Or if boiled, use about 7-8 leaves, boiled with 4 glasses of water, let it boil gently until the remaining half of the water is divided to eat 2 times a day before breakfast-dinner.

If you want to drink all day Use alternate leaves, fresh or dry. Or a combination of both, about 7 leaves, boiled with 7 glasses of water, just 10 minutes to drink different water.

In some people, allergic reactions may occur. The symptoms of palpitations, angina, malaise, shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea, must stop taking the drug immediately. This effect is caused by using fresh leaves rather than dry leaves. People with heart disease Low blood pressure or pregnant women should not eat.

Herbs for Asthma Another option for losers

Herbs for Asthma Another option for losers

In addition, “Rang Chum” and “Chumhetthet” are other herbs that have been used in asthma. Because in the theory of Thai traditional medicine Believe that the occurrence of asthma It comes from the body’s accumulation of waste, so the treatment for this disease is aimed at driving the waste. Medicines in the detoxification group and laxatives are therefore used. Which in many patients used to be effective

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