7 The trees grow quickly. Planting in any corner of the house will be shady.


When you have your first house The first thing that many people think of is the beautiful and comfortable scenery around the house. Create a shady garden to sit and relax. For a string of trees with a heavy bag, they might arrange a dugging plant to raise a large tree to decorate in an instant. You do not have to wait for the trees to gradually grow, but who wants to put in the effort to grow by yourself. I want a tree that grows quickly Shading quickly. We have introduced together 7 types together, ensuring that they are easy to find, inexpensive and grow quickly Planted in any corner of the house is shady.

1. The tree ear crunch

The graceful tree or the golden ear
It is a very popular tree that is widely planted only in parking lots, parks and various housing estates because the name sounds auspicious and easy to grow, but “the ear of the ear should be planted away from the house” because they grow fast and spread. The branches get very far!

2. Malabar

Is a perennial plant that is tough and durable Grow quickly, works great. No need to take care of anything chaotic Thick and large leaves provide good shade. But the Malabar trunk is quite large. The leaves had to be swept each other until they hit one side.

3.Champong Ko

One of the sacred trees believed to be the tree of Vishnu. The purple flowers are very beautiful, looking superficially like orchids. As for the leaf, it is a thick bush that provides good shade. Plant for a while and then grow.

4. Gooseberry

Even though the branches are a little brittle But the gooseberry leaves are thick and cover the sun well, they are easy to grow, fast growing, and produce fruit to eat with spicy chili paste and auspicious name. How good is this

5. Peeps

Or another name is Kasalong, a tree that grows quickly Flowers have a delightful scent. It grows well in all soil conditions, loves full sun, but if you want it to grow up in full sun, you need to plant it in full sun. And enough water

6. Ton Karawak

Spotted is not a perennial. But suitable for making an arch, swing, and a roof arch, let’s say that it grows very fast Too fast The main thing is to plant that the arch is that the arch must be strong. Unable to support the weight, it will collapse first.

7. Plumeria

Beautiful flowers with greasy green leaves. Looks comfortable and comfortable. Plus, this Plumeria tree is extremely easy to grow. The bushes are tight, covering the sun well, but the branches are rather brittle. Suitable for planting flowers and decorations to admire the flowers and provide shade.

But no matter what tree you plant The important thing that should not be forgotten is to take care. Regularly water and fertilize. And the shade that you are looking for Will produce results sooner on the Lab Society day.

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