7 The strongest plants, the strongest sun will survive.


Sunshine and hot weather like this Even we are so bad But do you believe that there is still Many other “sun-resistant trees” tolerate sunlight and are able to fight off the hot weather like this. Anyone who wants to plant trees to be shady Try to choose these plants to grow at home or on the balcony of the condo.


1. Moon clear sky

Medium-sized vines are easy to grow because they tolerate the sun and can tolerate hot weather as well. Moon clear sky is popular to grow in pots. With a steel frame covering to allow the Chan tree to brighten up Chan tree clearing blue like the sun for a full day. It can grow in any type of soil.


2. Puffy bunch

Easy to grow It grows better in moist areas than in drought. It can be grown in the sun or in the shade. A species of ivy with soft vines But at the base is very strong The beauty of it will be more because it blooms all year.

3. The tree ear cuff

Large perennials The beauty of it is spreading its beautiful shade. The ear cuff is another beautiful sun-resistant plant. But recommended to grow far from home Otherwise, there may be problems with neighbors as well as their roots can damage the home.


4. The needle tree

A popular tree and often used as a fence. Its flowers come in a variety of colors. Add a bright and fresh to the house. Spike resistant to the sun and rain resistant as well as easy to grow, fast growing and very resistant

5. Tonkoson

Small shrubs and perennials Can be grown in any area From sunny to sunny Or can be planted outdoors In addition to being a tree that is suitable in hot weather like this. For some people, Koson is also an auspicious tree.


6. Ton Tang

A type of ornamental plant that is beautiful, durable and also useful, improves indoor air quality. The yang tree is a tree that is easy to care for. And also like the sun a lot


7. Supachok Tree

Perennials are believed to be auspicious and popularly braided as a dwarf potted plant. It is considered a soft wood that grows well in the temperate zone. It tolerates drought conditions as well. The most suitable method of propagation is cuttings.

In the strong sun like this, think about planting any tree, you can choose it.

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