3 perennial plants that give beautiful flowers


Stress and fatigue from work on a daily basis. Can be treated in a number of ways, which is an interesting way to plant trees, take care of the garden Which the perennial garden is gaining popularity Although many people may think it looks bulky or it may be dangerous during the rainy season. But we can plant it together with other trees for beauty. In addition to taking advantage of the shade of these trees, many of them also bloom beautifully, impressing homeowners and the people they meet. What are some trees that are easy to grow and give beautiful flowers? Let’s go and see.

1. Beginning of the year

Or in the north, Kasalong is a perennial plant about 10-15 meters high with white horn-shaped flowers. Has a light fragrance, popular as an ornamental plant Flowering as a bouquet of a bouquet of clusters stacked at the end of the branch. It has large inflorescences 10-35 cm long. The house that has most of the area is also planted as the main tree of the house. Because the tree looks big and beautiful with flowers at the same time They can be planted using seeds or grow young plants that grow around the mother plant. Moderate water requirement Can grow in the sun

2. Ton Champi

The ancient wooden pair of Thailand. Is a plant that appears in many Thai literature It is a medium to large tree, can be more than 10 meters high, if grown with seeds, long broad leaves, pointed green leaves, smooth surface, slender flowers, long flat petals with pointed tips Gathered on a short green stem Petals are white or pale yellow. Flowering from the corner of the petiole, flowering all year round, remember the good varieties will have flowers. Every corner of the leaf ever. The flowers are fragrant when close to blooming and It starts to smell in the evening. And let the aroma go on until it sprinkled Propagate by means of time and should be during the rainy season because the roots are easier to germinate than other seasons.

3. Indian Yellow Tree

It is a deciduous plant, 5-9 meters high. It consists of 5 sub-oblong leaves, the tip of the leaves, tapering, short protrusions, the base of the rounded leaves, 3-10 yellow flowers, calyx, cup-shaped, brown with hairs. Petals at the base are connected to a trumpet-shaped tube with 5 separate petals with 4 stamens. Flowering from March to April. When flowering leaves all fall The flowers will be in full bloom. In just a short time, not more than 2 days, it will fall around the base of the tree like a carpet with glowing yellow.

Planting perennials in the house can benefit many things. Both provide shade And giving beautiful flowers to create relaxation for homeowners as well But what needs to be taken care of is the pruning of the leaves to prevent disturbing or causing trouble for the homeowners and neighbors as well.

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