8 trees help relieve stress


No matter how much we try to avoid stress But anyway, there must be a lot of problems or stories frequented by many people. But don’t worry about it. Because today, the gearbox dot com has to help eliminate stress. Ready to adjust the mood for happiness I’m sure … I wonder how the tree can help relieve stress and improve your mood. So if you want to know, let’s take a look at a list of and the special features of these house plants.

1. Basil

Basil, a popular vegetable garden It is an annual plant about 40-60 cm tall with single leaves, oval, dark green, purple, red or purple green. The leaf veins can be seen clearly. In which the leaves contain essential oils as an ingredient Causing a strong, unique fragrance The flowers are white, red and purple. Into a bouquet at the top Most of the popular basil leaves are eaten as food. Because it has many properties It also helps to make food taste better. In addition, if planted basil in the house can also make you feel more relaxed. Because basil leaves contain Linalool compounds that help reduce stress. Plus resistance to bacteria

2.Tickets’ feet

English Ivy (English Ivy) is a creeper vine with 3-5 lobes and has many colorful species. It is popular to grow in a pot and hang it to let the delicate leaves weave beautifully together. This tree is a tree that people like to plant in their homes a lot because it helps purify the air. Toxic free It also can absorb carcinogens and benzene. Purify the air Allows us to breathe more fully. Turn your frustration into a good mood. It is also a tree that is easy to care for. Anyone can definitely plant.

3. Lavender

Lavender (Lavender) is an annual plant about 1-1.5 feet tall with single leaves, oval, serrated edges, small, purple flowers in axillary clusters. Where every part of the trunk has a unique strong aroma Most people use it to repel mosquitoes and insects. It also has properties to relieve headaches. Muscle pain It helps prevent insomnia and depression too. But most importantly The scent of lavender can soothe anxiety, reduce stress, and calm your mind.

4. Boston fern

Boston Fern is a popular ornamental plant worldwide. It does not have flowers, but leaves. The leaves are dense and dense on the stalks that are curved and hard. Which most people would like to plant ferns in pots. And hang it for beauty But I must say that In addition to beauty Boston ferns can also absorb up to 1,900 different toxins in the home per hour. Especially with formaldehyde It is also similar to that of the tapioca plant, which is filtering and purifying the air. Therefore, planting a Boston fern in the house helps to keep the air fresh. Calm the mind And helps to sleep easier

5.Rose tree

Roses (Roses) are perennial plants about 30-200 cm tall, some have spikes on the trunk. But some are not The leaves are single green with serrated edges, and the flowers come in a variety of colors such as red, pink, white and yellow. The research of the Journal of Physiological Anthropology found that if office workers planted roses near you. It will help make them feel relaxed and at ease. As this flower is strikingly beautiful and has a rich scent, it can help relieve stress and calm the mind.

6. Orchid

Orchids are small monocotyledons. The stems are segmented, succulent and flowers have different smell and color depending on the species But the same is Flowers will bloom all year round. The bright colors of orchids can help make our mood more radiant. It also helps to keep the air in the house clean. Helps to relieve stress And increase concentration Moreover, the orchid flower is also considered a popular flower to bring good energy to your home according to Feng Shui as well.

7. Deli

The Peace Lily is an underground tuberous plant. The trunk is about 40-70 cm high on the soil, looks like a small clump and clear rubber flowing out of the trunk. The leaves are single, oval, alternating along the trunk. The edge of the blade is slightly wavy. With petioles about 30-40 cm long, the flowers are white. Into a bouquet from the top into a cylinder People prefer to plant it as an ornamental plant in their home. Because it smells fragrant all year round It is also a sacred tree. And has properties to help reduce moisture and absorb toxins in the air It will act like an air purifier. Makes us breathe in – out more refreshing, good mood, more relaxed and comfortable.

8. Geranium

Geranium (Geranium) is a canopy plant, about 60 cm tall, with single leaves, rounded edges, jagged leaves, as well as a bouquet of white, pink, orange, red and purple flowers, or in one flower there may be several. Color can mix well. It is said that the geranium is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Therefore, it makes us feel relaxed and at ease when we meet. Moreover, the geranium has a soft scent, similar to the scent of roses. Thus helping to calm our minds as well

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