10 trees that should be planted indoors, decorated and filtered


Trees can provide beauty and shade. And some trees have many benefits and properties. Some believe that if the tree is planted in the house will help strengthen the fortune. Make it rich too For anyone who has a house or condo and wants to plant trees in the area of ​​the house But not enough space to plant big trees Or don’t know what kind of tree to plant? Not right? This article will take a look at 10 types of trees that can be grown indoors. And can filter dust too!

1. Monstera

It is a very easy-to-care home decoration plant. To get enough sunlight Watering does not need a lot, like a little water, this plant has the ability to absorb toxins very well. And it is also a very suitable plant for planting in a room or in the house.

2.Palm bamboo

It is an easy-to-raise plant that is durable and can be raised in the shade. Suitable for growing indoors and indoors. It has excellent detoxification properties. Loves water and likes sunny weather.

3. Indian tires

It is a tree that likes the faint sunlight. It is popular to grow as an ornamental plant in the house. And grows well in the sun, easy to grow, strong and durable, and also has excellent properties in absorbing toxins from the air is excellent.

4. Ficus tattoo

It is a beautiful and large tropical tree suitable for growing indoors. It is a decorative plant that can be used to decorate the interior of the house and buildings well, like light, like a little water, it has the ability to absorb toxins and clean the air Can be planted in the living room, study room or on the balcony.

5. Money flows

It is a decorative plant that can be grown indoors. Need the faint sunlight to shine through Loves water and a lot of humidity. This plant can absorb toxins in the air as well. But more moisture is released Thus helping in making the air fresher Suitable for planting in the living room or office.

6. Fast Food

It is a popular ivy plant close to the wall. The tree will continue to creep along the wall, looking beautiful, like the faint sunlight. Or can be planted in full sun and is also a home decoration tree that has very high absorbing properties of benzene.

7. Emerald Red

It is an auspicious tree with red trunk and red heart-shaped leaves. Some leaves are reddish green. Easy to grow and easy to care for. Like sunshine Popular to grow small trees. As a tree to decorate the house And has a very good ability to absorb toxins in the air

8. Millionaire in the house

It is a beautiful ornamental shrub with broken leaves that can be planted in the shade. But must be sunny They should be grown in pots with good drainage holes, prefer less water, have the ability to absorb ammonia toxins from photocopiers. Or a good printer is a plant that is suitable in your home, office or room where computers and printer documents

9. Charm

It is a sacred tree that is commonly planted in the house. It has long stems and heart-shaped leaves. Needs special care and attention because the plant is not very hardy. But it has the ability to absorb toxins in the air as well, especially ammonia.

10. Squid tentacles

It is a not very tall shrub suitable for planting in any corner of the room as a house decoration plant. It likes water and likes humidity. Do not let the soil dry. Like the sunshine only. Has a moderate ability to absorb toxins in the air.

These 10 home-grown trees can be planted indoors or around the house. Including anyone who resides in a condo or has limited space in the room Can be found to plant as well Because it is a tree that takes up little space and is easy to raise, in addition to being able to be planted to decorate a room or house to make it more beautiful and shady These plants that can be grown indoors are also able to filter dust and air pollution. It is very suitable for the weather during this period.

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