10 indoor plants, very easy to care for


Planting trees or placing plants to decorate the house. It is another way to refresh and relax the people in the home. However, planting trees in the house has limitations. Due to the fact that trees generally need sunlight to grow. But there are still some plants that need low light or if there is no sunlight at all, they can survive. Suitable for growing indoors during the rainy season.

1. The Khla

The leaves of the Khla have a beautiful pattern. There are green, white, yellow and light green, and with this pattern of light colors. This makes this tree can live even in the absence of sunlight. If planted in bright light The pattern on the leaves may fade.

2. Little Girl

The sacred tree that people planted. Most are grown to decorate the house or building. This tree should not be planted in full sun. Because it doesn’t like the sun Prefer cool and moist places

3. Outdoors Millionaire

A stemless ground cover shrub with slender green leaves. White trim along the edges. The flowers are small white. It has a light scent. It is also considered a sacred tree. Help protect and prevent disaster Believe that if planted and flourished Growers will have a prosperous status as well.

4. Heart-leaved Philo

The leaves of this tree are heart-shaped, dark green, shiny surface, not very large. It is popular to grow in pots to decorate buildings. Need moderate water, sunny, easy care. Can be planted in dim places

5. Color pineapple

The colored pineapple is an ornamental plant with beautiful colors and likes the sun in the morning, if the sun is sunny, the leaf form can be damaged.

6. Deli

Deli is an easy-care plant. Require high humidity and prefer low light. Its shiny leaves with white flowers are a popular ornamental flower plant in homes and buildings. It also has properties to help absorb toxins as well.

7. Kaew Kanchana

Kaew Kanjana or Khan Mak It is one of the easiest to care for. Can be grown in both medium to low light, slow growing, broad leaves and pointed tips. The leaves are bright green to dark green. It is a very long-lived plant.

8. Lingmagkran

Ornamental plant that can be planted anywhere, easy to care for, is a plant that needs sunlight to grow. But can be grown indoors without dying, even without exposure to the light. If the water is overloaded, the roots may rot Therefore, the planted pot must have drainage holes as well.

9. Bua Doi

Lotus Doi is a plant that is resistant to all weather conditions. Not only in low light But can also grow in hot climates. Leaves are green with small white spots scattered throughout the leaves, a slow-growing plant commonly grown in decorative pots.

10. Bamboo palm

Bamboo palm is a tree that can survive in low light better than other palm species, resistant to insects, has a very high ability to absorb contaminated toxins and help freshen the air. Suitable for planting as an ornamental plant inside the house or office building.

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